No score at Half time


A fantastic atmosphere as the Hammers run onto the pitch.

Our magnificent Brazilian No11 Paquetá  said  earlier.

“We are 90 minutes from a potential European final for the first time in 47 years !”

The anthem gives way to the UEFA Europa Conference League music.

Peep peep, we are off…

(2 mins)  AZ didn’t win a single corner last week, but they have one inside 90 seconds here as Karlsson’s shot deflects off Rice and wide. A poor corner was cleared.

(5 min): AZ have started really well, stroking it about. It appears that we are set up to play on the counter-attack.

(21 mins) Paqueta collects on the half-turn, beats one and glides past another AZ player and into the home half. He has Benrahma left, Antonio ahead and Bowen right, but the pass for Antonio is too strong and Bowen isn’t far enough forward. Goal kick, when it could have been so much more!

(25 mins) Ooh, Paqueta hits the post! Cresswell cuts out a pass on the edge of the box and West Ham counter at speed. Antonio turns his man and flies forward before finding Paqueta on the right side, 25 yards out. He cuts onto his left foot and curls a shot past Ryan that clips the outside of the far post .

(29 mins) It’s hotting up out here as the temperature drops and the sun sets in Holland. As another encouraging West Ham raid ends with Benrahma launching one from 25 yards that clears the crossbar by some distance.

Can we make the breakthrough and put AZ on the back foot here?

(37 min) Lots of possession for AZ, but not a lot of end product. We will be happy enough as the clock ticks down towards half-time.

(46 mins) Half time   45 minutes to go !

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