Nobby in talks with Bolton

nobbyOur friends over at KUMB have reported that skipper Kevin Nolan is understood to have held preliminary discussions with Bolton Wanderers,with view to a return to the Championship club where his professional career started.

Kevin Nolan has one year and one day remaining on his five year contract thought to be worth £50,000 per week. Nolan made 345 appearances for Bolton until he left for Newcastle in 2009 for £4m.  He has made 152 appearances for the Hammers scoring 31 goals since joining in 2011.

Back in March Nolan told Dave Evans at the Newham Recorder:

“I have been considering my future, without a shadow of a doubt, I am not one who wants to sit here on the bench, I won’t continue to do it, just for the fact that if you are not good enough for one club you move on and you prove to someone else you are.”


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41 comments on “Nobby in talks with Bolton

  1. Taxi for Nolan!
    I’ll quickly add that I believe we had a couple of good seasons out of him and I hope the memories we have of him aren’t all bad because of his close links to the hippo and his inability to drop him when he clearly wasn’t up to the job.

  2. ahah… What a star… ” I am not one who wants to sit here on the bench”… Nolaninho, call Sam and ask him what team he’ll manage next year: rest assured you’ll never sit on the bench next to your dad… lol

  3. Very funny matte but suppose it wasn’t his fault Father Sam kept playing him

    • ahaha… it wasn’t his fault, but I’m pretty sure Kevin knows it… 😉

  4. I wish him well.
    The best skipper we’ve had in years.

    • True but he did follow the Upson downs,he made me feel down anyway lol

    • fob are you a spud supporter

      • Oh dear.
        So mentioning a good captain for West Ham makes me a spud?

        I see you get them on this site too

    • I am with you on that Fobyac a proper captain unlike 99% of them these days, he has represented our club with honour and dignity and I wish him well if he moves on.

  5. Good,he was a bloody pest in the team last year.Good for two seasons,nightmare last year.Onwards & upwards,another hippo relic off the staff i hope 😉

  6. in fairness to him i dont think he would even make our bench next year

  7. as some peeps forgot the sending off’s against Millwall Fulham & Liverpool good riddance to him. as he wouldnt make the bench he wouldnt make the coach for away games hes that slow. onwards with Slavs revolution

  8. Dicks is a Legend Nolan a Bellend

  9. I do struggle to understand why a West Ham player, skipper at that, who has never rocked the boat, never punched a coach, never kicked a team mate in the head, never gone shopping instead of playing, never demanded to be subbed because he didn’t like the ref, never sulked until he got his transfer, never been pictured in another sides shirt, never kissed his badge then kissed someone else’s weeks later, gets so much hatred from his own supporters.

    • I get your point Fob but to be fair I’d say four of your examples were carried out by players that range from disliked to despised by the fans. As I said before I hope his earlier contribution is remembered but it’s time to go as neither a legend nor a villain in my opinion

      • Yep, I’d go along with that, he did a good job no more, no less, time to move on.
        It’s a shame the dogs abuse he gets though, he doesn’t deserve that.

      • Maybe not but as it eventually transpired yesterday everyone has their opinion

  10. Nolan is/was a good captain, he just isn’t good enough to play anymore. Too slow, lost his touch, couldn’t hit a barn doors from 2 yards etc.. why did BFS keep playing him last season game after game when it was plainly obvious he couldn’t cut it anymore? In doing so Nolan will leave by the back door with little or no fanfare.

    • ….and that is sad
      Because ordinarily a player that drops down a division and leads his side to promotion, then is top scorer for the next two seasons while the team establishes itself in the PL is looked upon a bit favourably.
      I guess it’s his closeness to Sam?
      Still a shame though, he did a good job for us.

      • I didn’t say he hadn’t done a good job for us. Yes he did drop down a division, he didn’t do it out of love though. He did finish top scorer, well done.. last season he wasn’t good enough. One more thing, when did i say he only played because of his ‘closeness’ to sam? I asked why did sam keep playing him? How many goals did he score last season?

        • How many of our adored players are with us “out of love”?

          It just don’t sit right with me the amount of abuse he gets on forums, maybe that’s just me, I’m a bit old school.

          • There isn’t any loyalty from the players anymore. To many chase the £££.
            but at the same time time the clubs themselves show little or none.
            Football is a ‘now’ sport, with so much money involved staying in prem, clubs need to buy for now, anyone who comes up short are now pushed to the side & replaced. Nolan fitted in to this but because he was played he made the team weaker. The best move for him is to leave the club now, he wont get near the starting team or prob the bench. I expect he will need to drop down a division again to get game time. He would waste a year staying.

  11. As I think the players would say, he was good for the team. But we all know it was BFS’s fault that we have a little of a dislike for Nolan, because he was put in and left in at the cost of players who were playing better. Nevertheless I wish Kev the best, and Bolton is probably the best move he can do…

  12. I like making fun of Nolan because for two reasons: I don’t like him as player and above all even a blind man could understand he played because he was one of BFS’s favorites, it never made any sense to me. Maybe it’s not Nolan’s fault, but he said the same thing some months ago “I don’t need to prove anything to anybody, I am not one who wants to sit here on the bench”. I had heard true stars, captains of their teams, say ” it’s not my decision, I’ll accept the manager’s choices”. This is the difference between a true champion who loves his club and a big mouth. Like father, like son. 😉 personal opinion.

  13. Any other manager wouldnt have picked him last season.He was getting riducled on football shows on the radio often.Even during commentaries a couple of times,i was told by people i know who were listening..Everyone could see he was struggling, often to the detriment of the team.Hippo should have taken him out of the situation,but his own stubborness to be right all the time ment Nolan took flack that was very avoidable imo 😉

  14. Possibly he should’ve been honest enough with the hippo and said “I’m not up to this at the mo” and asked for time to get fitter but I don’t know how these things work and egos would come into it but I’d rather blame the hippo remember some of KNs contributions then say adios

  15. Personally I think bandwagons on forums are to blame.

    In the few matches I went last season he was never the worst player in our team, he wasn’t anywhere near the best either by the way, yet when I got home and read the forums it was all about Nolan, everyone else got a free ride.

    There was a classic on the other site where I think it was Hamburg (if I’m wrong I apologise mate) who claimed that he watched KN very closely throughout the entire game, he stated as a fact that the skipper hardly moved outside the centre circle and just stood around while others did all the running…….fair enough
    Then someone pointed out that the stats showed he actually covered more ground than any other player on either side.
    Sometimes people only see what they want 🙂

  16. I could cover the most ground as well if i zig zagged across the middle of the pitch at 2mph for 90mins.I would appear like a star 😉

    • That’s true, although they did also point out that KN cleared a shot off the line and missed a sitter at the other end from about three feet.

      Not bad from the centre circle 🙂

  17. Club captain,one year of his contract remaining & the club are looking to unload him.Says it all really.I shall debate this no more for fear of rabid rads reappearing,lol 😉

  18. I have to say Fob when you said you liked to debate you weren’t wrong lol
    I was at every home game and apart from Chelsea which sticks in my mind he was p!ss poor in every other game,I hasten to add there might’ve been one or two others but for me he was our worst player especially as he was our captain,again I blame the hippo but like Radai that is my last comment on him until he goes.

  19. And the nice concierge that I am, I’ll open the door and I’ll say goodbye to him… I’ll to hold back my tears, but it won’t be easy… lol

  20. And the nice concierge that I am, I’ll open the door and I’ll say goodbye to him… I’ll try to hold back my tears, but it won’t be easy. A part of me dies… 😀

  21. ahaha… my mobile went crazy… sorry

  22. Good luck Nolan, until your legs went you served us well. You’re not a centre midfielder and its was the fraud who picked you each week to play there making you a scape goat when you were not up to it. You’ve been a good captain and I hope you get your move home if that makes you happy.

  23. Why have we been invaded by BFS AND NOLAN lovers again,
    If he wants football he should go to Bolton and take a pay cut,but he won’t until we agree to pay £30kof his £50k a week wages,and the 2 Daves will keep him first just to play in the early European games and maybe cup games against lower league teams,
    Money will speak, he must be a millionaire and still want to play
    So take the payout sign a 3 year contract enjoy life and thank BFS for making you a laughing stock last year that’s what friends are for,
    fobyac not interested in your opinion thanks

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