Noble, Anderson, Wilshere updates


Mark Noble still has a dead leg and won’t be training until later this week and that appears to have put paid to his chances of appearing in the squad for Brighton away next weekend.

The skipper is making progress but we have been told this morning that he won’t be ready to return to the Rush Green Training Ground until Wednesday or possibly Thursday.

And that won’t give him enough time to be considered as part of the starting X1 against a team who yesterday opened their season with a thmping 0-3 victory over Watford.

However, there is better news of Felipe Anderson whose leg injury is reported to be minor with a source telling us on the phone: There should be no problems for the weekend.

And although Jack Wilshere was seen limping during the course of the game we were advised by the same source that he simply was involved in a collision and ran the effects off.

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  • Kevin says:

    That is some kind of dead leg . Maybe a visit to Chinese Acupuncture specialist would do the trick . 😅

  • Dom says:

    Something dodgy going on with Noble. A dead leg shouldn’t take this long. What are they hiding?

  • jaybs says:

    Some! of our supporters knock Noble, but we do miss him, dead leg taking so long, I thibk sadly Mark has more to offer than Wilshere on yesterday’s performance, Brighton may not be as easy as many think. 5 goals conceded the players will need some lifting from someone.

    • Hammer_Rite says:

      I don’t get all this praise for wilshere either.For me he is lightwieght,slow, gets caught in possesion a lot and his passing is not the greatest.I would have a fit noble over him anyday.

  • Mike says:

    As we all knew last year we needed left back and holding midfielder so in come attacking midfielder yes good player but not what we needed I know it’s first game but a show up bad tactics again we can’t defend we can’t get crosses over from full backs practise daily it will be another mid table finish Pelle you need to defend against teens like city

  • Paul Lewis says:

    I’ve said it before the season, but Pelle is tactically naïve. All he looks at is attacking with no thought of how to defend at all. OK when you are manager of Man City, but not when you are here with us.

  • marc landsberg says:

    what is it with west ham fans and conspiracies. why on earth would the club hide an injury to noble? they have never done it before so why on earth and what on earth would they have to hide. FFS people the guy has a dead leg and if you think he shouldve been back then you know zero about dead legs or player fitness and how it works. stop smoking funny fags and lose the paranoia jesus

  • Hammer64 says:

    Our record against Brighton is poor, and they had a good result away yesterday. The season is in danger of following a familiar pattern.

    I have also been wondering how we come to have fixtures against Arsenal, Chelsea, Man U, Liverpool & now Man C for our first games in the last five seasons. I know the fixtures are not determined totally randomly because they have to avoid eg home games for several teams in the same city on the same day. But this run of fixtures can’t have come about purely by chance can it. I think back 10-15 years & can remember without even checking up when we had games against Spurs (when they were about on our level) Man C (ditto) & Blackburn. Are we chosen as a ‘starter for 3’ for the big clubs?

  • Iceman says:

    You have to play against these teams at some stage in the season and arguably playing Man City in the first game (at home) should represent a good opportunity to get a result, However, the team must be set up properly and effectively to achieve this (especially against a team that could beat most teams by a considerable margin) and of course pick the right players to achieve this, In my view the manager failed on both counts. We have leaked goals against much inferior opponents in recent games and still set up in a similar fashion with similar personnel against Man City – so no surprise and it could have been worse. Has Pellegrini learned anything from last season and this pre-season? Very poor and very disappointing on Saturday,

  • Trevor B says:

    Pelle needs to change the tactics or we will achieve nothing. To play arguably the best team in Europe with no protection for the back 4 is naive to say the least.
    Cresswell shouldn’t be anywhere near the team, championship player at best, no pace no tackles can’t beat a player.
    Wilshere started 5 for us lost 5, can’t run.
    Needed to play a back 5 and 2 holding midfield players and break very quickly to stand a chance.

  • WJO1974 says:

    Personally I thought we played really well in the first half and had it not been for Cresswell getting caught out massively we would have gone in at the break 0 – 0. It is a mark of how well we were playing that a side like City resorted to fouling and gamesmanship. Their 2nd goal again could and should have been prevented and was an awful pass by Lanzini gifting them the ball but could and should have been pulled back for the foul on Rice. Can’t take anything away from them when they broke away and scored but I felt it was a foul in the middle of the park and as for the 2 VAR offside reviews in both cases a player was well off and it was Sterling they reviewed not the one standing offside in the line of sight of the goal keeper. Jesus who eventually put the ball in for the disallowed goal was 3 yards offside and it was only ruled out for Sterling but when he was the one that stuck it in the net surely he was part of that passage of play and Aguero was well off for Sterlings lob that stood and as Rio Ferdinand always says, as a defender you cant assume they are offside and have to mark them, had that not been the case Balbuena would have been on Sterling so again a player in an offside position affects the outcome. Won’t comment on the Penalty debacle and as for their last one where Haller gets flattened in the middle of the park Dean is a blind Tottenham supporting cheat and would have thought VAR could and should have been used there but it seems not for us. So all in all I think what could have been and should have been a good game was ruined again by poor officials and an embarrassing use of VAR. I wasn’t expecting a win but after the good first half our support could have rightly been praising the team not this slating that is currently going on. Another swipe at Mike Dean but had he booked Rodri for his persistent fouling early on as he should have in the usual totting up process I personally feel things would have been very different.

    • Hammer_Rite says:

      I wish we could go back to the old offside rule which was cut and dried.The offside rule as it stands is just one big grey area
      .As WJO1974 says in his post surely jesus and aquero were offside and i can’t make out why the so called pundits on tv haven’t picked up on this

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