Noble and corners? Oh dear!

nobleLocal boy Mark Noble might be a great skipper and a world class penalty taker but he can’t take corners.

Yesterday, we saw the majority of Mark Noble’s corners go out of play before any advantage could be taken by the home team desperate for a goal.

This not a new problem. I for one, have never rated Noble’s corner taking but Sam Allardyce and now Slaven Bilic continue to pick him as the primary corner taker.

When Dimtri Payet joined we saw a completely different level of corner taking for the Hammers but since his injury we have drifted back to mediocre corners, many of which have been wasted opportunities.

West Ham have won 82 corners this season in 15 games, averaging over 5 corners per game with a total of 11 during yesterday’s 0-0 draw with Stoke City.

With a recent drop off in our creative attacking and goals from players like Payet, Sakho and Lanzini we really need to take advantage of these set pieces. Get practising those corners Nobes or make way for someone else to take the corners!


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18 comments on “Noble and corners? Oh dear!

  1. It needs sorting and fast , it’s a waste having Carrol in the box and the ball failing to make the penalty area where Carrol could provide either a header on target or at least a knockdown or two .

  2. Maybe time for Cresswell to pop a couple in from left hand side ??

  3. Don’t get me going on set pieces.

    A corner is one opportunity where the attacking side can’t be offside (until the defending team rush out from the knock down, of course!), but we still see complete rubbish served up. Noble has never able to consistently beat the man on the hear post, and yesterday humped a couple in over the bar. At last we weren’t subjected to the dreaded short corner, where the moment it’s taken the offside advantage is lost an defenders rush out the crowd the corner.

    On bright spark yesterday was the fact that Michail Antonio can actually take a decent throw in, although given his build it may not be quite such a surprise. It’s been a bugbear of mine for years that if you count for five seconds after a West Ham throw, nine times out of then we’re not in possession. No movement, no guile, no distance. Shocking.

    If Antonio gets a run in the team, we should see how much damage he can do pinging throw onto the penalty spot. It might even give Andy Carroll an advantage in the box…..

  4. Noble should not be on the pitch …. He can’t …

    Take corners
    Take free kicks
    Score from open play without wicked deflection
    Pass forwards
    Read the play
    Head the ball

    Apart from that he is loyal . Whoopee so would I be for £5m a year when NOBODY else wants me .

  5. More crap. Zaraté has taken as many poor corners Рand Noble(Just 3. Actually.) has been off them for a while, for obvious reasons.

    But please – don’t let facts get in the way of your bull****, on my account.

    Mind you, if you’re against Noble, you’re against West Ham, and you may wish to reflect on that. Or not, as the case might be.

    • Noble was a good player in a mediocre team now he is a mediocre player in a good team, he has the pace of a snail and plays negative balls sideways and backwards.
      I am a passionate West Ham fan like Noble, I wouldn’t be able to get in the team so because he is West Ham through and through WHY SHOULD HE GET IN THE TEAM if he is not playing well enough, do you think Song and Antonio would have been subbed yesterday if they had been match fit NO it would have been Noble, he is our weakest midfield player in the first team squad!! He has had his day. How many clubs have come in for him in the last 2 seasons? 0.

    • Utter Crap. Noble hasn’t been able to take corners or free kicks for ten years. I think the only reason why various managers have let him take corners and free kicks is to just get him out of the way

    • Not. Total nonsense and your are become worryingly predictable

  6. Someone once said to me “if you are against Hayden Mullen, you are against West Ham”. And the fact that Pardew preferred Mullen to a World Cup finalist only strengthened his conviction that Mullen stood for all that is West Ham.

    Fortunately, now that lm older, l know enough to live and let the deluded be.

  7. Noble has a good technique, but for some reason his corner kicks are horrendous. Even u-12 take their corners better than he does…

    That said, the order for C-K is Payet (out), Lanzini (out), Zarate (didn’t take them well), and then Noble, mainly because all the others need to be in the box. The only other option I can think of is Cresswell, but only on the left. So who do you get to take them on the right ? Collins ? Tompkins ?

    Surely one of the aspects of our game that needs to be worked on in training, because it equates to opportunity (or wasted if not used).

  8. Absolute tripe as per most articles on this site. How many corners did Noble take yesterday? If my memory serves me correctly Zarate took all but one or two of the corners and the majority of them didn’t clear the first man so if anything this article should be about Zarate and not Nobes.

  9. Sad when people don’t understand the broader aspect of the debate !!!
    It wasn’t just about yesterday trigger !!!!
    It was about nobles ability to take corners from day one !!!
    Truth is he can’t take them !!! He doesn’t have the technical ability !!!
    That’s all !! Really !!
    No ones saying put him up against the wall Ffs !!!

    • Then we need to look further and ask “Who can take the corners on the current line up ?”. I gave you the apparent order of preference. Noble normally doesn’t take them. Nor the free kicks. So, what do YOU suggest ?

  10. You already answered that one ?
    Cresswell and noble ? Until the return of the injured !!!
    And if noble isn’t available and song or Cullen are available that’s another way of looking at it,? Even obiang might take a decent corner ? That’s how it is at the minute ain’t it !!
    Having to make do with what we have !!
    Which is what you said in you’re post reading between the lines !!
    It is what it is and I’m sure Bilic has seen that as we have !!
    Anyway the topic was about nobles ability to take corners and the majority probably agree that he can’t !!!

  11. the worst corners were taken by Zarate weren’t they? One of them actually went behind the goal. He was probably trying to score by curling it in or something and completely mis hit it. Ha ha.

  12. Let’s bring Stanislas back then…

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