Noble gets it in neck from Irons legend


MarkNobleMark Noble has received a stiff rap across the knuckles for his comments about “some fans not understanding the game” from Hammers ‘elder statesman Phil Pakes.

The man considered the best Hammers goalkeeper ever has always been a huge favourite with the Irons faithful and doesn’t believe they deserved to be spoken of in such a way.

And he told ClaretandHugh exclusively: “First and foremost you just can’t talk about fans like that. You just don’t do it. It’s not on. For the skipper. or any other player for that matter, to be addressing his fans like that isn’t right at all.

“To say fans don’t understand the game is just not right – fans live and breath the game and understand enough to know when a player isn’t performing and that’s what this was about. Fans do understand football believe me!”

Parkes believes that Noble’s time at the club is now up and said: “I’m afraid the simple truth is he’s not good enough anymore. He never had a lot of pace but it seems this season that what he had has gone.

“It comes to everybody and he has been a magnificent servant but it’s clear to me that Cheik Kouyate is the man for midfield and Sam Byram needs to be given a run at right back.

“I was saying this at the beginning of the season and nothing I have seen this season has changed my mind.”



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25 comments on “Noble gets it in neck from Irons legend

  1. Stands and applauds Phil Parkes… safest pair of hands we ever had !

    • deffinitely our best ever keeper, and right about Kouyate and Byram. They need game time in their own positions. ( for different reasons ).

    • Why are you applauding.. first of all Phil parkes should know better..secondly he’s completely wrong(I couldn’t care less whether he was a West Ham legend or not) . Noble is more than good enough at this level..he was up nobles arse last season if I remember rightly..nobes is right some people haven’t got a clue about football ( although they think they do)!!

  2. Not sure if it is the job of ex players, who we Respect to try and create division, instead of respecting Our Club Captain. As I have said many times since the weekend there were far worse players in the Hammer side than Mark Noble on the Bournemouth pitch, and hardly a word about them on any website or forum, players we should never have signed in the last two windows.

    Back the Team against Leicester!

    • Spot on. Phil parkes is wrong.. has he really been saying it since august? So that 3 months after last season he decided at 29 noble was finished..what a load of **** Phil parkes..

  3. Nolan all over agon isnt it?!?!?
    And the scenario is playing out in exactly the same way.
    Noble getting unfair dogs abuse from some.
    But also blind loyalty and turning a blind eye from others.

  4. Well said Parkes . A proper legend putting a silly little boy in his place .

    • Silly little boy?? Noble is right some who go whether to West Ham or not haven’t got a clue about the game! Definitely not finished at this level. There’s know one bar one or two who are anything like as good as last season.. it’s become a witch hunt..I didn’t realise how many idiots we’ve got following our team until all this crap started about noble..so fickle..last season he’s loved this season the knives are out.. this club ain’t what it used to be I’m afraid..what are we going to start booing next.. incredible really

  5. Your hatred and vitriolic bile you spread on here really is very childish bubbles.
    I wonder whether you are actually a troll sometimes the way you carry on about Noble

    • Err tad over the top Macca. His sentiment was right. Noble should never ever have said that. In fact you sound more like the troll.

      • Well you clearly havnt read hid dogs abuse he has given him over the last few months on here which others can confirm.
        I wqs refrencing that not this tame comment from him.

        • Before you tell me im a troll read his previous months worth of bile then call me the troll thankyou very much!!!!!!

  6. Dont get me wrong like noble and think he should be in and around the team but unfortunatly his body is starting to give up how bout he sgands up there with slav and dorects the team and gets on in the last half.hour with kouyate starting in his proper position before we loose him and this also applies to byram but its not just noble fegouli is struggling i wanted him to.do.well bit think he wont quiet where we need him to be and randolph how he even gets on the pitch is beyond me his a poor poor keeper who is always costing us points theres a few whom should share the blame mot.just noble i fear of we carry on how we are we will.loose our best players in the summer and evek our youth if they dont get played

  7. I have said it before. Noble has been and still is a good player. The issue now is that if we are going to push on to become the “very good” side Sullivan was talking about the other day, we have to look at replacing our good players with better ones.

    The immediate question boils down to who should play in midfield alongside Obiang (who is having a terrific season) and Kouyate would get my vote. He is sadly both wasted and exposed at right back.

  8. I for one was disappointed with Nobles comments and I applaud Phil for stating the obvious. There were not enough leadership qualities in the last match. He does have his moments but is no longer a box to box player where as Kouyate is.
    Bilic is playing a dangerous games with team selections and it is costing us dearly and ultimately could cost him his job if Sullivan has his way. So Bilic sort it out, Nobes brilliant servant but if Rooney is man enough to take a reduced role as captain so should you, don’t make the mistake of getting your head stuck up your own backside COYI

  9. To be honest I was more concerned with his comment ‘because we have lost a couple of games we are getting stick’ or words to that effect…..is he really that out of touch its been not good enough all season, even most of the games we have won.

  10. Phil Parkes is spot on.

    • Phil parkes is completely wrong.. and should no better as an ex pro.. carry on captaining the side nobes!!

    • Of course he is. noble shouldn’t be in the squad at the moment. He needs a good rest.

  11. Lets not sugar coat things here Noble has always been a bang average midfielder who has been given so much leeway because he is claret and blue through and through.
    He got away with much of his technical inabilities with his energy, now that is going.I dont give a **** how many stats his defenders p1ss out across the internet.Maybe they need to use their eyes instead of staring at ****ing statistics all day the freaks.
    Yes Noble deserves many plaudits for his loyalty but that counts for jack on the pitch.

  12. Some people l know on here like to spend their whole day moaning about people who moan about Noble.

    Oh what fun they have!

  13. And your life is so exciting you came on to post that that right Muckracker.

    Hammersone yeah i think we got your point the first time

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