Noble joins the Costa row and calls for help


marknoble_726Irons skipper Mark Noble has waded into the middle of the Diego Costa row and called for video replays on bad fouls.

He slammed the Chelsea striker and added: “Someone has got to give us help.”

And he added:  “I knew it was a bad tackle. He didn’t get anywhere near the ball. If I made that tackle in the middle of the pitch am I getting a yellow?

“I said to Anthony Taylor in the game — and I think he’s a really good ref — ‘What’s the difference between that sort of tackle, which could really injure someone, and a yellow card for a slight pull back on a shirt?’

“You tell me the difference. I never blame the refs as I know how tough it is, how fast the play goes, how difficult it is to keep up with the play.

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  • kevin says:

    The ref should have had his eyes well and truly fixed on that tackle . If he did , then he doesn’t know what a serious red card foul really is . It wAsn’t even a fifty fifty ball . Tugging a tee shirt doesn’t break your legs .
    And there should be no need for video replays when there are five officials watching the game . I suppose the linesman went missing . He is there to assist the ref and advise him if he sees anything untoward ,, the question is , why didn’t he .

  • Fish N Chips says:

    Absolutely. WHU would in thhe Champions League if the managers got the opportunity, say, twice per half to call for replay of decisions. e.g. like Tennis, if they get it right, they keep their 2 opportunities.
    Sick of diving? It would quickly die out if players knew the opposing manager could call for a replay, and they would get a yellow…or evedn a sending off….Bye bye diving (e.g. Oscar).
    Bye bye cynical fouls (e.g. Costa).
    Bye bye incorrect offsides, handballs and a host of other incorrect decisions….
    So why not? Because it slows the game down? Batshuahi might have been playing for WHU right now, if dodgy decisions could be taken out…oh, and remember Everton’s blatant tactics at Upton Park last season of trying to injure our players, where Payet, especially was badly injured? The appalling reffing by Teirney (who hasn’t really been seen since…thank God) could have been exposed a lot earlier and Payet would now have been out for several months.
    I would happily pay the price of slowing the game down. The worst results are when refs rob you of a victory. I don’t particularly blame them. Its an awful job. They deserve to have assistance.
    Looking at decisons on the screen is exciting anyway. Also, the actual occurencies should reduce rapidly as players get penalised to their severe cost. (Oh dear, Costa would have to play fair; what a shame!).
    There was a call for TV replays but only if the refs were in control. What is that about? The very people whose judgement is under scrutiny, call the shots? Not for me! It has to be the managers.
    I’m sick of this deep flaw in the game that could so easily be rectified. But if there is a massive call (and not just a few people on this website) to leave it as is, then I would submit to the majority view.

    • johnboy says:

      You don’t have to wait for anything ! Lol, the player who is down has already stopped play and a decision could be made while in agony ??? No time lost at all , a clock seen by everyone can be stopped anyway and that would also show a true time allowed for E/T !
      Not playing over to benefit the side with the ball who has a last attack ? Whistle goes no matter what ,

      • Fish N Chips says:

        I agree; he timing should be like a stopwatch to the refs whistle…so, yeah, that would be another benefit: Bye bye Fergie time.
        BUT the arguement aganist replay introduction, I think, is because replays slow the flow (as opposed to the actual length) of the game. I would happily pay the price for fairer decisions and for removing thuggish Costa-style behaviour from the game.

        • johnboy says:

          What ? Who the fek is flow ! And giving her a length !
          A stopped game is a stopped game ! No matter how much length flo gets ?lol.

          • Fish N Chips says:

            Yes, when the ref blows (ivitation for pun there?) the game stops; agreed. But if replays are used, then this means the game is halted for even longer. And it is this extra time on top that people refer to as stopping the “flow” of the game…but I’m with you; let’s slip Flo a length and all party on….

          • johnboy says:

            What you mean is stopping the game in flow after a suspected back door. tackle or the like , but if flo was game why stop it !
            I think flo,s on the game reteric will suit the pundits at the end of the day ?
            Video and all !

  • johnboy says:

    Because Kevin , when the ref has a pre game word with his officials he tells them that he and he alone will make all the calls on the field of play ! Only sometimes do you see a lino make a jesture for a foul or when asked by the ref himself ? Fact !

    • johnboy says:

      He Taylor , didn’t ask the lino did he , if he the ref did not see it ??
      He saw it and his bottle went !! He should be brought before the FA and charged with bringing the game into disrepute for not protecting the players interests according to the letter of the rules !
      Video would take this incompetence and bias away from referees who are unfit for purpose!
      Make no bones about it though they will find a way of still maintaining control and a back door to keep the present status quo ticking ??IMO.

      • Fish N Chips says:

        It is FIFA which is dragging its heels about this. Maybe it is the referee lobby which is powerfully preventing progress?
        Whatever, I am sick of seeing the technology there, it being used in 2 other major sports (tennis and rugby) and the olympics, and not being used in maybe the biggest sport of all, football.
        Bonkers! Suspiciously bonkers!

  • bubs says:

    Correct what Noble says and great as our captain he is getting involved,
    Mark you need to look at the match for 90 minutes and then get out on the training ground and sort your match play out,
    Even suggest to Slav you need a break to work on your game
    And explain that Antonio is not a right back,
    Show Valencia what the goal looks like and how to dribble,
    Explain to Reid he can’t fly and to keep his hands down and to himself,
    It’s not just one mistake by the ref that caused our defeat,

  • slaven a laugh says:

    If wed played anywhere near as well as we should have done we wouldn’t be moaning about Costa still being on the pitch to score the winning goal. It’s like complaining carlos tevez shouldn’t have been on the pitch playing for West Ham because of third party ownership. Well he was on the pitch so get over it and next time just play better. Maybe some of our players thought Costa wasn’t on the pitch anymore when he scored the winning goal otherwise they might have tried to stop him.

  • johnboy says:

    I don’t think people are moaning about Costa , and the rest of the Brazilian diving team slaven , just the injustice of the tackle and diving / cheating , we all agreed when this first kicked off on Monday that we didn’t deserve anything from the game , also the ref has got away with it as has Costa because he said in his report that he thought it wasn’t intended ??
    How convenient Ffs , video needs introducing to stop the loop hole mentioned , obviously created to protect the ref ! Stinks !! If we drew and Costa was sent off then yes we would have been over the moon even though we did note deserve it , we may even have won it ,
    Payet missed a sitter for all his ability !

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