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6MarkNobleWest Ham captain says that some younger players are affected by comments on social media and keyboard warriors they should think about their actions and remain positive on social media. While he claims he is not fussed about personal criticism of himself he questions whether social media would have got Curbishley sacked or Tevez dropped in 2007 before they went on a seven-game win streak which saved the Hammers from relegation.

Noble penned on “As much as we try to ignore the comments made on social media, sometimes they are unavoidable and while I’m not fussed about whether I get stick or not, some players are affected by it.

I think back to exactly ten years ago, when we were bottom of the Premier League.

If social media existed then like it does today, people would have been calling for Alan Curbishley to be sacked or for all the players to be dropped, including Carlos Tevez!

Then what happened? Everything clicked and we won seven out of our last nine games to stay up!

Times are different now. Instead of walking out of the ground and having a moan to your mate or your Dad, some people leap straight on social media and troll the player directly.

You have a right to moan, of course, but negativity spreads and it can affect everyone, especially younger players who have not developed a thick skin like us more experienced ones.

What I am saying is that we need to be positive, inside the dressing room, in the stands and on social media.

I play under a manager who gives 100 per cent every day, and when the players are not doing likewise, I’ll be the first person in the dressing room to go around and tell them to pull their socks up.

Come on you Irons!

Mark Noble


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  • sleepswithdafishes says:

    Right again Nobes.
    Gutless retards are attracted to so-called social media, because they don’t dare to show their true self in public.
    The amount of abuse thrown at our owners, is as bad as it is against our players. Some of the things said on line would not have gone unpunished in the real world, but here it;s easy for idiots to be brave.
    By the way it might be obvious that I don’t exactly love so-called social media. Social is standing face to face and exchanging words. Not skulking in ones bedroom and “bravely” tapping hate messages on twiter.

  • jaybs says:

    Mark Noble is spot on! once again! I like social media but the insults I have taken over the years, good job my career in radio made me a little hard skinned. I long for those days when pre match on the ground stories were swapped what supporters had heard, people just accepted them,

    Back to those days when still at school I ran Martin Peters fan club for four years, some of the other players newsletters were typed and carbon paper used, one player’s was hand written and carbon paper used, but that fan loved him, Martin’s was printed I was always taught at home, it if you can’t do something proper, don’t do it at all.

    Players seen out and about, younger players seen on the bus coming to games, I was lucky my older brother was 11 years older than me, and drove me to games 250 miles each way, and he didn’t like football lol life was simple……

  • Stan The Man says:

    Goos story jaybs.
    I have hated to see our fans or rather i should qualify thay by saying a portion of our fans being so mean spirited about Noble.Ok we all understand he is struggling but the thoughtless keyboard rants by a few have been so needless.
    However it is the same for those who write similiar comments about our owners but are so sanctimonious when it comes to the abuse of Noble.

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