Noble on slide: “Not a massive concern”


Mark NobleMark Noble – as would be expected – is putting as positive a spin as possible on the fact that only Sunderland and Queens Park Rangers have taken less Premier League points since Christmas than the Irons.

The recent shocking run of results has focused the minds of the board on their major end of season decision regarding Sam Allardyce’s future with his position looking bleaker with every successive setback.

And with the likes of Crystal Palace now on our shoulders, the position may be even harder to take given manager Alan Pardew’s Hammers history.

Upcoming games against Sunderland and Leicester City look to give us a chance of a couple of wins but Noble’s optimism needs to be tempered against the reality that these are games from which both teams desperately need something.

Commenting on the slide, the midfielder said: We have been through a tough patch after a great first half of the season, so we need to kick on in the last quarter of it.

“It’s not a massive concern but it is obviously a little one. We know with the performances we have had over the past eight games that we are due a win.”

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  • rads the modern man says:

    Might not be a massive concern to you Mark but it is to me when i am paying my hard earned wedge each year to watch this poor run of form.Maybe if you were back in the stands with us you might see it a little differently than ‘not a massive concern’.How can one win in what is basically a third of a season not be a massive concern.I know Nobes would play for our club for peanuts but maybe if he wasnt having a lovely salary going into his bank account but was instead scraping together money each year for a season ticket he might see it as a differently.

  • sleepswithdafishes says:

    well said modern.
    mind you I would like to see the context of his quote. It probably sounds more innocent than that.

  • rads the modern man says:

    Im sure it was said in a far more innocent way than it appears,but it still doesnt look great to we fans.Form like this would see us win 4 games in a season.How the hell can that not be a concern 😉

  • PennsylvaniaHammer says:

    Wonderful Mark.

    So your next win is due not because of any significant changes you have been working on in the squad but because the law is averages says we should win soon.

    Bloody heck we are getting desperate if that’s how we are going into games!!!

    Oh, and it’s hardly captain captain-like to suggest you are not very worried over current form. Be honest and admit it’s been awful!

  • oldiron says:

    Since Noible signed his new mega contract he has come out with a couple of negative type statements, he may wish to play for a mediocre team and pick up his substantial wages but I want to be able to cheer my team ( Boys of 86 come to mind ) and see us progress, had hopes of that before christmas until Sam changed the set up to accomodate Kevin & Andy, it all went tits up from then on.
    I have supported this team for 55 years and I would like , in my latter years to be able to cheer and cheer and go to my grave with a great big smile on my face. COYI

  • rads the modern man says:

    It is comments like this by him whether in or out of context that get right under the skin of fans.Surely they could say yeah its a massive concern & we are working hard to rectify it,not just appear to sound so dismissive.This just shows the general lethargy surrounding the team & manager at the moment.I honestly believe The Sophisticated One has gone past the point of caring anymore.We need fresh blood with new ideas to fire people up again.Things are going stale after four years of BFS’s approach.

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