Noble pledge as end of season comes too soon

6MarkNobleWest Ham will  most certainly not be going on holiday having ensured their Premier League status.

Indeed given the current run of clean sheets and particularly outstanding performance against Spurs, if anything the end of the season is coming too soon.

Many teams – whether they have a vacation mentality or not at this time of the year – sometimes look as though that may be the case.

Bur Mark Noble insists the Irons will be fighting every inch of the way over the closing 90 minutes of what has been essentially a disappointing campaign.

He said: “The aim is to get more points on the board. We can’t worry about Spurs any more, it was a great performance and a great win but we want to beat Liverpool at home.

I know we’re going to have the crowd behind us and then we want to go away to Burnley and get some points there.

We want to finish as high up the table as possible and after beating Spurs, to not go on and get some more results would be disappointing. We want to finish in the top half and then that would be a very good season for us.”



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9 comments on “Noble pledge as end of season comes too soon

  1. I don’t think even two wins will make this into a ‘very good season’. Not getting to 40pts until May is better than not getting to 40 at all, but that’s the best you can say. The last few clean sheets give hope for next season but it’s not exactly a glorious a glorious run in. Two 1-0 wins in the last dozen games. Let’s keep our feet on the ground..

  2. Its not been a great season but we have now got it under our belts after all the upheaval.
    I certainly dont expect us to be such easy meat for the likes of Arsenal and City at home like this season next year.
    You have to try to look for positives,if you cant do that then supporting us must be a hellish experience.

    • That will be the proof of the pudding SBCBA, Slav should get another chance next season, hopefully they will do some analysis of why we were uncompetitive against the top 6 other than Spurs and a Cup game at Chelsea and why in general we let too many wins slip to draws or defeats and make the changes required to address that, personally despite 4 clean sheets I am not convinced 3 at the back is a good long term solution its a waste of a player when we should be able to defend with 4 instead of 5 and have an extra body in midfield, it also gives us less of a threat on the counter attack when wehopefully buy some players with a bit of pace.

    • Not been a great season , is an understatement . The positives have been a bit hard to identify with so many negatives in the mix . But yes , totally agree with being positive . If you are not thinking positively then there is no reason to carry on . With a few or maybe more positive signings we should see the back of heavy defeats to the bigger clubs .
      Somebody will get lucky if Man Utd finish fourth and lose in final of the Europa League because it will mean 5 English sides will be in the Champions League next season . If Man Utd win the Cup and finish fourth it’s, as you were , four clubs qualify .
      Wish it could have been us but , hey , we’ve had a really tough season .
      Personally I think we stand more chance of a back door entrance by winning the FA cup than by league position . If we are mid table when the Cup competition kicks off we should go hell for leather .

  3. Yeah me being an old grump again. But about two months ago there was a poll on here asking how many points we would get. Seem to remember a lot of people voting for 50+. (Actually it would be interesting to see the results of that again after the final game if the site owners would like to oblige). I can’t remember how I voted, but low 40s would have been my absolute max. Probably went for upper 30s. So I could still be way off by May 21. In which case I will stock up on the happy pills for next season! What will the super optimists ( otherwise known as deluded) do?

  4. Nothing wrong with drop of optimism in life 64 😁
    I think Nige asked us at the start of the season where we would finish and i said 8th to 12th so we are where i expected us to be more or less.Though the way we have achieved it has been painful at times,aint no denying that 😉

  5. Absolutely great that we are safe ; can’t imagine the fall out of being relegated .
    The end of the season , for me , hasn’t come too soon . If it were any longer I would fear for our survival as a Premiership Club . In fact the end of season has fallen exactly where we needed it to fall . That win over the Spurs was our last chance in all reality . So if the season dragged on for two or more games our future would definitely have been in question . We got away with it , basically . But only just . A point lost or won here or there could have yielded a very different outcome . I think we are better than Liverpool and a lot of other clubs but , things didn’t turn out as we hoped . If we only manage two points from our last two games we should still rejoice the fact we Survived a very nervy season .
    Book your Beach Towels and forget about football for a while . Relax and enjoy the sun .
    Get tanned up and have fun with your Wife / Girlfriend / Kids or , whatever .

  6. No I can’t disagree with you in that Radai. You cheerful chappies ( the predictive text put that as ‘crappies’ – will get me punched!)are certainly better company a lot of the time I can’t deny that. It is all a question of balance. In the end it is only kicking a ball about. But if we want our club to do that well we have to mix a bit of realism with optimism & recognise that there are some weaknesses that have to be dealt with.

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