Noble’s MASSIVE win – really?

NobleIt’s my birthday today so I can say what I like!  Oh and I get a wish!

But first, listen to the words of Mark Noble discussing the 1-0 win over Burnley’s ten men.

He explained to the official site: “It’s a massive result for us. The last couple of games have been against teams fighting for their lives and I’ve been in that position so I know how much you have a go.

“We knew it was going to be tough today, but once we got the penalty we found it pretty comfortable from there on really.”

Burnley had a go did they? It was comfortable was it? And the result was “massive” eh? I thought it was 1-0 via a penalty which saw a bloke sent off for a foul when he should have remained on the pitch.

Football people have a habit of often murdering the English language before devaluing it. To describe a win over such a poor side as massive  only demonstrates how far West Ham have fallen this season.

Next comes his assertion that it was a comfortable win. I didn’t think it looked particularly comfortable for him or Nolan, Jenkinson and several others.

Sam Allardyce didn’t look particularly comfortable either although thankfully he didn’t spend as much time as usual slumped in his seat! Perhaps he’s been reading a few comments on certain forums!!!!

Massive result! Yeah I remember the same being said after the Sunderland result. That didn’t go so well did it?

So with the end of the season thankfully just three games away and being bored rigid watching this stuff here’s my birthday wish.



Mark Noble and the rest of you lads chose your words more carefully or put another way: Speak less SAY MORE!


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20 comments on “Noble’s MASSIVE win – really?

  1. Speak less “PLAY MORE”

  2. First of all… happy birthday Hugh!

    As regards Noble’s words, well, there are only two possibilities:

    1) He’s a little stoned

    2) If you are used to so much mediocrity, a win against Burnley (down to ten for 70 minutes) seems to be a great success.


  3. Happy 21st Birthday Hugh,you might have to wait a while for your birthday present from WHUFC,Hippoheads P45 framed for you,lol.I dont take much notice of players words,always the same,every win is massive,huge,hard fought,blah,blah.Same as their always over the moon or sick as a parrot,lol 😉

  4. Thanks lads. Brilliant Tiddy – great to see such a long term ‘virtual’ mate on here

  5. 1-0 at home against the leagues bottom side who havent scored in over 9hrs.
    cracking result, really proud of our hero’s..!!!!
    Please….. are you sure? We should have buried them 3,4 or even 5-0. Massive win hahaha.
    if that is a massive win we are in trouble. Bread & butter game. A massive win would be Chelsea away, city away, man u away… not bloody Burnley at home with ten men 1-0…

  6. get rid of sam for god sake hes killing this club

  7. Firstly Hugh Happy Birthday,keep up the good work.
    Secondly I agree with others unless they’re showing dissent players comments are meaningless cliches and not worth listening to. If Nobes wants a definition of a massive win then that was Colchester today thanks to our very own George Moncur who scored the crucial winner and in his celebration paid tribute to his sorely missed friend and the bravest Hammer in years Dylan Tombides. Well done George and good luck over the next couple of weeks to Freddie Sears who having fought his way back faces hopefully three massive games

  8. Faliz cumpleanos and good luck for the next 21 Hugh,
    That sums this club up Rio yesterday,Dylan today if it’s in the West Ham heart it never goes away,

  9. Happy 60th Hugh.

    It was a massive win it moved us from 11th to 9th and kept us in the hunt for an extra £3m for placings. Another day we would have scored 4 and I thought the 2nd was a pretty good performance. We had 27 shots on and off target and blocked. Burnleys keeper was in excellent form. Ok none of that suits the Sam Out Agenda but what the hell!

    • That is everything what is wrong with football today. Doesn’t matter about the way the team plays, months of crap & frustration. Massive win because of more money.. to the everyday person £3m is a life changing amount, to a premier league team..? Not so sure.

      Ps happy 21st hugh

      • It is peanuts,lets put it this way,it pays for about 35 weeks of Carrolls wages,so it is just used for decorating AC’s naff mansion & pays for his frequent holidays for about 8 months 😉

  10. What a load of rubbish … perhaps he meant MASSIVE EMBARASSMENT . A penalty and very little else . So many average , gutless performances. We need to get rid of the dross …Noble ,O’Brien,Tomkins,Demel,Nolan ,Song?,Jarvis and the name to strike fear in everyones heart COLE and start again . Sam is a fat slug going nowhere slowly . Surely he must go ..musn’t he ?

  11. WhuG if you now believe this was a massive win we need to definately get a new manager,if only for you to appreciate what massive wins are again,lol 😀

  12. Yeah I get your point Rads but how isn’t 2 places and £3m not massive to a club like ours. It’s all about perspective in my view. As I’ve said Id be happy if they get me Billic….

    • Guess it could pay for Allardyces wages for another season,that will be well worth those two extra places & 3m 😉

    • Instead of celebrating moving up two places & the 3m extra because of a win yesterday, lets think how many mill has gone done the plug hole since this lame brain has overseen 3 wins in 18 & taken us down to 11th & back up two places 😉

  13. My big fear with this “massive” win is that it gains us £3M but loses us £6M if they give the hoof it high and long burger king another two years for achieving top 10

  14. ” time for Allardyce and the team to stop ‘talking the talk and start ‘walking the walk’ , I wrote that a week ago. Unfortunately it looks as if we are going to be buried in this kind of rubbish right to the bitter end

  15. Hi Tyson and Rads don’t bite he knows it was rubbish and next week when we don’t win with lucky sending off and drop 2 places and 3 mil goes up in smoke the disappearing act will arrive,
    Can’t believe after 13 weeks of rubbish we gain 3 points with a lucky result playing rubbish against 10 men and BFS is wonder women again and then nob heads want to start a war amongst the fans again

  16. It was an important win, not massive,but why some of you are moaning, just think! Chelsea won one nil, Liverpool scraped through man u lost etc,etc . “” I,m just pleased they won at last””.

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