Nolan considers Hammers future

Nolan-West-Ham-535489Kevin Nolan  has revealed that he is considering his future.

Speaking to London 24 he said: “I have been considering my future, without a shadow of a doubt, I am not one who wants to sit here on the bench, I won’t continue to do it, just for the fact that if you are not good enough for one club you move on and you prove to someone else you are.”

“I am not thinking about anything else except West Ham at the minute. I have had a fantastic time here; I love the club and the place. I have got such a great affiliation with everyone at the club and I want it to continue.

“All I have got to do is get the chance to play and I will be happy and we can go on from there. Sometimes you can’t make everyone happy and you have to take that on the chin.”

“It has been hard I am not going to deny it, but at the end of the day the only thing I have ever known is playing football, week in week out, so it has been difficult so when I get my chance I am going to try and take it, that is the only thing I can do now.

Having taken the mother and father of a bashing on social networks he added: “I have got nothing to prove to anyone. I have done a lot in my career and a lot of what has been said has been unfair, but that is life.”

“I have come to the stage in my career with all the negativity surrounding me, I have just gone and take it on the chin. It is water off a duck’s back for me.

“Sometimes it hurts of course, but I have got a fantastic family, fantastic support system and not just with family and friends but also within the club. I have just got to keep working hard on the training ground and hopefully I will get a chance”


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8 comments on “Nolan considers Hammers future

  1. He has waited till he has had a break and played well for only the second time this season,
    Yes he has had a lot stick but he has to except that he has been forced to play out of position for most of the season and has been very poor,he should have talked to BFS and made a point that yes he will play where ever he is picked but he is being made to look bad by BFS tactics,we all slated him but have also covered that by commenting about him not being able to play that way.
    Yes he should move on and find a club in the championship where he can perform for 2 or 3 years but I think his days in the premiership have gone ( my opinion)
    But I would like to thank him for the past years where he has been great.

  2. His support system is knowing Allardyce will always pick his favourite so its hardly surprising its water off a ducks back.However I do take exception saying he has nothing to prove.Yes you do! £50k a week is west ham money,not the northern brass you creamed previously.You are simply extremely poor value and cost the team in every aspect of a proven manner.You are no longer the standard and should be taking some others clubs suckers money to bolster your ego.

  3. What is this? His swansong?
    “I have got nothing to prove to anyone” Who does he think to be? Messi?
    Don’t worry nolaninho, your lover BFS will take you with him to his next team, it’s the only way you have to play.
    Bye bye

  4. Yer noland go and sit or someone elses bench

  5. Allardyce goes,he goes,simple as that.He wouldnt still be playing if it wasnt for Samasaurus.Fine he might have played well against Chelsea & Man.U but that doesnt make up for the rest of the season.Instead it makes you wonder why he can turn it on when it comes to two big matches but has been poor for the rest of the season.Does he pick & choose his matches now to put in a performance.Sorry but its time to move on,we need someone in the team who can do it consistently as we try to step to another level 🙂

  6. He spoke about “negativity”, conker spoke about “negativity”… There’s something wrong with the air around us… Probably a curse, we need an exorcism.

  7. I was nearly in tears by the end of the article. I feel so sorry for the poor man. He who gets around £2.5 million pounds a year for being slow, overweight, reliant upon others and part of a sychophantic, out of date Allardyce dynasty.

  8. Yes he has been playing poorly with the odd good game here and (occasionally) there, we have always had players playing poorly for as long as I have been watching West Ham.. the difference is they usually get dropped, in my eyes its BFS who is mostly to blame for picking him at every opportunity regardless of his performance and even changing a winning system just to give his ‘Skipper’ a game.

    Still hopefully this will all be someone elses problem very soon

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