Nolan contract clause 100 per cent FALSE


NolanWild rumours doing the rounds for years that Kevin Nolan has a special clause in his deal ensuring he makes the field of play if in the squad are 100 PER CENT FALSE!

As we head into the New year ClaretandHugh made it our business to find out once and for all the truth or otherwise of what sounds one of the dodgiest claims ever!

We were prompted by the piece on another Hammers website writted by Twitter Hammers source @ExWHUemployee.

Ex admitted he didn’t believe it to be the case despite finding – after checking the record books – that Nolan appears to have featured at some stage every time he’s been in the squad, “if only for a minute.”

But he wrote: “However, I do not think this is written in his contract but I thought it was an interesting statistic.”

Today we put the claims on two insiders extremely close to the situation and was told: “That is a totally ย ridiculous claim – no club or manager would ever agree such a clause. It is 100 per cent b……s”

That’s good enough for us – however attractive it maybe to believe the opposite!

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • rads45 says:

    I heard in the clause that he also can deciede himself which player he can replace & what minute he can come on.Against WBA it is Amalifitano in the 83rd min ๐Ÿ™‚

  • It’s all rubbish Rads. Can u see G and S having that – not in a million years.

    • rads45 says:

      yeah i know it is Hugh,just seems incredible that anyone could even believe such a load of old pony ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Michael Miller says:

    It does sound ridiculous BUT I can’t think of another reason why he was brought on on Sunday – just to use one example!

  • rugbyirons says:

    So despite your claims you haven’t disproved it either!

  • Dainon17 says:

    Does he get an appearance bonus by any chance ?

    • sparrow says:

      That is a much more sensible question to be asking, particularly in view of the constant rumours of Sam’s alleged relationship with Curtis and associated financial matters.

  • Why are u here rugby if u don’t believe what you read?

  • jaybs says:

    What seems Clear is KN & AC are always first name on his team sheet. IF in form or not!

  • punchy says:

    If it’s not in his contract then things are worse than I thought. Fatty is making a conscious decision to always play him even if from the bench. No wonder Zarate is off. How much longer will we let this man have anything to do with our club.

  • JimmyM says:

    Lol punchy you are right that IS even worse.

  • WhuG says:

    We used to have the best fans in the world but it pains me to say we now have some of the worse. Not sure if it’s just the Internet that’s allowed them a platform but I’m certain I don’t meet them at the ground thank God. We are 6th and on 31 points and it’s not even january yet I wish people would stop finding fault.

    • rads45 says:

      Tell me about WhuG,at the start of the season if someone had told 99% of us fans we would have 31pts & be sixth in the league,we would have taken that all day long.Now we are in this position in the league which is beyond nearly everyones expectations & it still aint good enough for some ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • WhuG says:

        Agree Rads. We have spent the majority of the first of the season in the top 4 for heavens sake and still some want to slag off certain people, why can’t they just enjoy this time and accept everyone, owners, manager and staff and the players are doing a great job. I read somewhere we have collected 54 points in 2014 plus of course managed a cup semi final. 54 points is 7/8th territory we would all settle for that right now so why all the *****ing?

  • bubs says:

    Here we go again the family members reply, every day WhuG and rads45 come out to rescue Uncle Sam and nephew Kevin a nod the rest of the faithful are all blind and daft.2 games ago WhuG wrote the same except it read 4th not 6th and yesterday rad45 wrote the same as he did today,wonder what your be writing when Zarate has scored 10 goals and QPR are safe and we aren’t going in to Europe, if Zarate is so poor why not sell him ,not loan him out plenty of teams wanted him! There is a time when every player has to call it a day in the top flight ( my eyes do not deceive me ) and our captains has come move on you 2.

    • WhuG says:

      Nolan is a squad player, his time is coming, I’ve never said different, I like Zarate, I’ve said that too, I wish he would stay and fight for his place, if you follow my comments so closely then you would know that. Like I say we have just had a very strong year both on and off the field I just wish people would stop moaning and enjoy it. But you know what? If moaning is your thing you probably get as much pleasure in that as I do in enjoying the success. Each to their own. I’ll still be enjoying it if we finish 8th and if Zarate knocks in 10 for Harry. Why? Because he is ours and he can come back or we sell him with a ยฃ8m profit. It’s better being happy Bubs you should try it

    • rads45 says:

      Haha,you really do blow it outta ya hoop bubs,i was one of BFS’s biggest critics last year & still am with the team selection he makes sometimes.But i aint going to come on a forum just to have a moan up.Maybe if we were 3rd from bottom in the conference you would be happy.Seems to me you must be Zarates bros,only reason i can think for you thinking he is such a sensational player who has torn european defences to pieces.Ffs the guy has never even made one appearance for Argentina so had to run off to play for Chile,if he can get in the team ofc.If you think we are so useless go support Chelski ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • bubs says:

    You must be very upset rad45 you wrote that so fast you made a few mistakes,why are you not a critic now receive a good Xmas gift like 6 points and why would I wont to support a Russians plaything,I watched a gifted player score a great goal not plod round our pitch then only get 1 more chance in his right position,WhuG I do not moan all the time I just can’t believe you have been one over so quickly, I have been watching this club for 50 years ( yes I am old ) I have been lucky to watch brilliant football, I would prefer to lose and watch good football than have a team of polders,I min of De Canio, Kanoute, Brookinr ,Moore, BondsSinclairRednapp,Devonshire,Peters,Hurst may I say more it’s called entertainment if I wanted to watch just to win I would surport Chelski ( mind you they were quite good to watch against us)

  • rads45 says:

    Seems you also made a few mistakes in you haste to reply Bubs,lol.I have also followed The Irons for more years than i want to think about.Seen some superb players & some dross as well along the way.The simple fact is this,we should all be damn happy to be in this high position in the league.Every team has scapegoats or players that maybe we think shouldnt be in so often.But just coz i dont come on here to slag the club at every opportunity certainly doesnt make me a BFS fan,far from it.It is clear we played our best football with Sakho & Valencia upfront.The way we set up againt Chelski did my head in.However Bubs i really wouldnt call this team a team of plodders,they offer far more than that dont they ๐Ÿ™‚

  • WhuG says:

    If this is a bragging post put me down for 40 years man and boy too. I have seen some great West Ham sides and some utter dross. Last year was dross this year isn’t. Avram Grant spell was dross 85/86 magical. The reason I come on here and Kumb to spout my love for the club is that I actually think for the first time in those 40 years we are going somewhere under the Dave’s, I’m not totally won over bubs so soon, I’ve seen so many West Ham false dawns but I do think we might build on this and give the Spuds a run for their money, maybe the Gooners too. At the moment Sam and Kev are part of that, so they get my respect, they won’t always be here but while they are they’ll get my respect.

    Mind, if we lose to WBA….

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