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Nolan: I’d have worked under Lopetegui

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Former Hammers coach Kevin Nolan has expressed that he would have been happy to work under new West Ham head coach Julen Lopetegui.

Nolan, a former captain and loyal servant of the club both as a player and a coach at The London Stadium, shared his disappointment with the BBC following his dismissal from David Moyes’ backroom team.

It’s not surprising that Nolan was released, considering Julen Lopetegui’s tendency to bring his own coaching staff when he joins a new club. It’s logical for a manager to want a backroom team that is familiar with his training methods and tactics. Unfortunately for Nolan, this resulted in the loss of his position along with the rest of Moyes’ staff.

Speaking to the BBC, Nolan said, “I think it’s come as a bit of a shock for all of us, especially when it was announced a couple of weeks before the season ended. We were under the impression – at least I was, based on what David Moyes had communicated – that he would be discussing things with them again in the summer, and that would be it.”

“It was unfortunate the way it all unfolded in the end.”

“My contract was a bit different. It would have continued under the new manager if he had wanted me. But obviously, he wants his new team, which I understand. Unfortunately, I got the news on Monday.”

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