Nolan keeps four London clubs waiting

nolanKevin Nolan has snubbed the chance of a move to LA Galaxy where he would team up with one of his best mates in the game, Steven Gerrard.,

Nolan has snubbed the leading American team because he isn’t ready to move away from London at this stage.

And that has also put Bournemouth – – who ClaretandHugh reported exclusively had held talks with him – out of the running to grab the 33 year old who is now being sought as an out of contract player by a quartet of the capital’s clubs.

Crystal Palace, Watford, Queens Park Rangers and Brentford are all keen to talk to the former Hammers skipper who will take his time before deciding his next move.

A friend of the Liverpool-born midfielder told ClaretandHugh the veteran had been approached by both Bournemouth and Galaxy  but had rejected the chance of both.

He said:”He’s turned them both down despite being a big pal of Steve’s. He’s not ready to leave London at this stage and will talk to the interested clubs up here.

“The four clubs are Palace, Rangers, Brentford and Rangers but he’s seemingly in no big hurry to make his mind up – he will take his time.”

Nolan saw the remainder of his West Ham contract paid up over the last couple of weeks athough a club source declared: “He received around 75 per cent of what be was due.”


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18 comments on “Nolan keeps four London clubs waiting

  1. I don’t know who’s more crazy. Nolan for turning down a cushy number with LA Galaxy or the clubs looking to sign him. What are they seeing in him that we are missing? For a long time he offered almost nothing on the field.

  2. QPR most likely methinks. Anyone after him will be so for his leadership qualities.

  3. Leadership qualities were all well & good when with us because he had a group of lads who respected him for what he had done.Not sure how much leadership qualities he will give at a new club when the players of his new team realise he aint good enough to be in their team or take one of their numbers place.Even in the Championship he is going to be shown up as past it.It is a competitive fast paced league,not an OAPs league.

  4. So the question remains then…why are these clubs interested in him?

  5. Personally I don’t give a **** !! Lol
    I just know we are better off now without him.?
    He’s a spent force who is going to be embarrassing to himself !!!
    I remember when I had to call it a day !! Its was hard but we all get old and you have
    to accept it I’m afraid !
    Coaching is where he should go , it keeps you involved in the sport !!

  6. Agent talk again,if anyone was interested he would have snatched the hand off,
    But when the offer is £15k per week,you have to think about it,
    Not interested who gets stuck with him but if it’s a Premier team they are mad

  7. “The four clubs are Palace, Rangers, Brentford and Rangers”.

    Does that mean a fifth club, Rangers, were not interested?

  8. If Rangers want him it’s because there owner is really a hammers fan and has more money than sense,
    He would be better as a star baker on Wetpants,but then he would be late getting to the oven and burn the bellend tart,
    BFS could be his Johny and he could be Fanny,

  9. Rangers are really interested!!

    Palace wouldn’t touch him with a bargepole!

  10. He must be gutted Fatty aint found himself a new club yet.Nolan would have been guaranteed a Prem gig if he had.Curtis could could have got him a nice 70k a week four year deal at Hippos new club & of course Hippo would have pushed it through as a tremendous move,lol

  11. Good luck to him , we have had far worse players than him.

  12. Would love to see him trying to keep up with Bolasie & Zaha at Palace,they would need to give him a two minute headstart!

  13. lm sure deep down Nolan knows he cant cut it anymore in the PL. But then there is the small matter of that elusive 100th goal. Hes gotta join the 100 club you see

  14. QPR would be a good move for him and them, they need someone to unite them after years of dressing room disharmony.

  15. Dont really care where he goes,he dont wear our shirt anymore so he can go to the Faroe Islands as far as im concerned.Ex-Player,not interested 😉

  16. Surely its pointless him going to another Premier team,he will just be sat on his arse again on the bench.My best mate is a QPR fan,he said he will tear up his season ticket if he signs for them,haha 😀

  17. I hear TONTO is looking for a new ranger !!!!

  18. He is too slow for MLS. Stevie G has struggled at times. Actually former Hammer Seb Lletget has played well. Can’t see No legs coming over.

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