Nortveidt reckons we need to bring more!

havnorHavard Nortveidt is looking for a big finish to the season after producing his best display in a Hammers shirt against Everton.

He said: “We played well and might have got more than just a point. We kept a clean sheet and also had a couple of chances to score, but we’ll take the one point against Everton – they’re a good team and we know that.

“We were superb defensively. I don’t know if they had any chances, not any big ones certainly, and that’s really good for us.

“For me personally I hadn’t played 90 minutes for a while so it was tough, but the whole team worked well together defensively and offensively, so it was a good system.

“I was a little bit nervous at the start, but this is my position and I felt that I came more and more into the game as it went on, especially in the second half.

“We have some big games to come, and this result stands us in good stead for them.

“We need to bring what we did on Saturday, with a little bit more, and I’m pretty sure the points will come.

“It was a great atmosphere here on Saturday, and we are growing into this Stadium as our home now. We’re looking forward to the next game.”
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13 comments on “Nortveidt reckons we need to bring more!

  1. If this guy is able to produce performances like the one on Saturday when played in his preferred position why the hell have we suffered watching the hapless Noble cost us points week after week . Bilic has a lot to answer for … Antonio , Kouyate , Nordviedt played out of position to accomodate a donkey when we had better players for both positions .

  2. Yes we all know you dont like Noble by now bubbles you dont have to mention it every article lol

    • Stan …it is difficult to make a direct comparison between 2 players without mentioning both names !

  3. It would be very sweet if we could put one of those defensive performances in against the Spuds, losing on Saturday they must have that choking feeling again, one of the best things about supporting a London club is that there are so many others whose misfortunes you can enjoy even in a season where our own team has been pretty poor !!! A mate of mine who is a Watford supporter the last time we went down had his abusive text already typed up so that the second we were relegated he fired it off immediately, I did laugh but it sums up the banter among fans 😀

    • As much as I enjoy watching the spuds lose as much as the next guy, if the next guy is also a West ham supporter, I really don’t want Chelski to do the double, I really couldn’t stand that

      • I can handle Chelski doing the double if it means The Spuds dont win the league.Its a difficult one all ways round but The Spuds winning the league would be a nightmare 😂😂

        • Yeah Chelsea over Spuds for the Prem and Arse over Chelsea for the cup. I could live with that. I’d quite like to see Wenger have the last laugh over the Arse fans. They really should be careful what they wish for!

  4. Just a couple of decent performances to end the season would do me. I find it hard to remember many good performances or many memorable moments- nice goals, bits of skill etc. Most of our wins have been scrappy. Ok AC’s goal was nice. Beating Chelsea was not bad, but would have been better if it had been in the League. We had a bit of a mid season run, but seem to have struggled to put together a really convincing run. Oh well, I will settle for survival this year & hope for a real turn around next year. It could happen!

  5. It’s funny how a player who was written off after one game by the Couch Managers and written off numerous times more, is now a player we must build our side around. That applies to Nordtvielt and Arfur by the way. Couch Managers would implode several times a season and would be committed to a nut home long before May. These players haven’t suddenly become good players, they were good players before they joined us!

  6. Agree entirely John. The worry is that we haven’t got the best out of them this season have we? Maybe it will happen for them next season. Hey, somebody get on the phone to Zaza quick. Perhaps not…

  7. Bubbles has a point. I thought nordtvielt was terrific on Saturday and it is the first time he has been played in his normal position- do hope he isn’t dropped now as he looked better as his confidence grew.great positioning and distribution. Bilic is the guy who doesn’t pick Collins normally (he was also terrific on Saturday) and left obiang out for a whole season. Add to that tore and feghouli and playing Antonio at right back- for me you really do have to wonder.

    • Despite our good performance against Everton, I also have doubts about Bilic.
      No doubt, he is clever and knows his football, but seems to be dreadfully temperamental in his decision-making, whether it be player positioning or team formation.
      Perhaps I’m being a little harsh on him; do we give him another season or do we give him the flick??
      Jaap Stam is very appealing and knows what ‘total’ football is all about!

  8. I like Bilic but this season has not been good enough. However, I think they will reward him with at least one more season, my fear is that it will be more of the same and by Christmas we will be saying why didn’t we do something about it last season.

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