Now another Irons departure for Newcastle


More worrying news from ExWHUEmployee , as it now appears that West Ham United academy Recruitment Manager, Delroy Ebanks has resigned from his role at the club to join Newcastle United.

This blow follows a significant shake-up in the academy in recent times that has seen the departures of Harrisons Ashby to the Magpies in the January transfer window and Sonny Perkins to Leeds United last year.

ExWHUEmployee added: “Ebanks has departed the club to join Newcastle United and will now be their new Lead Scout of the South – thus making him go into direct competition with our Hammers as we seek to recruit stars of the future in the south of the country.”

The loss of Ebanks to Newcastle will come as a significant blow to the long-term strategy of West Ham’s academy and shows once again the lack of direction and foresight of the club.

For far too long the club has sanctioned the departures of their youngest and brightest talents to pastures greener in the Premier League, but what on earth is going on? Our Academy used to be looked upon enviously by our opponents but it is now a shadow of what it was. The lifeblood of any club, is the investment in young players.

The beleaguered one has often been criticised for his lack of faith in academy talent, with the likes of Ashby and Perkins leaving due to their lack of first-team minutes – but oddly enough none have gone on to feature much more at their new clubs.

If Moyes is not to blame then it could be an issue with how the academy is being run We really need to get on top of this before it`s too late.

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  • AussieHammer21 says:

    Standby for a mass exodus of young talent and keep an eye who from our Academy goes to Newcastle!

  • barnie884 says:

    I do wonder if we expect too much from the academy. If you look at most clubs in the EPL – how many have academy players regularly in the first XI?
    We had a golden period with Rio, Carrick, Cole, Lampard, Johnson and Defoe as did Man U with their golden generation.
    We have 2 at the moment – Rice and Johnson – do any other premiership teams have noticeably more? I would doubt it. Chelsea yes, Spurs have Kane Skipp and Winks.
    I would definitely not blame Moyes on this (although that’s the fashion right now) as not one player that’s left is “ripping up trees” anywhere (Diangana, Ngakia etc)
    I would suggest that the lack of success is pretty much in line with most clubs? Should it be better, would be nice, but don’t think it’s overly concerning for me
    Just my 2 cents

  • The Cat says:

    I’m NOT saying that it might not happen at some point, but some of the youngsters who were a BIG NOISE whilst here at West Ham left… Have disappeared into the land of Bang Average!

    Moyes deserves to take the blame for what is happening with the first team, but the youngsters our academy produces are certainly not down to him. Remember he does know what young talent is … Wayne Rooney, Declan Rice etc

    I watched Man City’s youngsters against our U21s the other day… and it was men against boys. If we had their youngsters, many of them would’ve featured for our first team already.
    So for me, it is all about perspective and for the people who have a problem with Moyes… This is the wrong stick with which to beat him 🤷‍♂️

    What I would like to know, is IF the Academy structure is in the process of being overhauled and if Mr Ebanks (also Ricky Martin) has left because of the changes to the structure currently being made. Mr Ebanks will now become a direct threat to our rich recruitment territory.

    Citeh, Chelski and others seem like their young players (naturally they get the pick of youngsters around the country) are more advanced at a young age and they get REAL playing experience when they do go out on loan.

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