Now Ms Brady gets the hump

brady-peoproOK it’s a slow news day as otherwise we wouldn’t be casting our minds over Karren Brady’s thoughts from her newspaper column!

But it may be worth reminding ourselves that the sense of failure humour inside Upton Park over pitch invader Jordan Dunn is becoming a little more widespread than it really should. Her’s what ‘Lady’ Brady has to say.

Referring to the court case explains the judge fined him but refused to ban him from the Boleyn.

And her verdict is: “This is not so finny. The intruder – six pints on board was intent on bringing chaos. He should have been locked out form a long time.”

She adds with “due respect” (which usually means no respect at all) that the judge has tipped the wink to exhibitionists, drunks and streakers to bore us with their silly antics.”

Dunn – “intent on bringing chaos” really. He was drunk and out of it. I can’t believe in his state he thought : “Right I’m gonna cause chaos!”

The chaos of which she speaks is a very long way from the boredom she later relaxes into and which her thoughts induced in me.

If we ignore a “Please don’t walk on the grass ” sign and were taken to court we’d probably expect a £20 fine max were any cop desperate enough to charge us.

A banning order from walking on that piece of grass again for three, five or ten years? Err I think not!


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9 comments on “Now Ms Brady gets the hump

  1. You’re dead right – it is a very slow news day!

  2. Think your missing the point.

    Remember the Millwall incident?

    WHU in their defence noted that they take action against anyone that enters the pitch. Not doing so could have led to a bigger fine/sanction.

    The guy who went on in the end did no harm. What if his kick had hit a player? What if it had hit a Spurs player? Yes it was funny his kick was better than the pro but Brady has to deal with reality and the fall out if something had gone wrong.

    Not read her column but i can see why she questions the wisdom of the judgement. It is not just about what happened but what could have happened. This is why the rules are there in the first place! We had no right to enter the field. Does someone who drives down the motorway the wrong way get no punishment because they didn’t hit someone?

    Of course it has been made worse with the guy bragging about it covered by the papers and he even got fans to pay his fine. He’s basically got away with it. It doesn’t sent out the right message. Of course the punishment shouldn’t be over the top but a banning order of one year wouldn’t seem excessive.

    So the next time someone tries this stunt and it goes wrong, what would you like to happen? Do you expect Brady & Gold to come out and praise him and then wonder why they leave the club open to punishment?

  3. I dont think the fella should be hung out to dry,but i also hope it doesnt become a regular three times a week event either.

  4. I think we are in danger of letting things get a bit out of proportion here.

    Yes on the one hand the fan who ran on the pitch and took the free kick shouldn’t have done it. But I don’t think for a minute that he set out to cause any harm and it was purely a spur of the moment thing, if a some what drunken one!

    However, it is an offence and the point the club was trying to make was that although the punishment awarded in this case recognised the total lack of harm intended, it failed to set a sufficient example and offer a deterrent from such behaviour from ever happening again.

    I have no doubt that in this instance it was intended as a bit of harmless fun but it unfortunately encourages certain people who might want to take matters to far.

    However I just feel a better bit of perspective could have been used in this case. COYI!

  5. I thought it was barmy people paying his fine for him!

    He needed to be taught a lesson and at the moment he’s just laughing at the law – I saw the incident and at the time it was pretty funny but you can’t have people invading the pitch, you’d get all sorts of exhibitionists, drunks and weirdo’s doing all sorts.

  6. Did she mention as MD why she is not supporting the women’s team?

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