Now we’re the West Ham we always knew we’d be

Scott A

Scott Alsweiller – ClaretadHugh’s top blogger – has never been more excited than he is tonight following that absolutely perfect performance against Liverpool.

We’ve been through so much as Hammers but as Scott writes “This is the year we became the West Ham we always knew we could be.”

We’re coming back, we’re coming back, we’re coming back to you”.

So go some of the lyrics to a song by East End lads – and diehard Irons – Cock Sparrer. And that’s exactly what we’re seeing with our Hammers.

I’m fast running out of superlatives to describe what I saw today. This was truly a sublime performance, marred only by the coming off hurt (although I understand it isn’t serious) of our Jewel. Hugh has already given player ratings. Suffice to say that I agree with him. The team worked better today than most of us could have dreamed. This is a squad with deep promise. The building blocks for a future that looks so bright I need to draw the blinds.

“We’re never gonna go away again”

This season we’ve changed. I’m now starting to look at some of this squad as the sorts of heroes we grew up with, no matter our age. I’m seeing a squad which could bring us heroes like Tevez, like Dicks, like DiCanio, and maybe even like Hurst or Moore. This squad is not only the strongest we’ve seen in years, it’s also the most cohesive. Our Slaven has put together, and will continue to put together, a team that will take us onwards to glory. And even silverware. It is a magnificent time to be a Hammer. My deepest thanks are with the board for their belief in, and love of, our club.

“Hold on a little longer, try a little harder. ‘Til we’re arm in arm together to the end”

Michail Antonio is proving his quality, and then some. Carroll looked every bit the feared big man, Collins looked like nothing more than an enormous and impenetrable ginger wall, Tomkins has made that fullback role his own, Noble played with more heart and technique than we’ve seen in a while, Lanzini made any thought of defence look clumsy, antiquated, and foolish – it’s a shame he was robbed by the woodwork again. And Dimi. In the time he was on he showed pure quality. No matter what he cost us, I wouldn’t sell him for any number of Ozils, Messis, or Ronaldos. He takes a very obvious delight in playing in the Claret and Blue. My prediction is that he and Lanzini will be the most feared combination in the League. They’re poetry to watch. I would go on and on about what we saw today, but the results speak for themselves, and could easily have been even more impressive but for some bad luck.

Now some of you are thinking – Scott, mate, you’re gushing. But don’t you think that we’ve all earned that, right? We’ve been there with the club through it all. And a lot of it has been pretty average. But now it isn’t. Now it’s special. Now we have players who take enormous pride in wearing the colours. A manager who bleeds Claret and Blue. Beautiful, attacking football. We’ll continue to sing songs about this squad for many years to come. Because this is the year it all changed. This is the year we become the West Ham we always knew we could be.

With apologies to the lads from Cock Sparrer for nicking their lyrics, but not many apologies – since I know they’re Hammers. Many thanks to them also for their New York gig a year ago – and for the drinks at the pub watching the Irons.


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3 comments on “Now we’re the West Ham we always knew we’d be

  1. Over the moon today !!
    Just one thing peeing me off !
    The injury,s ? Why can’t it just stop ,Ffs.
    Well done noble !! Best game I’ve seen from you in a long long while .
    Credit where its due ,
    I also think cresswell played his best game for us today !
    Carol was a pain in the but and I’m well pleased he scored against the scouse git,s !
    Been on the scouse sites and its dire !! They actually think like lawrenson ! According to them its because they played crap and we were not even mentioned, that are even calling Antonio,s tackle on moron a foul but failed to mention the Lucas sneak studding of noble !!
    GRUMPY GAVE IT TO EM BIG TIME Lol they kept removing his posts which were bang on ?made me smile !!!
    Happy ! Not ARF !!!

  2. (Being the team we always wanted to be) fantastic team show today everyone done there bit been saying for a while that Antonio given the opportunity would show his worth we have a fantastic second half season coming up (as long as they all stay fit) . As for lawrenson I just look at what he says and bet the reverse works all the time.!!!!!!

  3. Yes, these are times to be proud of being a West Ham supporter. The way the game was intended to be played, skillfully, exciting. The owners heard us. Watching the replay i don’t think that Antonio’s tackle was a foul. He took the ball before the player & his intent was to do that. Fair tackle in my opinion & certainly not as bad as McCarthy’s tackle on Payet. Antonio ran 50 metres to make that tackle then sprinted 80 metres upfield to score 20 seconds later. Another player that Bilic is bringing the best out of.

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