Obiang deal agreed in principle

Pedro-Obiang-Sampdoria_2835036 (1)According to Sport Italia journalist Alfredo Pedulla the Hammers have reached an agreement in principle with Sampdoria for the transfer Pedro Obiang. The two clubs are said to have agreed a fee at 7.5 million Euros (£5.4m) plus performance related add on’s. It is thought that Hammers chief scout Tony Henry has given the all-clear to make the 23 year old midfielder their first summer signing.

The Spanish midfielder has made 60 appearances for Sampdoria since 2010 scoring just one goal.  Obiang was capped for Spain at youth levels.





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  1. Looks like the replacement we need for Song then.Cant imagine he will be staying.Better run it past Banjo the Monkey first.Im not sure as a rabid dog i am in a position to evaluate this issue with clarity atm,im too busy licking my balls 😉

  2. Tried hard chicken either my tongues not long enough or my balls hang to low but won’t give up,
    He looks quite comfortable on either foot has a turn of pace over 2 yards,tackles well,
    dives well ( like real pro ) tall and young,
    What’s not to like
    So Banjo is a monkey ( sorry it’s my age ) I thought there were 2 spanners on there not split personality,
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  4. ahahah… I noticed some of those enlightened minds are on that site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… lol Are they paid to talk about football, politics etc.? lol 🙂

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  10. Wow,just what you need on a club forum,bloody political debates everyday.Still,gives them a chance to try to belittle eachother & become king of the hill.Jerks 😉

  11. Ahah… Sorry, but I’m laughing to myself… lol I noticed that the last cunning tactic of the most evolved Sam Lovers (version 3.0) is to make their position clear from the start saying “I’m not a big Sam fan, BUT…” and then they start with their usual nursery rhyme “BUT… he brings stability, the next two years are very important for us, so unless we find a real top top manager (but I don’t think he will accept to manage West Ham), I’d go for Sam for another two years” … but they are not Sam’s fan ok?… ahahha…That’s becoming my favourite story, I’ll tell it to my little niece… loooooool


  12. Im afraid Matte this is the mentality of some fans these days.They dont care how we play football,as long as they can look at the table & see us 10th or 11th, they dont care how it happened.But i suggest that maybe if these fools who would still keep Allardyce for another two years were spending £50/60 a match to watch his negative rubbish they wouldnt be so keen to embrace the Mighty Hippohead.Just a rabid dogs opinion,perhaps a morons opinion,Ro or Banjo are the ones to deciede that it would appear!!

  13. ahaha.. I know Ty, I perfectly understand what you mean. You pay a lot of money for a ST and you still want this crap??? What’s wrong in their mind? That’s a mistery, but I’ll find a solution… maybe…lol


  14. No mystery guys,they just dont go so there bank balance isnt harmed when they say keep Sam.Easy to say something when you dont get short changed by what you watch.Cant imagine too many of the lads who have spent a fortune watching away games this season,which costs them a small fortune will have the same view afrer watching the trash on view in the last 4 or 5 months.Talk is cheap,following your team around for a whole season isnt.Time our loyal fans got something to be proud about again,not travel home having watched total brain numbing Sam football.

  15. ahaha I know Twinkle, I totally agree with you. Unfortunately I don’t live in England and so I’m not a ST holder. But I perfectly understand your frustration for this rubbish and for your wasted money. But I’ve got two eyes and one brain, and even if I live in Italy I don’t understand how some people could accept this football. Football is entertainment, every day we have our real problems, when I went to the stadium I wanted to have some fun not to add further problems… lol …Football is beauty not rubbish. we can win or lose, but at the end of a match I want to be happy.


  16. They must be terrible football pundits, they would not know anything about the great game or they wouldn’t of be on the same page
    I can understand people who follow clubs with no history and no better and wait years to see there club raise to play with the elite,but when you follow our club with its background and history you wonder if they can read or are blind and can’t see old football footage,
    And they think it’s all over,with Mr Hurst puts the ball in the net ( banjo ) remember
    And they think it’s all over well it is now bye bye BFS

  17. Lets see what signings we can bring in this summer,maybe now we can get rid of all Sams Championship team hangers on.The Curtis Crew.Nolan,O’Brien,Demel,Jussi et al.I guess if Sam goes then Curtis signings will stop coming to us.Thats another positive for sure.Guess Fulham,Sunderland or whoever next for hippo will have all Curtis boys in its team next year,lol 😉

  18. Just be careful Rads all the worse things you can catch start with Monkeys,
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    Do you think little Kev sings when he is cleaning BFS windows or leaning on BFS lamppost
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    Mr Henrybmust be happy to see the back of the Curtis Crew

  19. Next year Fulham or whichever team Hippo goes to will have Jussi,JOB,Demel,Nolan,Jarvis in the team.Guess we wouldnt be fortunate enough to unload AC as well.Will be the Curtis Crew on a mass move across london,lol.Pickfords will be busy 😀

  20. They won’t pay out for pickfords,
    There find some cheap Del Boy rental service,
    BFS will drive and the others will load,
    There be plenty of friends from wetpants.com to help carry all there silverware,
    Ops just a shoe box needed for the whole Curtis crew,

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