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The world of football is starting to get creative in the way clubs look to circumvent financial restrictions.

Chelsea have led the way in recent times with a plethora of loopholes allowing them to keep spending frivolously while the rest of football adheres to the strict rules.

The latest trend seems to be football swap deals, whereby certain players are valued higher than their market rate to facilitate trading.

It’s perplexing why so many medium-sized clubs abide by rules that will ultimately ensure nobody outside of the big six ever wins anything again. However, that’s where we seem to be at the moment, with fans and clubs alike demanding the enforcement of a rule set that will ultimately kill all ambition.

Fortunately, whilst many of the clubs are voting against their own interests, a few clubs are still trying to find ways around the draconian rule set in a bid to sneakily get some transfer business done, and trades seem to be the order of the day.

With that in mind, there does seem to be a very obvious solution to one of West Ham’s ongoing transfer sagas.

West Ham have an interest in Lyon central defender Jake O’Brien, while the French club covets our own Nayef Aguerd but can’t afford him. Surely, some form of swap deal with a bit of money changing hands is the obvious answer, right?

There is a deal to be done somewhere. I’m not entirely sure why this loan process is so difficult. We’d better get accustomed to it, though, because by the time the rule makers have finished cooking the Premier League golden goose, it may be the only way to do a deal.

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  • PAUL GARNER says:

    So spuds, among others, are planning to hijack our targets. i think sometimes we shoot ourselves in the foot, we have a great scout in Stieden, a lot of clubs wanted him, so his calls must be tried and tested, in most european leagues.
    So we, west ham, have a stieden target in mind, its advertised on numerous sites, so every club have an insight into stiedens targets, he is essentially working for them too.
    It then goes on to show how good they are, in a profile, position, strengths, etc.
    Its no wonder we get hijacked, its like telling the family that you have won the lottery. lol.
    What happened to the secret transfer policy that we promised to adopt last season.

    • B says:

      Interesting take Paul, although you seem to entirely miss out the role of Agents, who’s role is to punt their stock around to anyone in the market for new players.
      It’s highly unlikely West Ham are exclusively offered a player or other teams (Like Spuds) are not made aware of any teams interest in any player, that’s how agents work.

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