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Odds of Bony joining West Ham tumble

bonyBookies have slashed the odds of Wilfred Bony joining West Ham to 6/4 over night as news broke of a possible loan deal before he moves to China next January. Sky Bet reduced of Bony odds of joining the Hammers from 8/1 to become favourites to sign the striker.  Man City are now second favourites at 2/1 to retain his services while Arsenal are priced at 4/1 and Everton are listed as 5/1.

Bony is reported to earn wages of £100,000 per week at City together with a £20,000 per appearance bonus and the parent club will most likely be looking for any club looking to loan the 27 year old to cover 100% of his wages.

City purchased Bony from Swansea in 2015 for £25m, the full transfer agreement was leaked on footballleaks2015.wordpress.com which shows City paid £9m up front, plus the £5m in VAT due on the total transfer. They paid Swansea a further £8m in January 2016 and are due to pay the Welsh side a final £8m payment in January 2017.

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About Sean Whetstone

I am Season Ticket Holder in West stand lower at the London Stadium and before that, I used to stand in the Sir Trevor Brooking Lower Row R seat 159 in the Boleyn Ground and in the Eighties I stood on the terraces of the old South Bank. I am a presenter on the West Ham Podcast called MooreThanJustaPodcast.co.uk. A Blogger on WestHamTillIdie.com a member of the West Ham Supporters Advisory Board (SAB), Founder of a Youtube channel called Mr West Ham Football at http://www.youtube.com/MrWestHamFootball, I am also the associate editor here at Claret and Hugh. Life Long singer of bubbles! Come on you Irons! Follow me at @Westhamfootball on twitter

37 comments on “Odds of Bony joining West Ham tumble

  1. Almost there bubs ?
    Let’s see ??

  2. If the China doll is out again it’s a joke.Lets wait & see but ex-whu is usually pretty accurate with injuries.So much for Golds claims that Bambi on Ice had got through the worst of his injuries.We have fletcher & calermari I suppose.Oh & Valencia but he counts as 1/4 of a striker.He is rank 🙂

  3. Yes rads ! Something fishy going on there ? If he is out , again the club must be crapping themselves to out the news ?? If so then expect bony after a panic loan and costing the earth ! Lol.
    I’d have expected calamari and the lemon ( Valencia ) to put it on a plate but doesn’t agree with most pallets , ?

  4. The club must be sh*tting themselves if it is true & they have to release the news.They know a lot of the fans reaction will be bad 🙂
    F*ck it go with Calamari & Fletcher,it can’t be any worse than Valencia 🙂

    • Listen mate!
      This is not a good time to start rubbishing Valencia.
      I admit that he has not played well for a while, but he has still been trying his hardest and is fit.
      Never forget what he has done in the past at club and national level!
      One never knows; “come the day, come the man”

      • The guy is useless,you can stay in your land of denial but he is a poor player.We can’t even sell him,who wants him???

      • Did I say he was f*cking sh*t or he was a useless tw*t..No I said it can’t be any worse than Valencia.You must be seeing something 90% of other fans ain’t seeing in him if you think he has been any good.I think you will find there has been fair more derogatory terms used about him this season than ‘cant be any worse’ 😉

  5. Ain’t got no one else ! Lol.
    Getting me boots out the shed ??
    OI Bilic , over ere ! On me head son ! ( smiliey)

  6. Lol Johnboy I’m an old fool but I can do smileys : and ) gives you a smile.Go on dont be bashful smile for us ha ha

  7. What happened to the article about Carroll.It got taken down?.Have the club been on the dog to Hugh

  8. Yes Eddie ? There’s no fuel like and old fuel ? Haha , (SMILIEY ) can’t do it any bigger Eddie, and crayon don’t work ?,

  9. Well we could have Carroll injured so we do need Bony now if possible.Lets face facts we knew it was only a matter of time before he was injured again.The club know it as well.The problem is that they have invested so much time in him it is beyond stupid.Three seasons of the same problems.How much more evidence do they need to know that he is unworkable as a regular part of our team/squad.If true & he is out long-term it’s beyond laughable.I dont know how to do an emoji crutch lol

  10. Personally, I’m a Carroll fan, so I’m not happy at news of yet another injury…How bad? It might take some time for Callieri to fit in. Sooner trhe better!
    As for Bony, I think he’s done nothing at City, despite plenty of opportunity. And as he’s going to China in Jan, so just how committed is he going to be? He’d have nothing to prove, just avoid getting injured badly. And at £100-120k per week? Not for me.
    Give Fletch a go. I reckon he’ll shine….and what about Martinez?

  11. How far is Sakho from fitness? He may be thoroughly obnoxious but so what – he has been our best striker when fit for a couple of years. Bony will not be any fitter if not getting game time for City and twiddling his fingers until he goes to China. We have a whole team out today and have to support those selected! Obiang has his chance. Antonio will almost certainly be pushed forward as everyone wants. There will be youngsters on the bench. Valencia is at least trying so lets see if a goal can start his season. Byram needs to show we do not need another RB. COYI

  12. Feel sorry for AC he tries 100% every minute he plays,and looked fit and had a proper pre-season.Had hopes for him this year,but more as an impact sub than as first choice striker,of which we were after from the opening of the window and still haven’t got.COYI

  13. At the risk of abuse I’d like to see Antonio up front, think it would suit him, good in the air, can hold the ball up and run at defenders, gets in good positions too

    • Excellent idea; worth a try!

    • Not a bad idea in many ways, but I think after all the cr@p he’s had, I think a good long stint on the wing (either side?), would give him a chance to express himself as he does best, before any further experimentation…. but that’s a personal view. If Slav liked the idea, i think he would do it without hesitation for how the gentleman Antonio might feel about it.
      The RB episode has upset me, I must admit, like practically nothing else, and I am nervous about what Slav might do next.
      The GREAT thing about Antonio is his instincts to pop up in the right place at the right time in front of goal. If you get the chance to see his YouTube stuff at Sheff W and Forest, and he’s been Mr Dynamite for years. Should have been playing for England aged ago.
      But then, your suggestion probably means you like him as much as I do!

    • As I was saying 🙂

  14. Carroll gives it his all WHEN he is fit.Lets hope this rumour is bull****.But I think there are not many fans who don’t think the worse or have accepted the inevitable that he is crocked again,just for a change.

  15. Why did Sean take the article down about the injury anyway,its a bit late when we have read it lol.Does he think Eddie Howe might read this site to get selection clues lol

  16. So AC could be out again? Well what a ****ing surprise and to think the slug wanted him over Bony in the 1st place cheers for the parting gift you tactical mastermind.

  17. Keep the pants dry boys,there are enough wets ones already today being worn somewhere else lmao.That one is just for Fishf#ck!

  18. Ha ha Stan.I have taken my quota of doom from there earlier.It really set my day up well.

  19. Any time now we will be reminded about Fair play we have conveniently been told in the last few days that we are still deep in debt,
    A month ago Valencia could have gone to Lazio or Galatasary but no we had to wait,
    Sakho could have gone to Sunderland or WBA but we waited
    2 weeks ago we could have off loaded AC but no we waited gpfor him to grab the last treatment table,
    All because we need to wheel and deal for that last pound,
    That would have given us £40 million to go out and buy players to add to Calleri and Fletcher,
    We never even tried to get Gray from Burnley
    Half attempt at Wilson which could come back and bite us today,
    Dehenney of Watford,Barahino of WBA Bony were all up grades on what we had,
    Ayew was a good buy but not a real CF,
    We now need to be precise and quick, Buy Bony on loan,
    Offer Valencia to WBA as part of a deal for Barahino
    Contact Sunderland about Sak even at a lower price,
    Get AC fit fit the January sales,
    Stop messing with our heads if Payet Kouyate are unfit let us know you already sold your tickets so it’s not going to cost,
    Don’t pick the DUD Valencia play Tore,Antonio,Calleri and Feggolui use Fletcher as a sub we have Obiang Noble and .Noveldt,Oxford also can play in Midfield
    We still have a lot of class but Valencia is not going to hit form now,and we don’t need to start with ten men

    • Hey Bubs
      I’ve read, and greatly admired most of you comments
      However, the use of DUD Valencia is a little over the top. At least he tries hard, and you may never know?! Give the lad a go!

  20. Get him on-board asap.Stop messing about & get it done.Valencia might try hard but he is a dud in the PL.If we didn’t have injuries he would be sub at best.If he wasn’t a dud we wouldn’t be trying to flog him.I can see no redeeming qualities in Enner anymore.
    That’s my opinion.

  21. Just another thought for discussion. Why have we been wrapping Payet in cotton wool??? Ok, he played in the Euro’s but so did Pogba. How much game time has Pogba had with Mancs? How much has our £135000 pw star had with us. Let’s get him out there today for the start, not the last 15 minutes.

  22. Pogba did nothing during the euros though lol.Payet is carrying a knock after the Chelsea game.I think he might be on the bench.

  23. DUD I thought for me was a bit mild
    I have been giving him a chance the same as Magia and he was great,
    The days of putting players in our team because they can tie up there own boots is gone,
    Fletcher,Martinez would try hard so would Poyet and Samulsun and they could be great but will they get the chance
    Valencia gets in the way breaks up our attacks steals space from other players and gives the ball away after we have worked so hard to get it,
    We have given others a hard time for different reasons but there will be players on the bench today who deserve his place in the team,

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