Odds of West Ham relegation are now remote


tableBookmakers have lengthened the odds of West Ham getting relegated to a remote 66/1 overnight after a scrappy one nil win over Swansea at the London Stadium.

Betway, Coral and William Hill had the Hammers as 10/1 for the drop pre-match yesterday but those fears have now eased after earning three valuable points.

West Ham was the only team to win in the bottom half of the Premier League table yesterday and they now sit in fourteenth place on thirty-six points just one point behind Watford in tenth place.

West Ham is now eight points above the drop zone with Crystal Palace, Hull and Bournemouth all between them.

West Ham joins Burnley, Stoke and Leicester on thirty-six points with a three-goal difference separating them.

Sunderland, Middlesbrough and Swansea are now all odds on favourites for relegation.

West Ham has yet to play Sunderland, Stoke and Burnley away and still have Everton, Spurs and Liverpool to face at home.

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  • Michael Miller says:

    You’d expect the third Relegation place was now between Swansea and Hull, Crystal Palace have just enough to get out of it.

    Swansea have got the harder run-in and after yesterdays display they’ve got a lot to do!

  • Thiucgshaun says:

    Wouldn’t be so sure about Palace. They have to play Arsenal, Man utd, man city, spurs and Liverpool still.

  • John says:

    Yesterday was a cracking day at the London Stadium. The fans were awesome and showed they care about the club. I really struggle to see where all the haters are as to a man (and woman) they were totally behind West Ham. The stadium was alive and as I said yesterday that stadium will hold the noise so long as the team produces good football. I can’t wait for the Spuds on the Friday night. It will be electric.

    I thought the team played ok under enormous pressure and anyone still saying they don’t care should’ve seen the relief when the whistle went. The fans and the players love Billic, let’s hope he can go on a decent run now so that he and the owners can plot a better season next season without all the distractions.

    I was hoping to see a headline on here today of “It was the C&H flag wot won it” you guys are too modest lol

    • sleepswithdafishes says:

      good post John.
      Perhaps the haters don’t actually go to matches. lol

      • John says:

        You do wonder Sleeps don’t you? I think they’re the ones who buy a cheap season ticket, don’t go to matches and then complain about too many empty seats at the LS.

        • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

          Agree John, I have been to more games than I have missed this season and other than in the early days I haven’t heard that much discension, even those that are not renewing their tickets still getting behind the team, onwards and upwards COYI !!!

  • John says:

    I’ve just seen this post over on Wetlands. I’m not sure if it’s good form to copy and paste on here or if it will get me in trouble (like I care lmao) but I think it’s the best post I’ve seen on a blog bar none. I wish I had said that. Ironman West I salute you. Nail. Head.

    Ironman West 37 minutes ago
    At this stage it was all about the 3 points imo. With that in mind, not bringing Sahko or Carroll on was totally the right decision, because we won however, if we’d lost…. it would have been worse than Scaloni’s lack of in game management.

    That is the fickle nature of football in general and more specifically the opinions it generates I’m afraid. What is considered a sound approach to keen observers this week is quite often derided as folly by others the next. David Sullivan, last March ” I will give Slaven a new deal in January. I just want to see that he is not a one-season wonder. I’m sure he is not but we will talk next January – or at the end of next season. ”

    A statement which ignited the pens of many ITK’s in cyberspace, who are now strangely mute on the wisdom of that particular statement. Of expectations, I’d actually suggest it’s these itk’s who are guilty of raising them by misinforming fans who aren’t so ‘ well connected that the constant stream of unsubstantiated speculations and hear say they put out is based on anything other than their said opinion. The effects these garbled message’s, eg Payet is the cancer, have on the club and peoples perception of it cannot simply be disregarded, even if they are difficult to quantify.
    If historically we average 16th in top flight football over the last 70 yrs but went as high as 7th last year and have been in the PL for 4 straight seasons then to suggest our expectations have been abused in some way is clearly not in tune with actual events. The West Ham supporters who are under say 25 yrs old that see a brand new 60 000 stadium have every right to dream of better and its the clubs responsibility to build the foundation that facilitates those desires, how they go about is a matter of opinion – which is fickle by nature. Old blokes telling younger supporters that better is not possible, because they’ve experienced bad things, has to stop as it doesn’t lay any kind of foundation for success and is basically passing negativity onto a future generation. So its to the younger readers primarily that I offer this – ” every man ( and Woman ) is rich with excuses to protect their own bias , prejudice’s and opinions. “

  • John Mc says:

    WHAT RELEGATION? Put everything into the destruction of Sunderland this Saturday & the job is done already, and going by Jermaine Defoe’s body language yesterday, he’s already accepted that the club is going down & is getting ready to move on. Someone needs to tee up a deal to sign Defoe back here, even if it’s only for a season. Geez, if he even got selected for the national squad then, just like Ibrahimovic, the coming of 35 years of age is no problem, then sign a younger quality striker after the coming World Cup, but for next season and with someone like Defoe sticking a goal in every week, we’d be challenging for a top 4 spot again next season. Sorry, but the Carroll idea didn’t quite work out. It’d be different if he could hold down good fittness, but he can’t so start arranging a sunset clause for him.

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