Official: David Moyes departs West Ham

West Ham have released a statement confirming that David Moyes has left the Club following the end of his short-term contract.

Joint-Chairman David Sullivan said: “I would like to place on record my sincere thanks to David Moyes and his staff for achieving the target of keeping West Ham United in the Premier League.

“Throughout his time here, David has carried himself with dignity and honesty and we have all found him to be a pleasure to work with. He, Alan, Stuart and Billy accepted the challenge and attacked it head on, turning around a difficult situation. They deserve great respect for the job they have done and they leave the Club with our best wishes.

“When David and his team arrived, it was the wish of both parties that the focus be only on the six months until the end of the season, at which point a decision would be made with regards to the future. Having taken stock of the situation and reflected now the campaign is complete, we feel that it is right to move in a different direction.

“We are already taking steps to identify and recruit the manager we believe can take West Ham United forward in line with our ambitions. We aim to appoint a high-calibre figure who we feel will lead the Club into an exciting future for our loyal supporters within the next ten days.”

The Club will be making no further comment until a new managerial appointment is confirmed.

Ken Dyer in the London Standard is reporting that David Moyes does not want to be West Ham manager despite the support of co-owner David Gold.

On Monday, the day after the Scot’s short-term contract expired, Shakhtar Donetsk coach Paulo Fonseca was interviewed by David Sullivan at the co-owner’s Essex house, even as well-sourced reports were suggesting the Scot was still in the frame for the job. On the same day, Moyes was told by Sullivan in a telephone conversation that one reason the club were contemplating a change was that fans were eager for a new face.

 It is understood Moyes is unhappy with the way the situation has been dealt with and has told those close to him he would not consider a return, should he be offered the opportunity.

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28 comments on “Official: David Moyes departs West Ham

  1. Fine by me, now go get the right man

  2. The standard says that he walked away from it because of the way they treated him. Good luck to him. He is right.
    The chairmen have very obviously chickened out following the disgraceful treatment given to them by the lunatic fringe of our support. They made no attempt to sign Moyes and gave interviews to others forcing him to go.
    We are now getting on a merry-go-round which has been tilted into a downward spiral. All we need now is some grease added to make it a slippery slope.
    I don’t see us getting any manager who is of a higher calibre than Moyes. I hope I’m proved wrong, but I don’t expect it.
    Why some of our supporters wish for us to re-begin to build a future every few months is beyond me. Watford mark 2.

  3. My thoughts exactly Fishes. I must admit that after the Burnley game I was questioning Moyes – we might get someone better but we might get a disaster and be looking for a rescue around November or earlier (Crystal Palace revisited)

    It woudl be interesting to know what was said to Moyes to **** him off – as for the support of David Gold I sometimes wonder who has more input into decisions – Gold or Jack Sullivan (he begged me not to sign Fonte and Snodgrass)

    I feel really sad

  4. Sorry just to add – Sullivan commented that “Moyes conducted himself with dignity and honesty” – I agree with that. Is it too much to ask Sullivan to do the same i.e. conduct himself with dignity and honesty?

    • Your comment saves me having to post.I hope whoever is appointed does well but regret that so much of what our owners seem to do seems to be done in the public domain rather than discretely and professionally.

  5. This is nothing short of Disgraceful; Moyes should have been given a 2 year contract at the very least…………. I give up on these owners now, what a joke. Hate to say this, but if we though this season was bad , I reckon next season will be a real eye-opener , for all the wrong reasons. What a fiasco……….

  6. Not a great day for West Ham United imo . He did what was asked of him and kept us in the Premiership . But as usual some fans are never happy and made him unwelcome . Sullivan in full view of the public interviewed another manager ,,, no wonder he decided to leave , he was virtually sacked without the words actually being spoken .
    Thank you Mr Moyes , we owe you a debt of gratitude and our respect . Seems like some fans want to see West Ham play like Barcelona or Man City and will never be happy until they do . The likes of Man City , although very good , have done nothing to help the fans of rival clubs . ….. SO who’s next to meet the wrath of ungrateful supporters at the LS ??
    Whoever you are you won’t survive unless you play pretty football ., and whoever you are I wish you all the best of luck because , afterall , I am still a West Ham United Fan .
    Sorry to see you go David but , now I will try to support the new manager .

  7. Why is anyone surprised? Sullivan has no concept of treating people with respect.

    And here we are again – looking for a star manager, no plans in place, no Head of recruitment, and the transfer window opening tomorrow. Joke.

  8. I think we may live to regret this day. Moyes may not succeed elsewhere but he did a good job for us based on the situation he inherited. Arguably deserved a couple of years to show what he could really do. Unless they go out and get Benitez I think a rick has been well and truly dropped. I hope I’m wrong!

  9. Really disappointed to see him go. Seems like a decent guy, British (which helps) and a decent back-room staff. I hoped he would stay, stabilise the club and begin a revolution that would see us repeat the job he did at Everton.

    Just don’t understand and, like Zahama, I feel sad. G&S run this club based on whims and which way the wind is blowing today. No long term plan or consistency. It’s a joke.

  10. And now Fonseca is reported to have turned us down.

    • Of course he has. Who wants to be treated like this?

      That said, I have no idea who thinks fonseca would actually be a good idea. He failed at his only big club (porto).

      We will end up with a second rate manager who lasts for 6 months max..

  11. Just when West Ham were starting to look good and playing decent football they drop the ball and score an own goal . Unbelievable . Gold & Sullivan it would seem have completely different views on the future .
    We may find a manager who likes pretty football but , we continue to earn minimum pts .
    Struggle but never mind because some fans are happy with mere survival just as long as the manager is charasmatc . We may also find a manager that thinks pts are more important than style but , never mind just as long he is charismatic .
    So , to cut a long story short ; we want a manager who will have us playing pretty football and earning maximum pts all season , but get rid of him if he doesn’t .
    You’ve got your head up yer arse , Sullivan .

  12. The last time (managerially) I felt this stunned was when Harry left – even then we were going for a top manager (at that time Steve MClaren was viewed as the next big thing) and we ended up with the rodent

    Fonseca to turn us down, Marco Silva to go to Everton, Pellegrini to stay in China, Rafa to play us once more to get a better deal out of Newcastle and we end up with ???

    Sorry to sound negative but hopefully the Directors will realise that not all of the fans are happy with their decision

    At the risk of repeating myself how can we ask for players to be loyal when managers are treated so disgracefully?

    I wish that at least Stuart Pearce coudl stay to provide some institutional memory and link to the players – but given that he’s an honest and principled man that is unlikely

  13. It’s a shame Sullivan doesn’t know the words dignity and honesty what a clown the bloke is ..he literary falls out with everyone even to the point where people and other clubs will not do business with us forget the manager get this fool out before he ruins us

  14. What a total f#*k up? Now a new coaching team! To do what in 6 weeks? Find out who to keep or who to go or what player’s can or cannot achieve what they want ? Now that They have all gone on holiday???? What the premier league’s all about ? Seriously unless you are that good or have managed in the premier league you’ll be found out? Going with our squad he’ll have to access that at least 7 have got to be changed or outed and bring in 7or 8 new faces? Then what ? Gel them into a team hitting the ground running? Because the first 5 or 6 game’s decide your season ??? Transfer window finishes just before season starts so all will have to be in place he won’t be able to change anything till December ?? And don’t forget the world cup, players need a break just after?( those who are participating ) don’t think we have to worry there though 😊 but seriously the next coaching team do not have much time but good luck to them , there gonna need it with the scrooges that run our club??? Keeping the faith C.O.Y.I

  15. David Moyes is a decent man. I wish him well for his next appointment. Given time and sufficient funds, David will successfully rebuild a team……just like he did at Everton.

  16. I’m in two minds about this. The last 7-8 games were painful and Moyes showed no desire to attack and win the games. Only not to lose them (Stoke being an example). However, he kept us up and most importantly, turned Arnie from a flop to a cult hero. I personally think he deserved a contract but as usual, the dildo brothers balls it up again. Absolutely clueless. They had best have a plan in place. They can not afford to f**k this up. This will be the end of them if they get it wrong.

  17. our board are so useless they’d probably hire Pelligrino by accident

  18. people over-reacting to internet rumors. ladies and gentlemen, the internet…
    sit back, be positive, have hope, show optimism, save your critic for a relevant point and in the meantime, go and enjoy the break.

  19. This is a massive crossroads for the club. Two ‘escapes’ & we look to be lined up for the drop in 2019.

    But it is also a massive crossroads for Sullivan. He has gone for another risk, when Moyes would have been the safe option. I suppose the good news is that he will surely have to back the new man massively in the transfer window. Everybody makes a few errors of judgement, but his are beginning to amount to a pretty humiliating charge sheet. I hope his palms are very sweaty at the moment. If they aren’t then he either has ***** of steel or he doesn’t care less. Will have to give him the benefit of the doubt for now…but if this goes wrong I think the Burnley fiasco will end up looking like a tea party.

  20. absolute disgrace. i was one of the few people still trying to stick up for our owners. not anymore. this clubs not being run like a circus anymore? are you sure about that nobes? this club will never have stability while the circus ringmaster sullivan is pulling the strings. moyes deserved better as did his team, stuart pearce etc. they are right about one thing, moyes was honest and dignified. after being publicly humiliated by having sullivan lining up other managers for his job i dont blame him for walking if thats what he did, or even if he was pushed. shameful either way, as are the so called fringe media, the moaning minority who make mountains out of molehills and whose anti moyes campaign helped him on his way.

  21. If we are lucky and Villa win the play-off final we may get Jokanovic – if Fulham deservedly go up Jokanovic will stay there together with Cairney and perhaps Fredericks – after umpteen put downs (Rafa “West Ham made me a really good offer but my ‘loyalty’ made me stay at Newcastle etc etc) we end up with Steve Bruce aka last man standing

  22. Rereading Sullivan’s comments – since Moyes took us from 18th to 13th is the new direction that he wants us to move in dowmwards? (I want a manager to take us in a new direction)

  23. I still can’t see us getting a big name. Hope I am wrong but I think they will have to go for a youngish name with little PL record- e.g. Gary Rowell/Rowett or somebody desperate with some failures on his record e.g. Neill Lennon. Which probably suits Sullivan. I suspect he doesn’t want somebody who will come in demanding new players & changes to the running of the club(which is of course exactly what is needed).

  24. It is a new direction the owners need to take, straight out the door Gold can stay on the board but KB and DS should do one.

  25. Thanking David Moyes for his work and moving him on is the right decision. It’s how the DIldos have gone about it which is all wrong. Moyes kept us up, all credit for that, but he isn’t the one to drive us forward. But our issue is those who are, will not come within a country mile of us, and why would they? Internal strife, owners who have not got a scooby and a playing cast with no legs. Sounds far too much like years of hard work.

    The only positives I can see here are those clowns in charge are going to have to dig deep at long last because the funding needed to upgrade the squad is significant and unless they promise and deliver, their interviews are going to last 30 seconds each. And if they promise and don’t deliver, the truth as to who is really at fault for our demise will out. For me it’s never been BFS, Slav or Moyes, but those upstairs. Too many of us have taken our collective eyes off the ball over the last few weeks and forgotten this.

  26. Totally dumbfounded by this decision…..WTF.
    The only reason I can see why he’s not been given a new contract must be because the board know that they’re not going to be able to invest in the type of players Mr Moyes wants….so they’ve jogged him on ….
    I’m going to be behind whomever we get as a new manager but I cannot see how the hell they’re going to be able to put a stamp on our sh*t squad over the summer even if given the vast sums needed to reinvigorate our squad ….
    At least with Moyes we were getting the stability back, now it’s going to be back to square one and just because a few fans haven’t and never were going to get behind Mr Moyes..
    This frigging scandal still hovering over our club ceases to amaze me ….some fans are delusional for real..this time next year we shall see just what a perilous position we have put ourselves in….But I’d definitely like to say a huge thank you to my Moyes and his staff for the good work they’ve put in and can only wish him and them all the very best for the future …

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