Official: Manuel Lanzini loan confirmed

West Ham have completed the season loan signing of Manuel Lanzini according to his parent club Al Jazira. On their official twitter account the club announced in Arabic around 8.30pm on Tuesday evening ‘Agreed to loan the player Lanzini to club West Ham’ and ‘Agrees to transfer the player of English Premier League and play for West Ham for a loan year’

The 22 year old will join the Hammers on a one season loan from Al Jazira with an option to buy.

Lanzini scored eight goals in 24 appearances to help Jazira to a second-place finish in the Arabian Gulf League last season.



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26 comments on “Official: Manuel Lanzini loan confirmed

  1. Another attacking player.We are getting a nice amount of options.Lets ses what the geezer can do & hope Radais hot contact ITK in the UAE is wrong,lol

    • Lol,dont come running to me to tell me i was wrong about him.I was just telling you what my mate who lives over there & has watched him alot said.Dont shoot the messenger later this year,haha πŸ˜€

  2. This one looks promising – lets hope he is not too light weight for the prem – Fingers Crossed !!

  3. How good can this boy be,i have no idea at what standard Al Jaziar play,has anyone seen them?

  4. I’m sure it’s about to be confirmed but does anyone else think it’s weird WH haven’t announced it too. Apart from that I think this could be a great signing,Slav has got such a wide choice in midfield now,obviously after he’s automatically pencilled in KN…..haha keep forgetting we’ve changed managers

  5. So, after a week of on and off and a medical that never happened last week , Rugrid got this one first and he is, apparently a striker.
    Whatever, we have now made four signings, who we should expect to increase our strength in depth and make a definite difference. With the loss of Downing, we have a net gain of three in that dept.
    Odd though, there still hasn’t been any serious indications of a move for back-up’s to Jenkinson and Cresswell. Wonder who will be slotted into Jenkinson’s place against Arsenal

    • Canchez you are one downbeat fan, you need to lighten up a bit. Maybe our new manager thinks that some of our young talent I.e Oxford, Burke,Cullen,Pike could actually be members of the 1st team squad not simply be sent out on loan to never return like the Dudley Dunce would have done. We are buying skilful individuals for a change ,those than can change games not simply those who are 6ft 11 and can head a ball and nothing else. For once be optimistic not pessimistic the tides changing for gods sake, the days of captain fantastic and NHS Carroll being automatic picks are done, the Curtis signings playing because of friendships are done… Embrace the change Canchez you might even start smiling lol

    • No back up for Cresswell,what you on about Canchaz,we signed Hendry in Jan who joined us at the start of July.If you going to try to be the analizer of everything on here atleast get your facts right,lol

    • Stephen Hendrie is back up to Jenkinson and JOB or Tompkins can play right back.

    • You really do bring a ray of sunshine to my day when i come on here Can,lol.Do you ever look for positives in life or is that big dark cloud always over your head πŸ˜‰

  6. Lanzini in our squad is huge plus for our options … People have said he is light weight , but then again so was Messi when started out ,,, but his skill on the ball more than compensated for it ,, as we have all seen and admired .
    There is room for a bit of comparison here ,, Lanzini does look a little light weight ,, but he is Nifty as hell . We are shaping up nicely into a squad that could really challenge for a top six finish . If Mirallis signs , then I would say job done or at least very close to it .

  7. There shoul be nothing but a total buzz going around we have never had so much talent in a squad,all of them are not greedy either,
    Zarate should watch this video he might learn when to release the ball and how to work off the ball,I don’t care who you are playing against any defender in the premier who watches this video will give this lad respect,or give away loads of fouls,
    It just gets better,
    Bring on a natural scorer to add to the forwards ( yes gready me )

  8. Absolutely , Bubs .
    Estamos de puta Madre ahora , ojola que segimos a si .

  9. Class player, really happy… although I would have preferred Connor Wickham… lol πŸ˜€

  10. Don’t forget about O Brien his played every Europa game so far . I know its not against killer teams but his more then capable to help out Jenkinson if needs to be. Our defence now is spot on with 4 BIG CB .2 RB and 2 for LB . Not many teams in the Prem league has got that down to the tee. P.S canchaz play FIFA u will learn a lot.

  11. Anyway, I want to thank the owners beacuse they’re doing a pretty good job, keep it up. πŸ˜‰

  12. Could be an exciting signing,time will tell.One good thing about Samuelsen,Payet & Lanzini signing.Having these flair players in the team might stop people banging on about that waste of space who is at Lazio now,lol πŸ˜‰

  13. The other unnamed Lazio player admirer says thanks Stingray,
    Will never mention him again, now tell Hugh we don’t need to hear about his recovery or carrier ever again, ( oh Matte )

  14. Still nothing on the official site,I think I’m coming down with canchazitis lol

  15. Lol,yes,all this talk of Lanzini,seems he will be joining us but still nothing on our club site.Have we jumped the gun trusting the arabs πŸ˜‰

  16. Personally I am ΓΌber excited by all the signings we have made. Who needs strikers? We are going to be the Barca of the East End and dribble the ball into the net!

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