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Official: West Ham sign a striker

Hugill7261_1West Ham have officially confirmed the signing of centre forward Jordan Hugill.

The 25-year-old arrives in east London from Championship club Preston North End after putting pen to paper on a four-and-a-year contract for a combined fee of around £10m.

The Middlesbrough-born striker told WHUFC.com

“I’m absolutely delighted! It’s been a long day, but to get this over the line is amazing for me and it’s now a new challenge for me and hopefully I can bring what I did at Preston here and show what I can do. We got on the train at lunchtime and I couldn’t tell you what happened, it’s all been a blur!”

“It’s amazing to know I’m a Premier League footballer, to know where I’ve come from in the last five hugill2years to where I am now in the Premier League is amazing. I’m still pinching myself to see if it’s all real, but hopefully I can bring my qualities from Preston here to West Ham. Without a doubt it’s a huge opportunity and I’m looking forward to it.

“Wherever I have been in life, not just in football, but in whatever I do, I give everything. I’m going to give absolutely everything for this Club and for my teammates. It’s a new challenge for me, playing in the Premier League, but they are going to get nothing less than 100 per cent.

“I know a lot about West Ham and its history. Upton Park spoke for itself and now the big move here which was a brilliant thing. The one thing that has struck me about watching West Ham over the years is the fan base that we’ve got. It’s amazing how good the fans are here, so I’m looking forward to walking out at London Stadium and hearing the old Bubbles!”


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About Sean Whetstone

I am Season Ticket Holder in West stand lower at the London Stadium and before that, I used to stand in the Sir Trevor Brooking Lower Row R seat 159 in the Boleyn Ground and in the Eighties I stood on the terraces of the old South Bank. I am a presenter on the West Ham Podcast called MooreThanJustaPodcast.co.uk. A Blogger on WestHamTillIdie.com a member of the West Ham Supporters Advisory Board (SAB), Founder of a Youtube channel called Mr West Ham Football at http://www.youtube.com/MrWestHamFootball, I am also the associate editor here at Claret and Hugh. Life Long singer of bubbles! Come on you Irons! Follow me at @Westhamfootball on twitter

19 comments on “Official: West Ham sign a striker

  1. Good luck Jordan.Welcome to the Hammers.

  2. So the board have put their full backing behind Moyes in this window. Made no money available at all, in fact they have made a profit.
    The next level??? What a load of blks. We have got half the first team squad out with injuries so we let twice the amount of players leave than come in.

  3. Good luck Jordan !!!

  4. I would be delighted if the lad sets the Premiership alight. Are we looking at the next Vardy? However Brady’s words of world class players playing in a world class stadium are still ringing in my ears.
    Let’s be grateful that we beat Real Madrid and Barcelona to signing him.

  5. I won’t truly judge him until he plays and I hope he does well and becomes the next Jamie Vardy like everyone else, so welcome to West ham and all the best.

    It’s all the talk of moving to the next level and attracting better players because of the stadium etc… and still signing unproven players from Preston that is annoying for us fans. If the lad had banged in 15/20 goals this season in 27 games you take a chance on it but 8 goals in 27 games in a weaker league is nothing to write home about especially when on the website it says he “is enjoying the most prolific season of his career”.

    January is a tough window and I don’t want to throw money away on average players for the sake of it, its about managing a thin squad to keep us in the league. How can we let Cullen, Burke, Oxford, Martinez (possibly), Sakho and Ayew all leave and replace them with one loan signing and a striker from the Championship. Who is going to be on the bench against Brighton with all those players gone.

    I wasn’t too fussed about bringing loads of players in this window if we kept all the players above as cover the first team squad but letting them all go with no replacements is crazy. I’m amazed Oxford was let go again, If he has been let go because he showed a lack of interest then sell him, we pay him 20k a week and he cant be arsed to play for us. Who does he think he is? That guy should be desperate to be back at West Ham fighting for a spot in the team, especially with all the injuries we have. This is the best chance he would ever have of making the West ham team!!

    Gone are the days when Premier League teams can grab a player for 5/6 million, everyone knows about the TV money so the standard price is now 15/20 million. Carvalho and Dendonker have now slipped through the net and if the worry is they cant make the grade in the Premier League why are we interested in the first place. Either trust your manager and the scouts to do their job or hire new people.

    Rant over, bring on the summer window!!

  6. What a farce . Sell two international strikers and bring in a journeyman lower league plodder . Sullivan is a clown . Best part of £30m in and £9m out . Great business if you are selling houses but terrible if you are running a football club . That leaves us with a super sub , Hernandez , who is way past his best which never was very good and who has publicly stated that he wants to leave .We cannot survive without scoring goals so I reckon we will be struggling to win another game . Sullivan is a complete moron . No brains and no class .

    • I think the vast majority of morons will be upset that you’ve branded these pathetic, incompetent chancers as one of their own bubbles😂
      Asset stripping, fire sale, call it what you want, but these 3 are slowly and without mercy ripping everything they possibly can from the club.

  7. Got you right on that Bubbles. We’re being blatantly asset stripped. These clowns need to go now.

    But what do you expect of an owner who’s being wearing the same soviet winter overcoat for the last 5 years? If can’t buy a new coat now and then, how can you trust him to conduct decent transfer business.

  8. So, genuine question, which team in the premiership had a good window?

    • What’s your definition of good?
      I would suggest those that had a glaring hole (DM in our case) in their squad that they managed to fill. Or those that strengthened the squad rather than weakening it (if indeed they felt the squad required additions).
      As I support WHU, I couldn’t begin to guess who those teams may be and couldn’t give a monkeys anyway, but it certainly wasn’t us was it?

  9. That’s a good piece Joe the Hammer. Just about covers my views on it all. The only bit I can’t sign up to is your final comment- Bring on the summer window! Maybe there is some irony in there that I have missed, but I think the sad truth is that following the last two windows we have to accept that loans & Championship players & a low/non existent net spend is what we have to look forward to. I don’t want the owners to be financially irresponsible but in the modern climate you have to keep renewing the squad to survive (forget about moving to the next level- they have!). It is not their fault if they can no longer afford it, but if the can’t surely they owe it to the fans to sell up. But am I right in thinking their is a clause in the LS agreement that means they have to give up all/some of any profit they make on the sale? This may now come back to bite us all. Owners who can’t move the club forward but won’t let someone else do it. Anybody who has more knowledge of & interest in the financial side please correct me on this if necessar, but I think bleak days could be ahead for the club we love.

    • I think its 3-4 years after being in the L’s gives them the rights to sell with a huge profit ?
      To do so before hit them big time financially ?
      Only 2 and a half years to go ! Lofl!!!😈
      For me its always been the plan to take the L’s off their hands but if not sell up with a huge profit ! Right or wrong they are defiantly not buying next level players but I wish this kid success and I like his comments as well ! Give it you’re all and all west ham supporters will be behind you its what we do? Welcome aboard a ship in a storm which is probably going to affect the team with all that’s going on , 👍

  10. The item is about a lad who wanted to come to West Ham, who has stated he will give 100% for the shirt. That’s the type of player this great club was founded on. In my many years of following the ‘Irons’, I can’t remember the club making huge payments for players, back when Terence Brown was Chairman few big money buys crossed the threshold. Players like Pop Robson, Ian Bishop, Alan Taylor, Billy Jennings, Graham Paddon team players who like Hugill wanted to play for West Ham. For goodness sake, give the boy a chance, get behind him, and welcome him to the club, don’t use his arrival as a chance to knock the directors.

  11. Well said Hammerman6.

    The guy hasn’t even put a foot on a pitch for us, and some “fans” are slating him.

    By all means be upset with the owners about our lack of business in the window, but never abuse a guy who has just signed for us, before he has even had a chance.

    And now the poor guys every move and pass is going to be scrutinised. We should be supporting him and encouraging him to do well, not abusing him.

    Quite frankly, anyone who calls their self a WestHam fan and abuses/slates a player, who has said he will give his all for the club, is an utter disgrace, and are as bad as the boards for not doing the business.

    Only time will tell, whether he will be a flop or a success, but as long as is he’s in a WestHam shirt and giving his all for the club, he can count on my support. Any one who wants to publicly ridicule a player before he has played, then go support Man City because your not welcome, and I certainly don’t want you standing next to me singing bubbles.

    • Admittedly I was somewhat underwhelmed by his arrival but, for God’s sake, let’s give the fella a chance.

  12. Well said 123 at least the REAL hammers fans are singing from the same song sheet 😊

  13. Last night on WHTID, you would have thought this lad was entirely at fault for all our woes. So many slagged him off then said ” but he’s here now so lets get behind him””. Too late, the damage is done. Just hope he doesn’t read those comments and quite a few on here too. You never know, he might be a very pleasant surprise. I sincerely wish you well Jordan and that you follow in the footsteps of Devo, etc. and become a great player for the hammers. COYI.

  14. I like the 2 signings we’ve made. Hopefully this lad will turn out to be Ashton mark 2. Still can’t believe the club have left us with 2 central midfielders in the squad.what happens if one of those gets injured. The other cm are out for the season. The rubbish about not having enough time to get dendoncker is, well how stupid do they think we are. They have had 31 days to sort, scout, negotiate for players. It’s like this football club is being run by the trotters independent trading company.

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