Ogbonna £27k per week 4 year deal on offer

obbaAngelo Ogbonna is reportedly close to agreeing a four-year contract with West Ham worth two million Euros per year in wages or around £27,700 per week.​ The left-sided centre back  moved to Juventus in 2013 having signed from Serie A side Torino.

He has made 41 appearances for Juventus and has 10 international caps.

In another twist new West Ham signing Pedro Obiang followed Angelo Ogbonna on twitter. Whether this means anything or whether he is just a fan of the Juventus player  remains to be seen.


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23 comments on “Ogbonna £27k per week 4 year deal on offer

  1. Sounds like a great deal financially for us,he looks like a good player and sure Slav has run the background checks on him,
    Funny how DG got it wrong on Twitter and we ended up with him,
    Hope when he arrives DG gets it wrong again and puts a picture of Messi on his account

  2. Haha that’d be lovely bubs,mind you it wouldn’t stop some saying we shouldn’t be going after Barca rejects. I think some fans ideal team would be made up of babies that we sign before they even kick a ball that way they wouldn’t even be a reject from a school team.

  3. Yeah i saw something on wetpants yesterday about dont sign rejects,haha,i dont mind rejects from teams who reach champions league finals or semi finals.Thats fine with me.Cant believe this guy will only be on 27k a week,seems way too low but nevermind 😉

  4. So if someone leaves any club that makes them a reject,
    Wetpants .com produce some bxllocks that would make every top player a reject why have we signed any players this year as they all signed from other clubs which means we signed 4 rejects already but none from Barc,Real,Chelsea, ect so they must be better quality ?

  5. Great deal if 27k is true.Good business is all i can say.

  6. I can’t believe that he is only on £27k per week?

    In fairness to the poster on the other site that everyone on here apparently hates but can’t stop reading…..lol
    I think he was referring to the fact that the Juve fanzine’s were saying he’s not as good as people think.
    I can’t say I’ve ever seen him play but I reckon Slav knows a thing or two about central defending…..that’s enough for me 🙂

  7. Never said i hate the ****ing site,it is one of my favourite comedy sites on the internet.Where else can you read about ****ing altitude problems & acclimatisation days needed to play at 1k over sea-level for **** sake.We aint playing in La Paz 😉

    • Apologies, cleared that up after realizing 1000 M was only over 3000 FT, felt even more sheepish because I deal with elevations ever day. Oh well, I will blame the early morning…

  8. ahah… wetpants logic can’t be faulted… by that reasoning C. Ronaldo is a Man utd reject when he went to Madrid, Di Maria is a Real Madrid reject when he went to Manchester, Ibrahimovic is a Milan reject when he went to Paris… so if I sleep with Irina Shayk, she is a Ronaldo reject… I love rejects lol 😀

  9. I saw that comment regarding altitude in Andorra, I was a bit puzzled though because my understanding is that your body isn’t affected until around 2000m above sea level.
    Andorra is around half of that………..a slow news day I reckon.

  10. Lol,well whatever it was it made me laugh while i was working,so that was no bad thing 😉

  11. The capital in Andorra is almost identical height to the top of Mount Snowdon so i dont think oxygen masks,breathing apparatus & a mountain base camp is going to need to be set up 😉

  12. Have they not got any Andorran recipes to talk about,can’t beat a bit of goats cheese or a good goat roast,
    But you need something to talk about in the summer

  13. For once in my fixation I never mentioned Wetpants I’ve seen the term reject used for a few players not just Ogbonna and not only on Wetpants

  14. Lmao,come on,i use every site,comment on many but it is true that WHTID amuses me most.The seriousness of some of them.All formations,stats,wiki references,mass hysteria about signings.How can it not be laughed at sometimes.There are some guys on there who take everything so so seriously,how can you not find it funny.I have no obsession about any site but can appreciate how people on here find them so funny.Even as a comment maker myself on there i find the place comedy gold 😉

  15. I agree on all points,you cant call players that leave top clubs rejects,27k seems very low,good business if true.No you dont need breathing equipment to play in Andorra,lol & yes that site is comedy gold.Sorry to any users who take offence.

    • Don’t be saying sorry mate they ain’t worth it,just read the illustrious comments of Rolfe the king of ” Be careful of what you wish for” stating the bloody obvious of if we lose this player or lose that player we’ll be in trouble, we need KN to stay we need Downing to stay, we should bring Hippo back blah blah ****ing blah. The fact is at 27k a week he’s half the cost of let’s bottle a tackle Downing and Captain we should thank him for doing the job asked. The same tossers that didn’t want Bilic because he hasn’t won anything but wouldn’t say a bad word against the hippo who won **** all in 30 years of management, Juventus centre half with an attitude problem is better than an overpriced forward who can’t play because always injured, an alleged midfielder and 2 wingers that can’t cross or take a player on.. But we need to thank him for all eternity because he gave us stability, absolute ******** preached by opinioted assholes… Never apologise for an opinion mate your not on WHTID

  16. Do you own that ****ing site fobyac,you seem awfully ****ing concerned about people taking the **** out of it.Does it offend you in some way? 😉

    • No not at all mate.
      I just find it funny that so many people read the posts on a site that they apparently dislike lol
      I read all the blogs to be honest, they’re all very different, this one though stands head and shoulders above the rest for its articles and updates in my opinion.
      I guess it depends on what you look for in a blog.

  17. Dont think anyone dislikes it,why dislike a site.Think people just find some of the guys on there amusing,the same as they make fun of this place.Nothing sinister involved,lol 😉

  18. I do look at anything West Ham and sometimes some of the comments are funny (sometimes intentionally sometimes not) but on the whole there are some good constructive comments appearing that make me think ” yeh that’s a good point” or ” I never thought of it that way ” . And then there are the comments that lay into Tottenham and I always love those. Generally I find there is something for everyone so whatever is said keep it coming. COYI

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