Ogbonna: “Thanks Everton but it’s the Irons for me”

Angelo Ogbonna has confirmed that he snubbed Everton to join West Ham.

ClaretandHugh revealed whilst the player was still taking his medical that The Toffees had made their move for the former Juventus star.

And after choosing to announce his own arrival with the hashtag #WelcomeAngelo, the 27 year old made it clear that the news was spot on.

Obviously something of a character, the Italy international tweetedOgbonna-e1436549422936



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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

28 comments on “Ogbonna: “Thanks Everton but it’s the Irons for me”

  1. Looking at his tweet he is a gentleman as well,
    But it’s nice to get one over the scousers for a change,ops forgot about my moment of last year What A Pen

    • Yep nice touch bubs good sign of character,it was my moment of the season too,one glove off,two gloves off,bang,bye bye scousers,Adrian cult hero lol

  2. The only thing he got wrong was calling Everton gentlemen. They already screwed us 3 times recently in the same way, trying to sneak the player away during his medical… tut tut

  3. The Italians love the Irons, always loyal… I always knew it… 😉

  4. So we should get Balotelli next then should we Matte,lol 😀

  5. Knew could not keep you happy Sleeps but good manners make a man,
    And as usual you got it wrong called our new boy a gentleman called Everton what they are
    Scouser so,
    Just need a good right back and a better winger that we have to be pressing the top teams,

  6. Welcome to The Irons young man,you made the right choice!

  7. This is great. When it was BFS at the helm every player we looked at decided that he wanted to go elsewhere (and who’d blame them). Now with Bilic, players are choosing us over the other clubs! This is a really positive sign, as Payet and Obiang were wanted elsewhere too.

  8. I didnt blame them wanting to go elsewhere,lol,i never took it personally,i wouldnt of wanted to play Hippo football either 😉

  9. Balotelli the next “di Canio” ?!

  10. Fair play, seems like a decent bloke.

    Nice to see a player go somewhere he’ll get first team football too, rather than being content to sit on a bench and pick up his wages.

    Good luck next season!

  11. Do you mean sitting on Juves bench or he would have been sat on Evertons bench 😉

    • I meant the latter, but both, I suppose!

      • Ahh,ok,sorry we must have forgot about your superstar back four.Lucky he came to us then to get a game.Would never of got in your team ofc.

        • I honestly wasn’t looking for a fight, but since you’re so certain of his star quality, perhaps enlighten me.

          Which of Jagielka (club captain) and Stones do you think he would have displaced to become a first choice centre back at Everton this season?

          • Who cares,who the **** on here cares about who would replace Jagielka(one of the worst centrebacks to wear an England shirt) & Stones.Was you came on here to make a ****ing stupid comment about him sitting on your bench like you are some sort of ****ing european elite team.Anyway you paid £28m for Lukaku,great business,not!

  12. Welcome to the Slav Revolution!

  13. Lol,see someone forgot to put Spoons muzzle back on 😀

    • Hahaha,bad move coming on here to take the p*ss when Spoonie is about 😀

      • Genuinely wasn’t trying to take the p*ss. Was legitimately complimenting your new signing’s character, and the way he carried himself.

        And if getting a load of abuse from some barely literate muppet with a penchant for activating swear filters counts as a “bad move”, then fair enough.

        Though to be fair, if i’d WANTED to take the p*ss, wouldn’t have been hard. Bad business buying Lukaku? Ah yes, that’d be the striker who last season, at 21 years of age, and in what was generally considered an underperforming year for him, still scored 20 goals in a team that struggled for 2/3 of the season? And who’d already scored 42 Premier League goals by the time he turned 22?

        When WAS the last time a West Ham player scored 20 in a season btw? Was it Tony Cottee? Where did he jump ship to?

        Something like that.

        Also genuinely meant it when I said good luck for next season – always quite liked West Ham as it goes.

        Oh and just for the record, idiots like “Spoonie” above are why it’s almost impossible to have decent conversations amongst groups of opposing fans these days.

        • Jog on d*ckhead.You said yourself that your first statement was ment as Ogbanna sitting on the mighty toffees bench.Who the hell signs up to another teams site anyway just to tell people he aint good enougn to get in your team.Now you want to come across as the wounded party.Lukaku,10 or 11 league goals in 36 matches though wasnt it.Pretty poor return for 28m in anyones books.

        • Lmao.Yeah geezer comes here to tell us Ogbanna wouldnt get in the **** hot Everton defence then continues to have a pop about cottee & other **** but he only came here to wish Ogbanna luck,lol,yeah sure.Yep,Lukaku has cracked it,all the way from Chelsea to Everton.That is where all world class strikers end up 😀

          • Haha,just relax lads.Whether the guy came to take the rise or not doesnt matter.I really aint bothered where cottee went,certainly dont give a damn about Lukaku,good luck to the kid.Maybe one day he will get his career on the upward path again.Big price tag which the guy didnt justify in the prem last year.

          • I had a pop about Cottee after the idiot above accused me of taking the p*ss, which actually, believe it or not (and clearly you don’t, which is fine, but wrong) isn’t what i was trying to do.

            Do i think Ogbonna would be in our *first choice* starting XI next season (a starting XI which will see less rotation than WHU’s due to the vast number of Europa games you’ve got to play)? No, I don’t. Which I don’t think is exactly a ridiculous statement, given that neither of Jagielka (club captain and POTY last season) and Stones are likely to be dropped on a regular basis, when fit.

            Ogbonna WOULD have a very good shot of being a starter after next season, as I’d say there’s a good chance Jags will start to be phased out… but this season? Not so much.

            Please note, I’m not saying Ogbonna is cr*p, nor am I saying that we didn’t want him, or that he didn’t pick you over us. I just think the reason he did was because he was more likely to get regular and immediate first team football at West Ham – which is CLEARLY what he wants – or he would have just stayed at Juventus!!

            Anyway, doubtless this post will be followed by an expletive-laden retort from some footballing cognoscenti, but this will be my last word.

            Apologies for inadvertantly touching a nerve, as I’ve clearly done, and all the best for next season.

          • Yep good luck next season.But you can have Cognoscenti,never really rated him.There you have it,a Toffee who has given us something to chew on 😉

  14. Now, it’s on to the next priority…the Jenkinson deal, or, if this is a no-go then a replacement at right back

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