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Oh Dimi that was bad news for us Irons!

Iron of the year

Iron of the year

I suggested in my first ‘write’ of this piece mmediately after the match that Slav’s body language on ITV after the match as he commented on Dimi’s winner for the French aganst Roumania was anxious and worried?

Most of those commenting on the forum reckon believe I was wrong.

I have to accept that and maybe I am being unduly pessimistc  but whilst with all my heart I hope that’s the case I believe it would be fantasy land to believe other clubs aren’t watching and that bids wil emerge.


I  have feared – like most of you – this or something like it – would happen. Of course I’m pleased for Dimi that he produced such a magnificent performance. He is a truly wonderfl player and, I’m told, a fabulous bloke.

But his man of the match performance was the worst possible news for West Ham United although in checking this sort of scenario out prior to the tournament I was told categorically he cannot leave – if that’s what happens – for less than £50-£60 million.

It was a fantastic performance! One brilliant assist and one incredible goal to which we have all become accustomed but is surely bound to draw more attention than we would want.

I want Dimi to remain at this club until retirement …I believe he can become one of the greatest legends the club has ever had…I aso want him to calm down at Euro 2016 a bit!

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

45 comments on “Oh Dimi that was bad news for us Irons!

  1. Don’t know what you were watching but all I saw was a guy who seemed to be bursting with pride & totally made up for Dimi.There again I’m no body language expert.

    • I am like you Rick I saw a man emotional at seeing Dimi emotional, yes.i wonder if we will be able to hold on to our World class player and I am sure Biluc may think the same but I saw a man full of pride and emotion more than one that put himself before his player.

  2. Turn that around & get players saying to their agents “i don’t care who he plays for, get me signed to that team”

  3. He was Rick,you could see how pleased & proud he was.Especially when he was explaining what it ment to Payet to score in this for France after being out of the squad until recently.Sorry but I have not a clue what this article is on about with regard to Slavens body language.A figment of someones imagination.

  4. Have to agree. He looked delighted for him. This should get Lacazette thinking, if this is what happened to Payet when he went to west ham, maybe I should do the same….

  5. “We had Payet, Dimitri Payet, I just don’t think you understand…” lol …what a player, he’s priceless. Davids, do you understand? 😉

    • He is special no Matt.I think he deserves one of these figas you are always talking about.Send him a spare one of yours lol

  6. Bilic reminded me of a proud dad when their kid has done something special lol
    I don’t get this slant on the story at all.Yes we might have trouble keeping hold of him but Bilic was far from crestfallen.As I said he seemed emotional through pride not any form of disappointment.Thats not his style anyway.

  7. Pride & joy for Dimitri was all I saw.I guess we can’t all be wrong…can we???

  8. Ok guys. Got that one wrong re Slav. But do we hold on to him or what?

    • I hope we hold onto him Hugh will certainly put the Dave’s we are no longer a selling club statement to the test. He is our best player we should now buy other world class players to go alongside him so that he sees we are moving forward. That might mean paying big money to reinforce those positions more than 30 million probably, I really think we should pay whatever it takes to get Kante in the team, we should have signed him last summer, if we can’t get him sign Nmpalys Mendy, sign Tore and sign Janssen from Az and a decent right back, I was really impressed by the Romanian right back he was excellent defending and also in attack, first time I have seen him play but he did virtually nothing wrong all game.

  9. Depends really Hugh,its all down to player power these days.How will Dimitri react if clubs come sniffing round.Will he be honourable to his newly signed contract or will he have his head turned.He has history of becoming disruptive when he wants a move.Lets hope he has become more loyal with age.
    Fair play to you for admitting you got it wrong,im not sure I could,im a stubborn bugger 🙂

  10. Man this is going to be a difficult few months if Dimi has a stellar performance at this tournament.But what is he worth now & being 30 is any team going to pay what we would want, which would be a huge fee wouldn’t it?
    I feel a poll coming on,will he or won’t he stay lol

  11. What ever someone offers will not be enough.He is another Not For Sale sign.Sadly though as mentioned above if his head gets turned or his agents get in his ear then it could all become rather messy.But we dont know that will happen so for now we should enjoy his performances & be proud he is an Irons player.

  12. This place is getting more like wetpants everyday! Iain must be so proud of his pups

    • It’s good to see you ain’t changed AOI.Still a massive ****!

    • Yeah soon this site will be called Banjo & Hugh.It is his master plan.Email Hugh to complain,get the regulars banned then move in on here like he tries to monopolize Westlands!!!!!!
      Welcome to Monkey World no2!!!!

  13. West Ham sure got a lot of publicity out of this performance here in the States. The US broadcast on ESPN were falling over themselves praising Payet even before the goal. The post game spent most of the time talking about him and West Ham. And the commentary team kept mentioning the club, how well we had done this year, and how proud of Dimi we must all be. They even discussed our song. Taylor Twellman (former US striker) asked Ian Darke if he’d sing it for the audience to which Darke replied no, but he thought West Ham fans would do it for them. Hopefully we’ll stay strong and so will he and the Not For Sale sign will go out today! I’m also hoping that a few of our targets may take another look and see how great it would be playing in the new stadium with Dimitri Payet.

  14. Oh dear…Who would have ever thought a West Ham player scoring a brilliant goal at a critical moment, and being man of the match would be BAD news, but hey, isn’t it that just typical of our DNA?? “Just like my dreams, they fade and die”…Hey Ho…delighted for Dimi himself…I just hope if he DOES go, the fans don’t do a Scott Parker on him….And who knows, just like we DIDN’T do a classic fade and die for the last game of the season v Man U, maybe…just MAYBE, he’ll stay a Hammer…and the fairytale continues…

  15. My feeling is he will stay but when fools like that bloody Andy Goldfish on talksport come on air and the first thing they say is “he wont be at West Ham next season”straight away the fears are there, wonderful performance fro Dimi, made me feel really proud of our club and i thought Slav looked near to tears, of pride…

  16. The two David’s are not market traders. Yes they must be aware of the huge profit that could be made from selling dimi but this would only be a short term gain. payet is not only raising west hams stock on the world stage but also that of West Ham. To that end he is far more valuable to keep as a major asset, a wealth creating asset. Dimi payet will be like a magnet attracting top level sponsors, Shop sales, new fans, and top players that want to play in the same team as him. Just a few of the benefits of keeping him. The two David’s are in the wealth creation business and will be aware that you don’t sell a major asset. If it was a team like PSG for sixty million plus and dimi was desperate and homesick for himself and his family to return to France then I suppose it would have to be considered but as far as I’m aware the player himself has been loving his time with us and now going into the Olympic stadium next year the timing seems almost perfect. I would expect him to stay with West Ham for another year at the very least.

  17. Haha you pups are almost in meltdown in true wetlands style. You realty shouldn’t visit Iain’s site as it’s obviously rubbing off on you all 😀 #hilarious

  18. Go on AOI,get back there,they are missing you.Sad that you have to come here to try to stir up trouble.You are clearly one of them trying to keep the trouble going.There are some of you from that site will be really disappointed if the problems ended.We might be considered low IQ by you lot but we dont go to Wetpants trolling on a regular basis.People on there can’t say the same can you!

  19. It seems strange to me that I saw a regular poster had been banned Tyson did someone mention? But a true troll in every sense of the word is still able to post his mischief.I think someone in authority on this site has things a bit ass about face.

    • Make you right there Antman.AOI has been coming here trolling for so long now,never to be blocked but Hugh can get busy banning on the strength of some fool from Wetlands emailing him.
      You just know it is one of the stirrers from there behind AOI account.

  20. They don’t want it to end that’s the point, a pathetic pointless cock started it, continued with it, was barred it went quiet, returned it started again. Ably supported by a wing man who feeds him some lines so he can continue with it ,then have the cheek to stand on a pulpit and defend the honour of someone who doesn’t like him to curry favour. Lidds if you do read this what was said was out of order and I’ll refrain from the constant jibes towards you and if it’s caused offence apologies, but we both know the person who started this is blatantly keeping this going as is this ******** AOI. Hugh banning Ty if true is bang out of order while that moron over there continues the baiting and this idiot AOI does the same.

    • Cheers GW, it would make me very happy if we can just bury the hatchet now and respect each other as fellow West Ham fans.

      AOI is a maverick I’m afraid. He’s been a troll on WHTID for a long time too and has had a pop at several people over there in the past, including me. I haven’t seen him post for a while so Iain might have banned him, I’m not sure. No doubt I’ll get it in the neck from him again now for calling him a troll but if the cap fits ….

      Unfortunately there will always be a few people who post on forums with the sole intention of upsetting people and causing them to argue. It’s a classic case of divide and conquer. If both sites could unite in just ignoring these idiots it would completely take their power away from them. Indifference is much more effective than hatred, these trolls feed off of a reaction. I think you know in your heart that the majority of people who post on WHTID are just decent WHU fans who you’d get on just fine with if you met them in the pub. It upsets me when everyone on the site is tarred with the same brush as the troublemakers. I’m sure lots of WHTID regulars would like to comment over here because you have some great articles and good discussions. Slag the stirrers off all you like, they deserve it but please remember that they are not representative of or liked by all the regulars on WHTID.

      • Liddy the issue has never been about us all being fans the issue has been that some believe themselves more high and mighty than others. We all know when this antagonism started and by who, but he remains and others that have posted here for years get barred FFS.

        • Well there’s absolutely nothing high and mighty about people I’ve met through WHTID, trust me. You couldn’t wish to meet a more down to earth, friendly and inclusive group of people and we come from all walks of life. Contrary to popular opinion there’s nothing cliquey about it at all, every time we meet somebody new comes along and is made to feel welcome. You only have to read the comments in WHTID to know that’s true. We’ve had people turn up who have rarely or never even posted on the site and they’re all welcomed equally. If you don’t believe me come for a drink, I’d be very happy to shake your hand and buy you a pint 🙂

          I think your misconception of some kind of superior attitude is borne out of people responding to being insulted by some on here, it’s only human nature. Both sides are equally to blame for perpetuating it but we all know who instigated it and he’s sitting back gleefully enjoying his nasty handiwork. Unless both sides are prepared to draw a line under it now as you and I have done then the whole sorry vicious circle will continue and he’ll have achieved his aim.

          If you think Hugh doesn’t have the full picture and has banned somebody unfairly can’t you try emailing him? To be fair Tyson didn’t help himself with what he posted immediately after Hugh gave his warning but as a long time poster he at least deserves a second chance to redeem himself if he’s also prepared to stop all the abuse.

          • Liddy I’ll happily join any West Ham fan for a drink and talk about the club I’ve supported home and away for over 30 years. We ain’t always going to agree with others it’s human nature but it doesn’t make you illiterate or rabid dogs if you don’t or it doesn’t make you a better fan than others if you react to something in a positive way or not, maybe if this parasite is removed we can get back to what’s important supporting the club and aiming all our anger at those ****ers down in north London but I’m guessing while he and his wingman remain we’ll be treading the same ground over and over again!

    • Said exactly the same yesterday GW.The wingman is culpable as well.Going back there with his ‘info’ about what’s being said.Sadly while you have people like that & others gullible enough to take the bait like big mouth on there it is a never ending cycle 🙁

  21. Ty did get banned I understand GW.All his posts went from the article.It leaves a bad smell when this AOI is allowed to continually post but a poster who someone said had been on here for a good while now is banned.1-0 to the Monkeys Bellend & his humanitarian ways,running to the aid of a lady.What a star.

  22. So mainstays are barred and any old **** stirrer remains? Guess the snappy family Appy has done it’s job for those at Wet Pants who not just happy barring from there now have the ability of emailing and barring from here to. Well done Bungo the self centred man of the people.

    • It would appear that way bud.It is absolutely laughable,comical actually that the biggest **** stirrer on West Ham blogs should be the hero who has the front to declare that he has contacted Hugh by email.The irony knows no bounds.Meanwhile lads from here are banned & that slimy little scumbag continues to dominate Wetlands.You know what though he will come unstuck on there,his gob will ensure that.

  23. I have come to notice that Liddy is partial to the term Weak Man.So I will steal his term to describe Iain who runs the other site & his actions.Now he had nipped everything in the bud from what I could see of it with the banning of that man Bungo as you refer to him.Then not only does he allow him to return with his troublemaking ways but promotes him to an author.Im sorry but that was madness by Dale.Its like giving this Bungo carte blanche to act like a god on there.Just the attention he craves!!

    • Bob you’ve nailed it one mate, you never see a warning from Mr Dale do you? Happy to bar those that disagree but promotes ********s to authors that cause ****.

    • If saying something once makes somebody partial to a term.

    • You’re not alone in being hacked off about it.

      • I have to say I was dumbfounded when Banjo was allowed back on after his ban.
        It was never really explained either which I found strange.
        I never got used to his form of what he calls banter and wicked humour, but apparently quite a few posters appear to enjoy his comments for that very reason.

        His recent guest articles were pretty good it has to be said. I still have no time for people causing friction between fellow fans. It’s obviously easier to judge online comments if you have met that person before in real life.

        As has been mentioned before, I reckon most of us would get on well meeting on a matchday over a pre- or post match pint. It’s just that some people choose to go over the top online. Not sure they would talk to people like that in a face to face situation…

  24. Well im sorry but I find it totally farcical that guys on WHTID are up in arms about what is said on here but will happily laugh & joke with Banjo.The same chaps who are ment to be Liddys caring meet up buddies but know he gave her such a tough time.It is totally hypocritical & maybe the next time the chap who called some lads on here small ****** swampies will think about that before giggling at Banjos comments.Put your own house in order I would say.

    • Right it appears a few have had their say, so I’ll have mine. First off, Antman, this is the second time you brought up the subject of a “wingman” which imo has now caused others to latch on to it (Funny enough someone else on here did something similar a few months ago – coincidence?). I don’t know for sure, but it “feels” like it’s aimed in this direction. Lets get a couple of things straight here, you mentioned it the other day on another thread during this recent episode, I chose not to react to it, but you’ve gone with it again………the timing of you mentioning it coincided with posts on WHTID, lets get the facts here, I ain’t anyone’s “wingman” bud, let alone the one who seems to be at the root of a lot of stuff. I posted about 20 times on Friday over there, only two comments were directly/indirectly in a thread with the alleged one, the first was to disagree with an opinion and take the mickey out of him, the second was a tongue in cheek comment, that was it. If you or anyone else think he doesn’t read this site (It’s clear he does) then you’re mistaken. I Engage with plenty of people over there, there is no poxy wingman.

      The fact is, someone else on here labeled me with a name, a while back, then it got boring, I called them out on it, funny enough the same person who made that disgusting remark the other day, where is he? Not to be seen now. Bit strange? Or different username? Hmm……

      I came on here 2 years ago, I got pelters for having a different opinion, then in the last year, several others on here have felt the need to mention me, for no good reason other than I posted over at the other site, I hadn’t mentioned anyone by name, I never called anyone out or abused or disrespected anyone, but still called out on here for some reason, there was about 3-5 of them, they know who they are. I let 90% of it go, I reacted twice, more recently, who wouldn’t defend themselves?

      So that is the long and the short of it, you can take it or leave it mate, but I ain’t into all these silly games, I post based on football opinion, funnies, agree / disagree or whatever. I’ve took plenty of …. on this site and most of it for no reason.

      I have no idea who this AOI is, who created the above MB name, why TysonM has gone or even why Gobby was removed over at WHTID, he didn’t seem to do anything wrong. Tell you what though, there are people out there with multiple accounts, plenty of them, too much time on their hands and it’s adding to the problems.

      I’m just glad that Liddy and the rest of you appear to be working through this and hopefully all this rubbish stops.

      • Only someone with a guilty conscience would need to reply when they ain’t even mentioned by name.Most would read it & wouldn’t even imagine it was them!!

  25. Meanwhile, as regards Payet….

  26. I thought all this nonsense had been dealt with….
    there are posters on here that have one aim & that is to continue to keep this crap going so Hugh will carry out his threat & close the comments down. Maybe get rid of them before they cause this to happen.
    Hugh you said that anyone who breaks your rules would be banned, if you meant it carry it out & get shot of the antogoniser.

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