OK Slav…what’s with the Emenike thing?

emenikeSlaven Bilic has me confused for the first time!

Sorry Slav but I’m afraid I really don’t get the Emenike thing at all. As fas as I can make out he has had one decent game against a Championship side in the last round of the Cup.

By common consent he performed OK against Rovers for his couple of goals but yet again he missed an easy chance at the start of yesterday’s game, as he did against Sunderland.

It may be of course that Sakho wasn’t up to the level of match fitness for the United game that the manager would have wanted and that therefore the Nigerian got the shout.

But it was perhaps possible to do things the other way round by starting Sak and bring EE on when perhaps the main man started to tire.

One thing’s for sure – given that Sak managed half an hour against Everton and around the same yesterday he could surely have managed the first half at the very least.

I don’t want to knock the bloke unnecessarily but with both Sak and Enner Valencia on the bench it all seemed a little odd.

Emenike was a cheapish winter loan and is maybe an upgrade on Carlton Cole but right now it’s hard to go much further than that.

Thankfully yesterday’s missed chance at the start didn’t really hurt us but  things may have turned out a bit differently had he stuck it away.

Jury remains very much out!





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26 comments on “OK Slav…what’s with the Emenike thing?

  1. Its like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole…

  2. Seems straightforward enough to me – Sakho’s not yet fully ready for 90 mins, therefore Emenike starts. Bilic has been consistent this season bringing players back gradually after injury. I suspect we are close to seeing the last of Emenike for the season.

    For me, better to bring Sakho on to try and close the game out, than replace him with a lesser player.

  3. The jury here has decided…he is 4th choice and as you said no better than C Cole.

    Maybe Bilic decided he had to risk Reid and didnt want to risk two players starting the same game?

  4. Wouldn’t dream of criticising Slav but I thought it odd starting with Emenike and Carrol .

    We lost midfield from the start and Noble was left charging around on his own while it seemed Kouyte was left to mark the tall girl with the curly hair.

    Once Obiang came on Payet came in to the game

  5. I trust Slav to do the right thing over the course of the season.Why the hell would Sakho start,he has only had about 20mins first team action since being out for months.End of the day if we knew better than a Premier manager we would be doing their jobs.
    Maybe he felt after Emenike played against Blackburn & scored he deserved his start at Man.U in the cup,much the same as Randolph.
    Who knows.All i know is I would rather have Bilic on our bench than you Hugh,lol

  6. On viewing eminems performances so far ,I’m afraid he needs to give a shed load more in effort and understanding, not good enough I’m afraid , sakho must start alongside carol ,
    Eminem is no 20 goal player , and to be fair neither is sakho yet , what with time on the pitch,
    But his work rate is streets ahead of eminem, 4th choice at best at present.
    When the team was announced I must admit I raised an eyebrow at his inclusion to start .

    I watched 3 decisions yesterday concerning so called big clubs , Gabriel challenge on deeney ( straight red ) right in front of ref marriner ( he actually jumped slightly at time of impact , the ref that is , at seeing it full on ) and bottled it , the other 2 were payets pen and the rugby tackle by the crout on randy, both bottled by Atkinson ? The both of them need hauling before the FA to receive their cards . Simply not good enough !!!!!

  7. I was wiling Sakho to come for about 15 minutes earlier than he did as Emminike huffed and puffed alot for little effect. I guess I can see that Bilic has been reluctant to start Sakho after over 3 months out of the side but the only time in the game that I felt nervous about us getting overrun was in the first 15 minutes of the second half. The balance didn’t appear right with Carroll and Emminike as a pair. The extra mobility that Sakho brings helps get the midfield moving far better.

    I still felt we could have nicked the game at the death. Anyway lets move on and hopefully the ‘A’ list starters in defence and attack are ready to start our forthcoming games – we need them.

  8. I don’t know Emenike at all, I first saw him with West Ham. He seems to have good feet, he’s not a 20 goal player or even the first choice, but what about Carroll? Is he a 20 goal player? No, absolutely not. He is a good player, but he’s too slow. Why the so called “top teams” never showed the slightest interest in him? He’s not a modern player contrary to Sacko; yes Carroll is powerful as Lukaku, but the latter is faster and he has a better technical quality . We need quick strikers, and yes, as DG Hammer34 says, when Obiang plays West Ham have a better balance. I’m not a manager, it’s just my personal opinion 😉

  9. Emenike has been a bit of a let down in front of goal i agree , although he has got very close to scoring on a couple of occasions and had they gone in we might not be having this discussion . Bilic rates his work off the ball pretty highly and he is a much better option than Cole or Jelavic , at least he looks like he might score a goal which is better than watching someone like Jelavic who whenever he came on , never looked like scoring in a month of Sundays !

  10. I would imagine he started because he scored 2 in the last round and won’t play much in the league but I doubt we will sign him permanently so would have him on the bench in the replay and put Sakho on from the start. He does try hard but has yet to catch fire as you say Hugh jury still out.

  11. Obiang is the missing link and how long before the penny drops,
    If he plays Payet andLanzini perform with freedom,
    Kouyate and Noble venture further fotward,Antonio and Cresswell play further forward.
    Obiang should start and if he falters Song should come on,
    We don’t need 2 up top with Payet and Lanzini playing like old inside forwards,
    Both are key players can be replaced by Moses and Valencia if needed ,
    Sak Should start and Carroll come on if needed

  12. Do not agree
    he is strong fast and stretches teams
    Movement good to get chances
    How ever finishing is poor
    As cover for sakho he is the closest we have
    Valencia has more quality
    But I think emmy is a stronger beast and has done well
    If he had took his chances he prob would have scored about 10 goals already
    And we would think he was amazing
    But compair him to this list and who would you prefer as back up
    To name a few

  13. So commenting on a decision is slagging – I think that’s a little daft. ha ha!!!

  14. Raising questions and receiving replies is how one learns. There really is no need for the slagging off. Thanks for your views

  15. Don’t feel grumpy Hugh we are still in the draw another game away from home no defeat
    ( thanks ref )
    Another great night at home in the cup
    Another week another new signing ****ing the Spuds and Gooners off,
    Now for the next big 3 games and top 4 here we come,
    Number 1 and 4 coming out of the hat no not Gooners vs Chelski

  16. I was very supprised when people were excited when he came. Here in Nigeria he has been sent out of the national team long time ago and has been replaced by more talented guys like odion ighalo, ahmed musa and victor moses.

  17. funny thing people were not giving Antonio a chance xmas and now look at him ..The new fella is strong quick and has a poor first touch ..Im guessing the chaps are working on his touch and he will fulfill his promise as Slav seems a fair judge so far ? But It wouldnt be a West Ham forum without us slagging our own ..Would it? He wont see the turf once Sahko fully fit and quite rightly but lets give hima chance ..Carlton was never great but he did score some very important goals did he not .? With the champs sorry Chumps and Arsenal up next we will need all the firepower we need Time to stop moaning and bask in how far we come ..Slav is one to be trusted !! COYI

  18. I think he was great against Spurs and put them under a lot of pressure at the back and caused them no end of problems with his chasing down. He took 2 of his many chances against Blackburn and missed a fair few against Sunderland so currently his finishing is lacking and that looks to be composure infront of goal but that will come, work rate is either a trait or it isn’t so IMHO he could be a good signing given a little time but won’t displace Sakho (when he is fully fit) but is a step up on Jellyfish and CC as back up.

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