Olympic Stadium pitch to be laid in February

dessoA new state-of-the-art pitch will be installed at the former Olympic Stadium with work scheduled to commence at the end of February. The pitch used during the 2015 Rugby World Cup has been ripped up and work has begun to prepare the ground for a new one to be laid.

A new Desso Grassmaster pitch will be installed in February and March ahead of the 2016-17 football season which starts in August!

PitchDesso GrassMaster is a mix of artificial and natural grass and is regarded as the top choice for Premier League and Championship football clubs. The artificial grass fibres are injected 20 centimetres deep, and cover about 5% of the surface. While the grass is growing, the roots intertwine with the artificial fibres. The designers claim this anchors the field to create a solid, even structure with good drainage and ‘playing comfort’.

West Ham have been using Desso Grassmaster pitches at the Boleyn Ground since 2002.

These pitches typically cost between £500,000 and £1m to install and are used by the majority of Premier League clubs in addition to stadiums like Wembley and the Millennium stadium. The cost of the relaying a second Desso pitch will be funded by the Stadium owners E20 Stadium LLP. A new Blue running track will also be installed as final works to prepare the former Olympic Stadium continue.



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  1. https://www.westhamtillidie.com/posts/2016/02/11/from-dream-to-nightmare-how-the-away-day-morons-ruined-it-for-my-13-year-old-son#/comment517616
    ******* Wetpants.Been taking my kid to away games for years.Feel aorry for the guy but who needs enemies when you have Wetpants site as a friend.One mans experience could now put other fans off taking their kids to away matches when it really isnt an isaue.Done West Ham no favours.Most of them on that site are middle class know it alls anyway!!

  2. Read it already.Ridiculous.Not the geezer who had the issue but that a West Ham blogsite would print ONE mans experience.How to make people not want to go to away matches with the next generation.Fantastic idea!!!!!!!!

  3. Ffs,i go to 10-12 away matches as season.See little trouble these days.Always have a great day out.Why the hell publish an article like that.It is just scare mongering & casting a bad shadow over our support that is 99% superb. ****** Wetpants & some of its girly regulars.Probably think a rush going into a church is a riot.

  4. The whole thing is incredibly naive of this stepfather. He should know that the majority of away supporters of all clubs are die-hards who chant, swear, throw beer over each other and like a knees up…and some bravado gesturing at the opposition supporters. Almost never does actual fighting occur. In reality, they provide most of the atmosphere, rather than well behaved and seated old fart consumers (like me!!) who admire sedately on – well, something like that! What was this boy; a wimp? Ridiculous! Lesson in life.
    I started going in the North Bank in the early 70s with (my milk crate – little squirt; yeah?) and loved all that boisterousness. If you didn’t like it, there were plenty of places to go to keep away from it. I know the official line must be to disapprove, but personally, I think it is great (when they don’t chant against Scott Parker!). The stepfather was in the wrong not to have explained to the lad that it is all part and parcel of the atmosphere, and nothing to really feel threatened about. No chavs, no atmosphere!

  5. It has really annoyed me that article.Yes i am sad to see a kid being upset but ffs why oh why publish an article on a site about it.No wonder Irons fans across the different sites are ****** off.I am.Mind you that Iain who runs Wetpants was embarressed to be at Anfield just because we were singing the ‘Sign On’ song.If you get embarressed by that then a few supporters running towards home fans is close to full out anarchy for him & his disciples on that crappy site,lol

  6. Been taking my

    • Been taking my nipper to away matches since the age of 8,he is 15 now.I can honestly say i have never seen him concerend.Ok,he has not been able to see because of people stood,but as for being scared.Not once.I wouldnt have taken him if he felt that way.As others say,its a shame for this lad who was scared but it certainly aint worthy of a story on a West Ham site.Bet the club are overjoyed.Typicql to see all the WHTID think tank up in arms.Probably have a big debate about it with a round of Prawn Sandwiches each.

  7. Think the guy on Westhamonline who called the mob on WHTID pompous Guardian readers pretty well said it all.Most of them are just middle class suburban mugs.All living in their comfortable little lives where the nearest hint of violence is a couple of sparrows fighting on the fence!

  8. Most of the ****s on Wetpants dont even go to away matches.They wouldnt have a clue what the truth is but then go all up in arms about one geezers experience.Typical of them,overreacting as per!!!!I was at St.Marys & never noticed anything,but that doesnt make for a headline grabbing story does it.

  9. Some of them on there are so up themselves.Now rating themselves as the site Mooro,Brooking & our icons,legends would use over other sites.What a presumptious load of garbage.Talk about having a high opinion your yourself.I am no saint but i never want to be like some of them on there full of their own self-importance.

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