Olympic Stadium Update


Work continues on the Olympic stadium with just over four weeks until the first scheduled test event.

As you can see from the latest images below. The running track has been fully cleared and cleaned, under soil heating has now been installed and the sand layer is being completed for the addition of a grass pitch very soon. New West Ham manager Slaven Bilic took time recently to visit to stadium to view progress himself.  On the 19th July the Morrisons Great Newham run will be staged at the OS, Sainsbury’s Anniversary games will take place shortly afterwards between 24-26th July followed a rugby match between Barbarians and Samoa on 29th August. The main event will be the Rugby world cup which is scheduled between September and October this year.




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I am Season Ticket Holder in West stand lower at the London Stadium and before that, I used to stand in the Sir Trevor Brooking Lower Row R seat 159 in the Boleyn Ground and in the Eighties I stood on the terraces of the old South Bank. I am a presenter on the West Ham Podcast called A Blogger on a member of the West Ham Supporters Advisory Board (SAB), Founder of a Youtube channel called Mr West Ham Football at,

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  • boys of '66 says:

    Screw the OS.Its going to be a pain in the ass & an almighty fuxk up once everyone has been there for a season & loyal irons season ticket holders are shunted about just to fit in the corporates & other big cheeses!.No one is going to have a comparable view which was being said.Its crap 😉

  • bubs says:

    Yesterday we had Billy the tiler at right back,
    Today we have a goal keeper looking by his gloves,he looks like Mr Woods has his job getting this one fit for the first game,
    Where can you buy one of those Hammer Hard hats ?

  • twinkle toes nolan says:

    Thats your great leader Slav bubs.He is helping with building our lovely new home,until people get ****ed off with it 😀

    • Quickdraw Slaven a party says:

      Bloody Eastern Europeans coming over here taking our building jobs lol

  • Dangermouses Bros says:

    Never been a fan of moving to the OS!! Never will be!!Just the way it is!!Now its getting closer i am starting to dread it!!

  • Good that Bilic is getting stuck in with helping rebuilt the Olympic Stadium.

  • Dangermouses Bros says:

    Prefer it if he was demolishing it 😉

  • Dainon17 says:

    I’m glad we are leaving the Boleyn, for me the magic of my youth has been missing since they “improved” the stadium… The atmosphere has died with all seating and the 3 new stands have been moved back from the pitch.. The empty corners are cold and suck the atmosphere out of the stadium. It’ll never recapture the days I enjoyed in the 70s & 80s plus the whole general area has become a dump over the last 15 years. It’s awful to get to by car or train. I miss the old Boleyn but not this one

    The new place is in a lovely modern area, the best & most accessible stadium u could hope for plus the new roof, filled in corners & larger capacity will actually improve the atmosphere

    I sit back and wait for the abuse .. lol

    But that’s my honest opinion

  • Quickdraw Slaven a party says:

    The Morrisons Great Newham,the Sainsbury’s Anniversary games? When’s the Tesco triathlon,the Asda dance off and the Lidl cheapskate of the year competition?

    As for us I don’t really want to move but it’s happening so may as well make the most of it.

  • Dangermouses Bros says:

    Aint goimg to give you abuse but people i know who have been to get comparable seats near the half way line have already been shunted further down the sides or had to pay extra dough to stay where they are in comparission to now.Theres nothing comparable about it.The corporate w*nkers are taking the best seats while people who have been in these positions for years are now being stuck further down the sides!!!It is going to be full of ****ed off fans after the first season!!

    • Dainon17 says:

      Yeah that’s happened to my dad, he has band 1 and his view is not as good but I think other things will be far better than they currently are

      I hope I’m right #COYI

  • Quickdraw Slaven a party says:

    I’ve seen a bit of the complaining that people have been moved or charged more. It’s not a good start for the club after all the claims like for like seating and affordable football for everyone. Hopefully they improve on this,I’m behind a goal so I should get something comparable……I hope.

  • Dangermouses Bros says:

    You dont want to be behind the goal there.My mate went to his appointment & said that there is no way he would be behind a goal!!Only saying what he told me though,i dont know myself !!

    • Quickdraw Slaven a party says:

      Thanks danger,I’ll just have to judge it on the day probably have to cough up extra knowing my luck. Trouble is they know we’ll do it and there ain’t any way to fight it if you want to see your team.

  • Dangermouses Bros says:

    Yeah,they have you over a barrel!!Only telling you what my mate said!!Dont mean you want think differently or like it!!

  • Quickdraw Slaven a party says:

    I’ll have an open mind when I go. I think atmosphere is key it has mainly been missing from UP for years but I think it has to be natural not like Palace which looks choreographed or Stoke which I thought was helped by speakers just didn’t sound right.
    It’s up to us to lift the team and the team to lift us.

  • Stingray Stewart says:

    Im going there with an open mind but not really jumping in the streets about it.I prefer proper football stadia,not a bloody stadium built for the olympics turned into one.But is is reality so must just get on with it.My expectations as a football ground are low though.People compare it to Wembley to watch matches.Well thats fine,i dont mind watching one or two matches a season at wembley but wouldnt want to be watching matches there every other bloody week 😉

  • Badda Bing says:

    I went to watch the olympics there.Great atmosphere,really good.As for watching football there.Going to be many disappointed people i believe.Cant see it working to be honest.But we shall see.

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