Olympic Stadium: new pictures reveal real progress

os79Hammers fan, Nelson, one of many people working on the Olympic Stadium conversion project, has released close-up pictures of the new retractable seating on social media.

The seating is due to be completed in time for the Samoa v Barbarians rugby international that takes place this Saturday – hence the rugby posts!

As you can see, the bridges are now in place but the retractable lacks the West Ham branded tarpaulin which will disguise the gaps between the upper and lower stands.

However, not all Irons supporters are convinced by the new images.

West Ham fan, Shaun Richards, said “Retractable? Looks like scaffolding to me!”

OS77Fellow Hammer, Peter Jamieson, added: “That gap is really not going to help with the atmosphere,” before adding “I’m yet to see an image that makes me look forward to going.”

And Spencer Hills quipped: “That curvature in the retractable seating looks bloody horrible… that’s 20 to 30 metres away.”

Architect plans, submitted as part of the planning process, show the gap between the retractable stands behind the goals and the upper tier to be around 24 metres while the West stand will have a gap of around 15 metres.

The East stand gap will be infilled with relocatable seating to create one continuous ‘Kop style’ stand.

Nelson explained to one Hammers fan on twitter “Parts are temporary behind north and South for the match Saturday” while Irons fan Mike Levi also employed at the Stadium added there is “Nothing about it that is retractable, it’s just temporary seating”

However, LLDC have previously strenuously denied these claims suggesting 95% of the final retractable seating solution is now in place and it is close to the final solution for football.

Fans need to make their own minds on the new seating. But I suggest experiencing it for yourself in person by attending one of the seven rugby games over the next few months before making your own minds up.



14 comments on “Olympic Stadium: new pictures reveal real progress

  1. it doesn’t look great when shown like that. but am presuming there is going to be some clever filling in to hide that mess between the upper and lower tiers.

  2. Yes East stand only infill. The south and north stand 24 metre gap will use West Ham branded tarpaulin and the West stand’s 15 metre gap will also use West Ham branded tarpaulin

    • wooops I think I got out of synch…………
      I dont think it will notice much once it’s covered, as long as its done in a dark / neutral colour. It’s like the gap from the touchline to the first row. It won’t noticw much oncw thw ads are in place.

  3. I’m sure we would have to cover the remaining gap for safety reasons, so it probably wont be so noticable.

  4. I know those black and white seats are supposed to be iconic for some reason but I think they look ridiculous. I really hope the seats can be redone to reflect West Ham.

    • I was told at my appointment that the seats will be mainly white as a background with claret & blue logos like crossed hammers or “West Ham” – they said the final design has not been chosen yet but it would be west ham branded seats in white, claret & blue. It sounded good to me

  5. Surely the scaffolding is only there to gain access…it will come down w
    hen fixed in place?

  6. There is something really bad happening at West Ham right now ;; nobody want’s to sign or At very least show an interest ,,, why ??.
    It should be obvious to any interested player that they are interim ..
    West Ham are suddenly painting a picture if anybody interested in saving our club( wages ect ect ) , is welcome .. But , you must sit on the bench until the BILIC system works. .
    Got rid of ” Big Sam ” for no real reason apart from a Minorty of Fans that didn’t like him takeing us from the Championship to the Premiership … How very Stupid can the fans Get ?
    With 39 points we would have been relegated ( regardless of injuries ) and that is the scenario , at this early stage that BILIC has to contend with . I suppose now we must support a manager that has a half team due to injuries ,, you’re having a girraff .
    I changed my opinion ,,, so what !! .. At least I started to see things as they really are ., and admitted I was wrong . This BILIC , Dicks occult Heroe worship ain’t gonna save us .
    I was wrong to change my opinion ,,, why ?? At least I use my real Name instead of of a
    20 or 30 letter name that is hiding behind friends and pals down the pub .

    Well obviously I was drawn into it , but have now seen that I was wrong .
    West Ham foreever ,l always was and always will be . BILIC ain’t right for us ..
    Come on you Hammers ,,, don’t ever Doubt it .

  7. So you’ve found that Bilic ain’t right for us three games into the season, yet still havent understood why Allardyce is (or was) not the right one for us after four years in charge ?

  8. Hamburg,Kevin is a total fool.Dont like saying that about other fans of our club but he is an idiot.Did you not read his rants on Saturday when he ‘Retracted’ his support of Bilic,lol,Class A Muppet!!!!!

  9. Bloody hell Kevin you do come out with some drivel,most of which is incoherent gobbledegook,just ramblings of a loonie.

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