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OS seats moved forward for first time

The Olympic Stadium Seats are on the move for the first time. Following the completion of the athletics event over the weekend, work has started moving the retractable seats forward to be closer to the pitch.

This image posted online by Matthew Wheele on Tuesday shows the first middle section behind the goal moved forward leaving a permanent section in concrete which will not be used in football mode. The black seats in this photo will screened off when football is played.

Retractable seating will be used for the first time for Rugby and the first event scheduled for 29th AUgust when Barbarians take on Samoa.


The image below shows what the seating will look like when all seats are moved forward.



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5 comments on “OS seats moved forward for first time

  1. Pictures like this just make my love for The Boleyn grow even more.Got any industrial bins to dump in there & it will look just like the back of my local chinese,lol

  2. Reminds me of a night out in Basildon. Will we really have a gap like that between the lower and upper tiers? hard to see but it looks as though the sight lines would be really bad for the first two rows of the upper tier.

    • Not clear as to why you think the first 2 rows in the upper will be compromised there is no obstruction to their view indeed most of that horizontal gap could be filled if it were not for the screens location so the vertical gap between the first row upper and the last row lower will be significant and ample for clear views. The horizontal gap is sadly unfortunate but then the architecture of the Boleyn is hardly ideal in any sense of the word nor any less like a Sainsbury’s in its newer areas.

  3. We’ll said SlimJim, last week someone was n here saying that the stands behind the goals will be reconstructed after the rugby World Cup. Now it looks like they are there to stay.
    The two David’s have slid us out big time.
    Another good idea to fill the gap is to put Marco Boogers there with his caravan.

  4. Reminds me of some of the boozer car parks i have woken up in,lol.But im sure it will all look wonderful once all the screens & covering sheets are in place 😀

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