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Our five star Irons app storms the charts eclipsing Barcelona and Real Madrid


PrintThe fabulous West Ham App – launched by ClaretandHugh’s partners Hammers Chat and upon which we provide the news service has stormed into the weekly top free apps chart at No 34.

Ony launcheda few days ago it is the only five star app in th top 50 and way ahead of the Barcelona and Real Madria efforts.

The revolutionary West Ham App bringse seven irons sites together in one place and includes the official club site, ourselves, West Ham til I die. the Hammers Chat forums and videos, Blowing Bubbles Magazine and Moore than just a Podcast.

It has received an astonishing response from the fans and has smashed into its top 40 placing within a couple of days.

On Saturday it sat in the number 1 position for ‘new free apps’ on the google sports chart page and remained there until earlier today when it was nudged down to second spot by the Copa America app.

However, it  remains ahead of the Euro 216 tables app, with over 1,000 users downloading it two and a half days of release!

Download here:

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • RickHammer says:

    Yeah it’s fantastic isnt it.An easy way for the brain dead trolls to come here.Download the app & click on Claret & Hugh,even those thick tossers can’t balls that up

  • mattefumi27 says:

    Lol this new app is lethal… it should unite fans, but actually it creates only tension… lol one of my favourite wetties is Rolfe, the messanger of news of two weeks ago… haha 😉

    • Gobby says:

      Matte what do you think of Zaza,i quite like the look of him from what I have seen when given the chance by Juve.I know he ain’t a regular but let’s not forget neither was Ogbonna so that really isn’t a good gauge of a player or good enough reason to write them off because they can’t get a game for one of the biggest teams in the world on a regular basis.You must see him more than the rest of us,what do you think of him?

      • mattefumi27 says:

        Honestly I like him Gobby. One of the best Italian strikers, he never gives up, he’s fast and young… but I read that some of the Wetlands don’t know him, so I fear that the deal is off… lol 😀

        • GW says:

          But does he have a ponytail or a bun in his hair, glass ankles and legs and fly through the air for 50 games in 3 seasons? If he does he will be held aloft like some kind of God if not he will just be a minger to the higher powers over at the new apps destination of choice.

        • Gobby says:

          Lol,well funny enough Matte it was them discussing him made me think of asking you because you actually see him regularly,unlike the Wets European scouts lol.Yeah i like him as well though I haven’t seen him as much as you clearly.But what I have seen I like 🙂

    • GW says:

      Rolfe is a legend Matte, his finger is on the pulse of all things West Ham from a month ago until Bradders tells him what’s really going on.

      • mattefumi27 says:

        Haha… you crack me up GW… that’s true, he’s a legend… his hot news come from The Sun and Daily Express bought last summer… lol

        • GW says:

          Good old Rolfe, Wet Pants answer to Forrest Gump telling us his breaking news from days gone by and how each new signing is like a box of chocolates.

  • Gobby says:

    I dont know Rick,they more than likely still sit there scratching their nuts for 20 minutes while they work out how to switch their phones on first 🙂

  • StanThe Man says:

    I have read quite a bit recently about Conte wanting to take Zaza to Chelski though it is probably just more transfer rumour rubbish.

  • dsdavis6 says:

    What exactly is this war with “wetpamts” all over?

  • Gobby says:

    Dont know mate,aint got a clue who wetpamts are lol

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