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Paquetá Agrees Personal Terms

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West Ham United midfielder Lucas Paquetá appears destined for a move to Manchester City this summer

Foot Mercato journalist Santi Aouna has provided a fresh update, confirming Manchester City’s agreement with Paquetá’s agents regarding personal terms.

Following West Ham’s defeat to Manchester City on Sunday, speculation surrounding Paquetá‘s potential return to the Etihad Stadium has intensified. Last summer, a transfer to City nearly materialised, and recent reports suggested a “salary agreement” was already in place between the player and the club.

Paquetá’s current contract with West Ham extends until 2027 with an option for an additional year. It also includes a hefty £85 million release clause. Aouna suggests City will attempt to negotiate a transfer fee with West Ham in the coming weeks. However, if an agreement cannot be reached, City are prepared to activate the release clause, demonstrating their strong resolve to secure the Brazilian midfielder.

West Ham are presented with a difficult decision. They can either negotiate a potentially higher transfer fee or risk losing Paquetá for the full £85 million release clause value.

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  • BamBamBiglao says:

    How can a team with 115 FFP allegations aren’t suspended from the transfer market until a decision is made.

    • Ricky says:

      I’m with you mate…all the first team to win the league 4 times in a row….how long do these rule breaches go back….will they have there name stripped from records if found guilty…relegated to 2nd division…as per likes of rangers and fiorentina….farcical if they are found to be guilty….anyone else seems to be given points deductions instantly

      • Cat says:

        There getting away with murder because of their power and wealth a total disgrace how can Everton and forest get punished and Glasgow rangers get thrown to the bottom tier of football but yet the clowns are making a mockery out of the premier League and now we must get on our knees and hand Paqueta over or the will simply pay the 85 million buy out clause a total disgrace is making me start to hate football tbh

        • Dave says:

          Thought everyone is innocent until proven guilty. That’s the problem with everyone saying they should be relegated, fined, thrown out of the football league etc, etc. Everton and forest HAVE been found guilty, City haven’t as yet. Everyone is firing the gun before its been loaded. Every club in the football league is guilty of some kind of rule breaking. Don’t be throwing stones in glass houses. Every club in the premier league will have charges brought against them in the future. Let’s see if your all crying about city or crying about your own clubs when your charged with misdemeanours of some kind. Jealousy is a horrible thing. There are plenty of clubs that have spent as much and much more in some cases. Its down to the board at clubs that are responsible for the running of the club not the players. The players get what they deserve through hard work or not in some cases when relegation is the only award for poor or badly run clubs. Funny how clubs only start to try and save themselves with a handful of matches left to save themselves but not the previous 30 or so games. The Blue machine will roll on for years to come regardless of found guilty or not so everyone will just have to get on with it, Good luck with that and to all the tryers and failures.

          • Motorbus says:

            Amen to that. Well spoken

          • Robert says:

            I totally agree and it’s been going on about 2009 if thay done anything Thay be punished for it but Thay ant got any evidence saying Thay have done something but its only reason it’s reopening case because premier League teams complained two FIFA saying city Breaking rules

          • Bert Schouwenburg says:

            Nothing to do with jealousy. The Premier League is as rotten as the proverbial pear. Ridiculous kick-off times, VAR and random points deductions are amongst the reasons that so many of us are royally hacked off with it. Allowing City to effectively be the UAR national football team is as absurd as it is morally wrong.

            • Phil Thompson says:

              What a passionate city fan.
              One rule for you guys & the rest can roll
              It’s not jealousy it’s what’s fair, money speaks & like all walks of life it buys you help & in most cases illegal.
              Any billionaire could buy a premier club & turn it into a city if you don’t play by the rules.

              As for your comment about players getting what they are worth, well they are massively over paid, not worth 150k a week, debryn on £400, Halland £800k😳😳😳
              £40k a week max, they don’t give that much entertainment.
              It’s only the corruption that pays these vast stupid wages.
              Let’s face it most premiership players are very ordinary.

              • BMlondon says:

                Although Everton and Forest admitted to the so called rule breaking, the Prem should give them their point back, I don’t call spending money on your business cheating, where does that come from, imagine if every business got punished because they got the best managers advisers etc where would we be. It is total nonsense, if you have it spend it,
                Back in the day when Bruc Grabbila ex Liverpool goal keeper got caught match fixing now that’s cheating,

          • Trevor says:

            What are you talking about utter rubbish

          • Felix says:

            Jealous sour losers 😂🤣😅

          • Mike says:

            We said buddy

          • John Milburn says:

            Well said Dave
            Plenty of green eyed monsters on here haha

          • Jason says:

            You cannot separate the players from the club. If the club has allegations of impropriety, freezing their transfers is fair. A points deduction or the like puts the cart before the horse. The reason a club breaks the rules is to try to win. That’s not excusable as an offense. If they are guilty, then give them consequences.

          • Tel says:

            Innocent until proven guilty yes, but there has been no urgency to investigate while Everrton and Forest were. Dealt with swiftly. Frankly it stinks .

          • Dave says:

            Absolute nonsense. You claim not being found guilty yet means people can’t speak their mind?
            Not being found guilty or innocent YET is part of the blatant corruption football is now riddled with. Accusing people of jealousy is just pathetic and shows you have no morals or ethics.

          • James bakas says:

            Ha ha ha
            They sponsored them selves so they could spend more!! And put money in everyone’s pocket to keep quiet!!! You absolute ****

        • Anthony says:

          Get over it we haven’t done anything wrong

        • Cityboy says:

          How stupid are you. Forest and Everton admitted the charges. City are innocent and are fighting them. Engage your brain before your stupid mouth🤡

        • William Quinan says:

          Rangers were relegated because they were bankrupt and could not pay their debts.

        • Gary Russell says:

          Glasgow Rangers went out of business, the Rangers club that was ceased to exist! They had to re apply for a place in the Scottish football league and as a new club started at the bottom of the ladder! Forest and Everton admitted the charges and so their punishment came quickly. ManC are denying so many of the charges so its a long process, I don’t get why people don’t understand this? Plus the charges go back to 2009 yet the rules they’ve supposed to have broken didn’t come into force until 2013 so the argument there is how can they be charged with breaking rules that didn’t exist at the time? I’d be surprised if this whole thing doesn’t roll on into 2026 and I fully expect a deal to be done by the EPL. A huge fine and probably a 30point deduction, which let’s face it would still leave City in the top 8 as they regularly gather 90points a season!

      • Leo grimes says:

        Rangers we’re liquidated back in the day,they were asked to pay the debt they owed which I think was £273million but they refused so a new club was formed,the ranger international football club. yet they still want to claim the 55 titles which the old club won.

        • Lee says:

          115 charges but done nothing wrong pull the other one it’s got bells on

        • Lee says:

          273 million rangers owed lol no they claimed it was 70 later on to decide it’s only 20million. Nearly put us out of biz over 20million disgraceful

      • Cityboy says:

        Because your a fool and not a lawyer 🤡

      • Willie says:

        Rangers were different they had no money and basically they died by not paying anyone including hrmc . Rangers fans let their club die

      • Dave says:

        How many of you people are reading the wrong info regarding the charges
        The charges relate fron 2006 to 2017 thats before the Pep Guardiola era so why are you all going on about the recent team they deserve the credits your all jealous look when Manchester United was winning all the titles

      • Trev says:


      • Jon says:

        Totally agree it’s like the premier League are scared of City’s lawyers as they can afford the best lawyers in the world spending all this time from being charged looking for loop holes. Makes a mockery of the system which is meant to be fair the premier League won’t even give a date of a hearing

      • Zia says:

        Nothing is proven yet don’t say thing out jealousy

    • Paul says:

      Totally agree, double standards!

      • Rico says:

        Give your head a wobble it’s the club with 115 ffp, not the team and pep and how they play.

    • Bill says:

      Because like anybody accused of wrongdoing innocent until proven guilty. Trouble with people like you, always jumping to conclusions without knowing the facts!!

    • Debbie says:

      Money talks. Forest and Everton had points deducted for minor breaches. City 115 breaches later should have a transfer embargo, same as Chelsea. Being a BIG club, Premier League are running scared.

      • Nark says:

        I’m trying to figure out how he would fit into the City team? Who would Pep leaven out to accommodate him? De Bruyne, Foden, Bernardo?

      • Gary says:

        And do you know what the charges are? No you don’t so stop 😭😭😭until you hear the evidence and defence W⚓

        • John says:

          I thought we did know what the charges were, the 115 are in the public domain or am I confused?

      • Eben says:

        Forest and Everton pleaded guilty

    • Gary says:


    • What what says:

      Suspended for what they have not broken any transfer rules. Before commenting on 115 learn what the rules they supposed to have broken.

    • What what says:

      115 rules supposedly broken. The 115 are not 115 separate rule. They are tied to 5 or 6 premier league rules. CAS ruled we did not break any sponsorship deals so basically 80+ breaches are dead in the water. City have 4 rules breaches they have to worry about. They are eufa rules that are not time barred by premier League rules

    • Gaza123 says:

      I have read it could take 5 years to sort because city lawyers have found no wrong doing also there lawyers have more money than premeir league

    • Mick says:

      That’s mean you are guilty before being found innocent law don’t work like that I’m afraid

    • Blue says:

      Not guilty

    • Kerry says:

      It’s not a FFP situation, it’s about fraud! And it was allegedly conducted a few years before Pep was in charge. I, like most supporters, what to see and end to this. But don’t forget, City have the best legal team you could ever imagine so, I wouldn’t expect a resolution to this anytime soon.

    • Michael Priestley says:

      Because they are allegations and you can’t punish a club because you think they have broken some rules that is like putting someone in prison for life because you think they may kill someone. Everyone is innocent until it’s proven

    • Wayne says:

      Whats the difference between 115 charges and 116?

  • John Ayris says:

    Brilliant at times, a liability at others, a lot of the showboating stuff looks fantastic but goes nowhere. Take the £85 million provided it’s not on never never terms, we’re into a rebuild whatever happens and it’s very spendable.

  • Paul Taylor says:

    No, great loss, why City want a petulant, inconsistent and unreliable individual is a mystery compared to Kudus who is much better all round footballer. Gives the ball away far to easily, far to often but if he wants to sit on the bench but win countless medals then good luck to him. Perhaps we’ll produce a team of young home grown player’s along with some senior experienced players comfortable on the ball and capable of retaining possession and attacking the opposition for 90 minutes.

    • Tony Forsberg says:

      What is this “retaining possession” of which you speak?

      • Paul Taylor says:

        In the opponents half of the pitch! I was so impressed by Oxford Utd against Bolton, lost 5 nil in March but tactically brilliant in the Playoff Final rematch. Three forwards wouldn’t allow Bolton to play out from the back with a high press, three midfielders forced them wide and four defenders just picked up the the rest. Bolton just got frustrated, thought Moyes would have tried something similar but guess what!!

      • Jamie King says:

        😂 let me.know when you find out please ⚒️

    • David says:

      You mean, like we used to way back?

    • Hugh Jars says:

      We can only hope! Not a foreign winger in sight. 🫧🫧⚒️⚒️⚒️

      • Hugh Jars says:


        • Trevsheadwonthecup says:

          Oh dear god . As if pacquetas personal terms were ever an issue. It all comes down to one thing will they trigger the release clause of £85m .

    • Cat says:

      You being sarcastic? Do you watch football and know the game? Paqueta is a smashing player and we never won a single match when he was injured for seven games ding ding does that ring a bell 🔔🔔🔔🙄

    • Janet Benstead says:

      So true kudas is a far better player

  • Peter says:

    I agree showboating in your own half costs goals as has been shown recently. Take the money and get rid and build with good team players

  • Billboy says:

    The Brazilian won’t be the first “Superstar” we’ve lost probably won’t be the last, but we’re still here, still West Ham. Got a dodgy board, dodgy ground, but top drawer supporters. Bye bye Paqueta, hope you enjoy the bench at the etihad.

    • John Dockrell says:

      What happened about the betting scandal. That has not magically disappeared. I think city will look to pay half the buy out value, because of there has been no resolution, to the charges as yet.

      • Graham says:

        Complete conspiracy theory, but it funny how Betway, our own sponsor, bought it to the premier league/FAs attention at a time when we desperately didn’t want to lose another key player after Rice went. It scuppered the deal, and ever since there has not been enough evidence for the Premier League to do anything about it!

        A false Kudus betting scandal in Ghana please Betway so we can hold on to him for another year!!

    • Lee essex says:

      Totally agree He will warm the MC bench then gets sold to Europe …. He didn’t know were he was well off

    • David Green says:

      Paqueta will be the new Phillips for City. I can’t see how he will fit in there. Not the same player as De Brunye, Foden is playing centrally. Grealish and Doku out left. Will be a bit part player. £85m and we can keep Kudus and Bowen who are better for the team. Gibbs White would be a hard worker we need. This will also allow Earthy to get more game time. Zaha in for 2 seasons to blood the youth out there.

    • Hugh Jars says:

      Yes, shame Sullivan perv and the Brady bunch are still there. Need to be gone

  • Bennyboy baker says:

    On his day Paqueta can be a world beater but he has to many off days where he shows no interest in being involved in the game his show boating has cost us on occasion if he thinks that he can get away with stuff like that at Man City then he will be in the same boat as Phillips he has the ability to light up a game when he wants to he has all skills to be a great player but he needs to cut out the antics diving rolling around like he’s been hit by a double decker bus not a good look I would love him to stay but that boat seems to have sailed

  • John Dockrell says:

    What happened about the betting scandal. That has not magically disappeared. I think city will look to pay half the buy out value, because of there has been no resolution, to the charges as yet.

  • Adrian says:

    If a player don’t want to be at a club then let him go at at the £85M and run!!!! Use that money to get players that DO want to be at the club. I believe that if a player don’t want to be at a club then sell him at the highest price and rebuild around the players that want to be there don’t want stroppy players with an attitude. Marco anoutouvic and payet pring to mind

    • Mick purdy says:

      City are agreat football Team period
      However if they are guilty it’s a farcce
      Most teams blow there budgets on strilkers or midfielders
      City do that plus spend the most on defenders 80 million plus huge wages
      Something is wrong in the way they deal
      Newcastle United Chelsea can’t spend in the way they do
      Chelsea have to offer 8 year contracts to avoid FFP

  • nigel says:

    Watched him argue with the Ref trying to get booked in the Luton Game so he wouldn’t have to play against Man C
    He could be brilliant, but the second half of this season he was poor at times.
    He has to go

  • Jason Dunlop says:

    Take the 85 million & invest wisely. He’s an amazing player but I’ve seen too many downright pathetic performances for my liking! I’d be more worried in losing Kudus!

  • Jeeps says:

    Not our usual on-the-cheap sale, Doku + £40m will do.
    With class of players at Man City he will be forced to show all that’s in his tank.
    Not long ago Jack the Lad Grealish was flavour of the month now he makes up subs bench regularly.
    If only whu had some subs like him.

  • Deathblow says:

    Get rid. He’s shown some amazing skills and that pass for Bowen in Prague was class, but could’ve done a whole load more of it on a regular basis.
    Great bit of business and put the money towards players who want to play for the badge when they’re on the pitch, not when they feel like it. He can be Pep’s pricey problem and may well find himself in the same position on the bench with Grealish.
    So West Ham, and ket’s hope we can start to remove that attitude once and for all.

  • Terry says:

    Get the £85m , or take £80m if they have Zouma as well 🤣

  • Emmanuel Olagunju says:

    Premier league is useless league,look what they did to Everton, because they don’t have money, they have not done half of what man city Did, immediately they were punish,and man city as not been done anything

  • Gaz says:

    He should look across the room at Calvin Philips. Perhaps they can bunk together at ManC?

  • Whippethammer says:

    What’s the difficulty. Start at £125m reduce as required bottom line is £85m anyway. Win win. Good player, his head is and has been elsewhere. I value Bowen and Kudus as much better bets going forward. Kudus is going to be one of the best players in the world in the next few years. He has no downside.

  • Wayne says:

    Really can’t be disappointed about this. Been off his game for quite a while now and it’s been obvious his head had been turned months ago.

  • Wayne says:

    Sorry, 2018.

    ‘Man City have been charged with breaking FFP rules 115 times over nine years. This dates back to 2009 and stretches to 2018’

  • Graham says:

    As a lot have said, great on his day, but his day not often enough. He will be miles better in a team that has 65% of the ball every week instead of 35% though so could be a good move all round.

    Perhaps I’m misreading it, but the end of the article implies trying to negotiate more, which is practically impossible. No one will pay £95m when they only have to pay £85m. Surely any negotiation will be them trying to negotiate below the £85m, which is what I think the original reporter is suggesting. In which case if his head is turned and he downs tools, (add to that our pervious record in transfer dealings before the Rice deal) will we even get the full £85m.

  • Leonidas Housakos says:

    Paqueta is the best all around midfielder in the world – the best !!!
    Sets pace , accurate passing , excellent marking , miles and miles of hustling .
    I compare his influence on West Ham (a team at risk of relegation year after year) like Maradona’s on Napoli . Both made the team three times better .
    Nine games without Lucas this year …..eight losses and one draw – and mostly with inferior teams .
    The Hammers without Lucas even lost to a Division Two team in a Cup match .

  • David says:

    Same old story. Because money is no object to us, we’ll take your best player then we can beat you. Let’s be honest; there is no level playing field. And we’ll do the same to teams with less money than us. I know there’s other factors such as personnel, location and facilities but give me a Mark Noble over a Paqueta any day.

  • Morkus says:

    I’d laugh my head off if he went to City then they got kicked out of prem to a lower league

  • Colin says:

    Paqueta has had his head turned definitely, but he is. Under contract until 2026 with an extension for a further year as I understand it, so he won’t be going anywhere unless someone steps up the 85 million release clause. Man city won’t be signing him until they know two things, and they are has the betting investigation against paqueta been dropped, and after the ffp conclusion which needs sorting b4 the new season starts. Whereby paqueta will find himself plyig in the championship at best, pep guardiola has pretty much admitted he won’t be managing city next season because he knows they will rightly be relegated and if true justice is to be served they will also be stripped of all titles. This all depends on two things, who’s dealing with it and how corrupt they are and how much city can bribe them with money. If city aren’t relegated all Premier league clubs should refuse to fulfill any fixtures and that would sink the fa crooks.

  • samparker says:

    “The customer support from this seo service is outstanding. Any questions or concerns we have are addressed promptly and professionally.”

  • Neil says:

    We were able to get P. because the others wouldn’t take a risk with a player who looses possession the way he does; presumably Pep believes he can train that out of him ,if not he’ll never get on the pitch. We can use that money for real team building.

  • D.f.butcher says:

    I thought he was totally disrespectful to west ham when he embraced guardiola that time good riddance to him he never has been another payet never will be , easily replaced , hopefully by another reliable better footballer who wants to play for us , we don’t need show boaters or sulkers, footballers come and go this one has come and hell go BYE BYE.

  • Adam says:

    I would let Paqueta go he hasn’t been great since he got injured get the money and get a replacement for him

  • Sooty says:

    I personally think he has been going through the motions the last few games as to not jeopardise this big money move. If Manchester City end up being found guilty of FFP infringements, how many of the stalwart of the club will stay.l This is only my personal opinion. I thought West Ham United were very poor yesterday conceding so early settled the title destination.

  • Phil Baker says:

    Let Paqueta go for 85 million and he can win the EFL Championship with Man City after they’re relegated for their many rule breaches .In some respects it’s a perfect match of Paqueta the rule breaker joins Man City the rule breaker .

  • Hammer says:

    I think he stopped playing for us after the January transfer window. I read Man City had sniffed around but didn’t want to pay anything like 85 mil because of the possible betting scandal imposing a ban if proven guilty. We said no and he seems to have had a hissy fit he was **** on Sunday Moyes should have taken him off at half time. I suppose he didn’t want to do anything to upset his future team !! but still it looked like Kudus was the only one prepared to do anything all the others seemed to have their holidays sorted.

  • Stephen J Pegum says:

    Never mind all of the charges against City for now but morally how is it right that ANY player under contract to one club can go out & agree personal terms with another club ?!

  • David MacLean says:

    Same old same old. What do our fantastic scouts feel when they suss out these great players only for Sullivan and co to make a fast buck. Nothing has changed at WHU since the brown era.
    Oh yeh I agree get rid of paqueta fed up watching him falling over and giving the ball blaming everyone but himself

  • Kip says:

    Why would you negotiate a lower price ..🤣ffs if the release Clause is 85 mill then that’s it….my god when it comes to transfers we are absolute it in coming or out going…did you notice last year when we sold players it got done in days. When we tried to buy players it went on for months then didn’t happen at all most of the time …soft as ****e …ffs

  • David MacLean says:

    Again we find these players, make some noises then Newcastle, Liverpool and dare I mention spurs but them.

  • James says:

    One word message to Mr P…..Phillips.

  • Rich says:


  • Dal M 247 says:

    Listen, Paq is quality and we all know it. Yes he has had a downturn in form after City’s approach but he is mustard – Now is his time at us?! I’d say yeah, take the dough and give it to Lop to build something to push top 6 meanwhile keeping Alverez Kudus & Bowen.

  • John Boy says:

    Paqueta… today gone tomorrow.Who cares.Spent more time this season exasperated than excited by him and wouldn’t say he’s been “the difference” in any game.Easy on the eye at times it’s true but no more effective skills than the Brookings or Devonshires who gave us so many great moments and total loyalty to go with it.Cheerio!!

  • Trevsheadwonthecup says:

    Until the two bob dwarf. Realises he cannot afford to run a club the size of WHUFC nothing changes. No doubt talk****e will defend him until the end . Like they have with Moyes .

  • Mark says:

    He can go in my opinion, he is not a team player, he is a show pony who goes missing too often. Flicks and tricks, do not win games, hard work and team players do.
    See ya

  • Reallyoldgeezer says:

    If Paquetta doesn’t want to play for us let’s take the money. I can understand why. Our pass completion rate for the season is about 73pct and rarely do we make more than 350 passes in a game. Our opponents usually make double and sometimes triple that. Our share of possession seems to rarely be above 40 pct. Our ability to make a throw to our own side is about 1 in 4. And we don’t seem to have any kind of game plan or strategy except to try to defend and try to counter. You can count on one hand the number of times we’ve actually controlled a game. So its no wonder a player of his ability wants good football. As regards Citeh, those who say they have not been found guilty of anything are bang on. I am hoping Lopetequi will get us playing good, winning, modern football and attract players who want to come to us, not just for the money. Hopefully too he will let some of our younger players into the squad and play them, unlike Moyes who didn’t bring anyone in. A few cameos over 4 years doesn’t cut it for me. We need a proper squad of at least 17players , all premier league quality, all fighting for a place.IMHO

  • Ian Waddington says:

    All I can say is before man city was bought by the Abu Dhabi group and, the likes of utd arsenal Liverpool and Chelsea was always buying who they wanted when they wanted and was unstoppable big 4 and ever since city was bought all the jealousy started and the so called big 4 started whinging so they started all these new rules because other clubs could not compete with city, so stop spitting your dummies out and start to respect and appreciate quality and pure class, with constant record breaking and trend setting blue and white army, C. T. I. D

  • Rev. Danger says:

    We will see how it ends

  • Lawrence Williams says:

    It get’s a bit boring seeing the same teams at the top most years. Maybe FIFA should bring in salary caps for each division in each country. It would stop these ridiculous salaries and maybe many players would stay in their own country to play football because they would not be able to earn any more by going abroad. Teams in each league would have a level playing field.

  • Trevsheadwonthecup says:

    Pacqueta agreed personal terms last summer. But it doesn’t mean anything unless he’s cleared of the betting charges . No sign of that happening anytime soon either.

  • John Jewell says:

    Have the FA dropped the charges then? I doubt he’ll be going anywhere until that is sorted…

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