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Paqueta Breaks Silence on Charges

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West Ham‘s Lucas Paqueta finally addressed the ongoing FA betting charges during a press conference with the Brazilian national team.

Paqueta, previously quiet except for a single Instagram post, emphasised this would be his only comment on the matter. Heeding his lawyers’ advice, he refrained from further details.

Foot Mercato reported the following from Paqueta regarding his current situation.

The West Ham star made his stance on the situation very clear indeed by saying,

This will be the first and only time I will speak about this matter. My lawyers have advised me not to comment on the matter.”

“What I can say is that I continue to do my best, cooperating. My lawyers defend me so that everything is clarified in the end.”

“The decision made me sad but we will do everything to change this decision and cooperate.”

A meeting with the FA scheduled for this week has been delayed due to Paqueta’s legal team being away on holiday!  And the issue is not expected to be resolved before the transfer window closes.

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  • John Ayris says:

    Still boils down to the same two things. 1. The charges mean very little, it suits the FA to have the matter go to an independent panel and the only way that can happen is with charges. 2. Is there or is there not evidence of a link between the yellow cards and the claims from the gambling industry of unusual betting patterns. That’s the important thing not the charges.

    • Westhaminthetford says:

      Also, why aren’t the police involved? If he’s done it,it’s fraud,and a criminal offence. The police wouldn’t give you time to potentially destroy evidence. Betting on games as a professional is against the FA rules only,so the police are not involved,but trying to defraud a company (Betway) is a different thing.

  • Charlie Farley says:

    Spot on

    • Ken Edridge says:

      The FA are a power unto themselves. They are unanswerable to anyone. They have far too much power. It’s BS the way they have treated Lucas. if they had anything on him why not get it done and be with. If the truth be known they had nothing, but conjecture, and have played for time to create an issue. It’s time every football club got together and got these power hungry morons back inline. Of course they should try and keep the game honest, but the rules should also apply to them. They are nothing without the clubs that pay their salaries.

  • Dutch Courage says:

    Hopefully his legal team will uncover other instances of mass betting on days that he didn’t pick up a yellow card. If they can find such examples then there truly is no case to answer.

    • Dutch Courage Smells Granny's Panties says:

      Dutchie yo ..Stop going in Grans panty drawer

  • Darren Turner says:

    So he bascially hasn’t said anything else?

  • ZicoPaqueta' says:

    How many losing bets were made on player being carded? If none, looks very suspicious, but if bettor won say 4 out of 10, sometimes he got lucky 🍀. And what other flyers did he take,for instance,on a goal or an assist for Lucas?We all know,or should, bookies love losers but hate winners

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