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Paqueta case could take years

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West Ham has no insurance cover if Lucas Paqueta is found guilty of spot-fixing by the FA.

A club insider explained no insurance company provides cover for such an eventuality even if the West Ham player was convicted of a criminal offence.

The Hammers face losing everything if Paqueta is found guilty but do have the option to terminate the player’s contract for a breach of contract.

In rare circumstances West Ham could even pursue the player for compensation through the courts.

There has been a legal precedent in 2010 after Adrian Mutu was ordered to pay his former club Chelsea a record 17m Euros (ยฃ14.3m) in compensation after losing his final appeal in a legal battle which has lasted more than five years, the Swiss Federal Court has announced.

Mutu was sacked by Chelsea in September 2004 after testing positive for cocaine. The Romania striker received a seven-month ban from football, but the London club took a firm stance and sacked him before then suing him to recover compensation.

Lucas Paqueta and his legal representatives have the option to appeal any punishment handed out by the FA to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Considering the potential punishment he would also have the option to appeal any CAS decisions to the European Court of Human Rights.

This could potentially take years to finally be resolved.

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  • Pongo says:

    People bet on all sorts of things sometimes I win sometimes I lose that’s the nature of the beast, when I was on a winning streak the bookmakers restricted the amount I was allowed to bet because they don’t like losing, now let’s join the real world. If I had a pound for every non trier I have backed, or for a bet on a fancied horse that the jockey has clearly jumped off of, or even a horse that is fancied that comes to the track unfit, the betting industry is in big trouble especially with horse racing as people are walking away from gambling in their droves as they have finally realised how crooked the industry is, everything is stacked in the major bookies favour, years ago you hardly ever saw a false start or a delayed start the reason for this nowadays is quite simple it gives them the time to work out there liabilities and instruct the relevant people as to which horse needs to win. Just in the last few weeks I have seen horses travelling really well and then make no effort to gain the best possible finishing position until it’s far to late, if your a trainer of a horse you always know the way the horse needs to be ridden yet far to often they are ridden incorrectly and that’s because the trainer is trying to cheat the handicapped. So i say let’s stop them bookies from betting on football we’re they can influence officials with the brown envelope back handers which clearly goes on. If you look at the statistics the odds are always stacked in the supposed big sixes favour, i have seen so many poor decisions given to those teams and under similar circumstances for lesser teams the decisions go against them even when the circumstances are totally the same, just this season a few results went against us when they should have gone for us yet I recall a, weekend where city, Liverpool and arsenal were awarded a very contentious penalty, the bookmakers are the biggest criminals on the planet right now yet nothing is done about it by those pathetic individuals we call mps, well I was once told if you see an honest one shoot him before he turns bad, and i have to say after some of the things those mps have got upto just proves it, duck ponds, viewing porn in the houses of Parliament, if that was the ordinary man on the street they would have been locked up, fined and have, a, criminal record, so again one rule for us the do as your told, and a completely different one for the silver spoon in the mouth brigade, you cannot vote for starmer as he is a complete ****, we need to kick the tories out as well, liberals don’t make me laugh and all the other parties are made up of people who have no idea of which party the truly belong to as they all change like a bad dose of wind. So i think we need to vote for independants who will actually do something for their local communities, so there is no overall control leaving us devoid if the meme me brigade who just line there own pockets, not forgetting the mp who gave a 3 million pound contract to his pub landlord for a ppe contract they the landlord new f all about and didn’t produce any that could be used but that mp gets free booze forever in that pub. Is life fair no, so f off and leave paqueta alone unless you can catergorricly prove his guilty which you can’t and if i was him I would sue the fa’s arse off for tarnishing his reputation.

    • Spike says:

      Have you not spoken to anyone for 30 years?

    • Sawlgawnpearshape says:

      Love the passion!

    • Djb says:

      Tantrum Pongo…..
      If the FA have evidence that Paqueta has purposely picked up yellow cards to make money for his family /friends in Brazil he has cheated WHU and the fans too and should be held accountable.
      Personally…I think it’s a hard thing to prove unless messages relating to foul play have been discovered by the FA.
      Also it could open up a can of worms and get way out of hand …(no punn intended)

    • Hammer Joe 14 says:

      They asked you for a comment mate not an autobiography. I fell asleep after reading two sentences zzzzzz
      Shame we can’t sell him now but I’m sure he gambled on himself giving the ball away constantly and not running back. He must have made a fortune

  • Tony s says:


  • Phil Baker says:

    Many people believe that the FA is corrupt based on the baffling decisions it continues to make . Some of Paqueta’s yellow cards were because of his petulance , but there are many players who are equally petulant . Only hard proof should be accepted as damning evidence and as such Paqueta should be found innocent and consequently the corrupt elements of the FA suitably punished . Gambling on every single obscure part of football is the real crime here .

  • Mike cumming says:

    Why not loan Paqueta yo Man City for 21 Million a year. I’m sure a deal could be worked out for a roling loan over 4 years. As long as he is free to play and at the end of 4 years they will have bought him. Then everybody is happy

  • Stuart Pitcher says:

    Nothing was ever done about the Southampton star who admitted to taking cash for conceding the first throw in in a match. He tried to chip the ball over Neil Shipperley’s head but forgot how tall the lad was. Shipperley kept the ball in and returned the ball. The player made sure it sailed over his head with the next kick. It was all about spot betting in the far East and was thirty years ago.

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