Paqueta hearing on Monday


Paqueta hearing on Monday

A report in The Daily Mail claims West Ham are ‘nervously waiting’ as Lucas Paqueta has been called before the FA for a hearing on Monday.

It appears that Paqueta could face a “multi-year ban” or even jail if found guilty of allegations according to the Fifpro guidelines

Fifpro is the only worldwide representative organisation for professional footballers. It is a trade union for professional footballers acting in the interests of its 64,000 plus members.

And Fifpro issues clear guidance to all players – which would include our man Paqueta – over what comes under the match-fixing umbrella and the consequences.

Fifpro’s guidance on the matter states:

“What is match-fixing?

Match-fixing is the illegal manipulation of the result of a sports match, or elements of a match, such as a specific throw-in, penalty-kick, corner or yellow card.

“What happens if I help fix a match?

You will at least risk a multi-year ban from football. In various countries match-fixing is considered a criminal offence, meaning that players who are found guilty of being involved with match-fixing risk a jail sentence.”

As we have been saying, these are just allegations and the sooner this is all resolved the better for everybody.

It will be interesting to see where Paqueta’s head is at the moment, will he play today?

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  • ibhammer says:

    Surely he’d be very unlucky to get a multi year ban, when Toney only got six months for hundreds offences. Isn’t he accused of a handful of offences to do with yellow cards?

  • Bournehammer68 says:

    It took 2 years for Ivan Toney to be banned. At West Ham it takes less than 2 weeks., go figure.

  • West Aussie Hammer 1 says:

    Yep this club keeps on giving, I know it’s not there fault but seriously how many own goals do we need.
    This club is a poisoned chalice. I still follow but need meds

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