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Paqueta Predicts Big Future for Youngster

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West Ham’s win over Luton might have been Lucas Paqueta‘s last home appearance amidst transfer rumours linking him to Manchester City.

The game was also a coming-of-age moment for West Ham youngster George Earthy. A lifelong fan, Earthy scored his first Premier League goal, fulfilling a dream, in his second appearance for the club. His debut against Fulham was cut short due to a concussion.

Paqueta seems to have taken a liking to Earthy. He previously praised Earthy on social media after the young midfielder’s debut in the Europa League.

Following Earthy’s first goal, Paqueta took to social media once again, this time with a bold prediction. He urged fans to “record that name” (Earthy’s) and hailed him as a future star. Paqueta’s experience in major tournaments and top leagues lends significant weight to his praise.

Paqueta’s statement is a significant endorsement for Earthy. Coming from a player with World Cup, Copa America, and Champions League experience, it suggests Paqueta sees exceptional potential in the young West Ham player.

Paqueta’s belief in Earthy has fans excited. If Paqueta’s prediction holds true, West Ham might have unearthed another top talent in George Earthy.

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  • John Ayris says:

    I’ve seen so many prospects come and blow out that I’ll wait and see. The vast majority of our academy graduates end up in the lower leagues is the reality, we view them through rose tinted specs to say the least.

    • Mr Buddy Lurve says:

      I entirely agree, John, but they’re glasses that are fun to wear. We’re desperate for the next Noble or Rice to break through and succeed, but we all know the odds, and I’m sure they do too.

      Almost every club has an academy, and it’s important that the academy attracts the right coaches and players, but ultimately it’s in the minds of those players that plays a large part in their success.

      And if any player, academy or not, isn’t good enough for our first team, then they shouldn’t get time playing in it. It’s a ‘dream’ for a reason.

      • Jamie Hickman says:

        That is certainly true, although you tend to know when a player is going to be special after half an hour (the reverse is also true). The same with great fighters. I think Earthy might be a bit special.

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