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Paqueta request more time to mount defence

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Lucas Paqueta’s lawyers yesterday requested an extension in time to respond to his Football Association charge for alleged betting breaches.

He had just 10 days between the announcement and the time he was expected to respond to the charges. He is expected to plead not guilty to all charges claiming there is no case to answer without hard evidence.

The news arrived on the same day that it was reported around sixty people placed bets on Paqueta to be booked in one or all of the four matches he is charged with.

As reported yesterday, the stakes ranged from £7 to £400, leading to combined potential winnings of £100,000. The Brazilian West Ham attacking midfielder has strenuously denied any wrongdoing, but it appears the FA’s charge sheet contains a recommendation that Paqueta be banned for life if he is found guilty of the breaches.

It should be noted that there is as yet no evidence of the FA’s charges so they remain alleged and unsubstantiated and will remain so until the unlikely event legal documents are leaked.

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  • D.f.butcher says:

    If you practice to deceive oh what a wicked web you weave?

  • Benny the Aussie says:

    Well he really should have been prepared a lot earlier because they raised the issue at the halfway point of the season.
    If it goes pear shaped, I’m not surprised as it’s what happens to us. Not the big boys. I’m still getting over the Tevez incident.

  • Wayne Rasmussen says:

    If he’s found guilty , blatant cheat , not only his team mates but us the hard working fans paying extortionate prices to watch him , are let down and cheated he should give half his years salary to a charity or two , and we should have half our season ticket money reimbursed, but ofcourse you know that’s never gonna happen , but we will all be back next season , same old same old ⚒⚽️🍺

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