Paqueta Sell-On Could Suit All Parties

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As Lucas Paqueta and Brazil bowed out of the Copa America losing to Uruguay, the player was substituted late on in the second half, and received much criticism from the Brazilian press for a very average performance.

Much must be playing on his mind, with the FA betting charges hanging over his head.

Flamengo entered talks a month ago with West Ham for a loan move, which basically serves no purpose to anyone, yet a permanent transfer may suit all parties.

West Ham invested £51m back in 2022 for the player, and will want to recoup a large portion of their investment, and could include a sell on clause, should the player in the future not be found guilty and then seek a move back to Europe.

Manchester City have been admirers of the mercurial talent, and would be quick to pounce should he become available.

The player has reportedly shown some interest in the move to Brazil, yet given his career may be short lived I find it odd that he would walk away from a £150k a week salary at West Ham to join a league where top flight players receive on average a maximum of £25k a week.
One of the key reasons to leave Lyon for West Ham was the uplift in salary from £51k a week, albeit at a lower tax rate of 30%.

Paqueta began his career at Flamengo, and if found guilty by the FA, it may take some time for FIFA to then implement an international ban.

Lots of moving chess pieces on this one, and Lopetegui may feel that keeping the player will be divisive to the dressing room and his future plans for West Ham.

Guest Post by Matt Kemp

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  • D says:

    I think he should move on. On his day he can be amazing but often anonymous and his long term future isn’t with us so the earlier we get shot the better.

    • Lee says:

      Spot on – shame, but he needs top quality players around him to allow him to perform and make the inevitable mistakes that come with it.

  • Kevlar says:

    I would keep him as I don’t see him being found guilty of the charges against him ! We can then sell him to city as agreed for £85m or more if others become involved.Or we can just keep him and up the buy out clause or remove it ?

  • Charlie Farley says:

    Keep him…….. Paqueta would be amazing under the new coaches’ tactics and style.

  • Matt says:

    Why does it take so long to deal with Paqueta and previously with Toney?

    The FA are messing about with careers and clubs by not resolving matters urgently. They seem to lack a spine by passing the decision to an independent panel. Surely the evidence has been collated and the decision of guilty or not guilty could have been given before the Copa America.

    This is now the third transfer window Paqueta has had this hanging over his head. Enough is enough, either find him guilty or let him play with his name cleared.

    • Rob Herring says:

      Totally agree

    • Ess_Bee says:

      Didn’t the spineless FA pass the “case” on to an independent tribunal? Thus washing their hands of their responsibilities.
      But! He’s a professional paid big money. It doesn’t matter what is “hanging over his head”, he should still put in 100% when he plays.

  • John Harrison says:

    Paqueta did well for us with this charge hanging over him. I think the whole thing is, for what it’s worth, a figment of the FA’s imagination. And what a player he could be for us if finally cleared. I’d keep him.

  • Mavded says:

    The evidence they have is laughable and i feel sorry for the guy and if this drags on you have to wonder what type of player will come back….he has been open with them but as ever the FA drag there feet and i can see this ending up in a proper court of law if they go ahead and decide they will punish him as the evidence is pathetic.

  • Mr Buddy Lurve says:

    Given the funds he must have at his disposal, I’m surprised that he hasn’t counter-sued them for damages.

  • Rodrigo says:

    Salary information isn’t accurate. First you should never say “on average a maximum”. Average and maximum are very different concepts. Second, there are several players earning as much as £150,000 a week in Brazil in top clubs like Flamengo, Palmeiras and Corinthians.
    The issue isn’t the salary. Is the visibility, the level of the game, the reach of PL is incomparable to the Brazilian league…
    I don’t believe WH would want to sell him if there was a chance he could be

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