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Paqueta Source: Transfer deal wide of the mark


West Ham Latest News: Paqueta Man City rumour denied

Gossip about Lucas Paqueta eyeing a move to Manchester City this summer has been buzzing around, but Sean Whetstone from C&H is throwing some water on that fire.

On his Twitter (@westhamfootball), Sean’s calling out these rumours, saying a source close to Paqueta denies any deal with City. He mentions that Paqueta’s still all in with West Ham, focusing on finishing the season strong with the Hammers. Plus, there’s the whole situation with his gambling investigation that needs wrapping up, and Manchester City hasn’t even put an official bid on the table yet.

West Ham Latest News: Paqueta Man City rumour denied

Rumours that Paqueta has agreed a deal with Man City have been denied

Sean’s hinting that this whole story might just be some noise stirred up by agents. It doesn’t kill the possibility of Paqueta moving to City eventually, but it does suggest the rumours, especially those coming from the French media, might be a bit off target. Sean and the folks at Claret & Hugh are pretty plugged into Paqueta’s world, and it seems like his team wants to clear the air about this latest gossip wave.

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