Parkes reckons Hart has it all to prove


Phil Parkes makes no bones about having been a strong critic of Joe Hart in the past and insists the West Ham loan signing has ” a lot to prove during the next year.”

But he admits to the world at large the England keeper’s signing makes a statement in Irons terms along with the imminent arrival of Javier Hernandez and the newly arrived record signing Marko Arnautovic.

But speaking exclusively to ClaretandHugh, Parkesy declared: “Joe arrives with a lot to prove although he remains a top name.

He made mistakes at Torino and there were a few boo boos at the Euros and he will now be fighting for his place against the likes of Jack Butland and Jordan Pickford.

When he’s at his best he is a superb keeper and probably the No 1 in the country so maybe now has competition for the England spot it could well sharpen his game .

He has had plenty of critics recently and now has the chance to put them in their place. We want to see the real Joe Hart this season but I can’t believe Adrian will be happy but we’ll have to wait and see what happens.”


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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

    🙂 with you parks’y on this one , let’s hope he does the buisness 🙂 , shame it wasn’t a youth full you 🙂 🙂 top keeper even with dodgy knees 🙂

    What you reckon Kevin 🙂 🙂

  • kevin says:

    Have been trying to comment but the web keeps failing on me . So I’ll try again , here we go. Written this three times now and every time it comes out different .
    I have said the same thing on numerous occasions but there are lots of fans who think Hart is the Bees Knees . Say anything against Hart and you get loads of bad reactions and posts along with shadowy insults . In my opinion Hart is no better than Adrian . Maybe Adrian is even better than Hart if you consider Harts previous . I am still struggling to understand the signing that has forced Randolph out and the possible exit of Adrian . Name and tee shirts and tv and marketing are the only reasons I can honestly see .
    So , as to your question , Lazarus ; Phill Parks was the best Keeper never to be selected by any England manager . He was far better than Hart and quite a few others . He deserved better but never got the chance … imo it was a case of Not letting West Ham get involved in the World Cup because nobody likes us celebrating it . Jealousy was and is rife .
    No West Ham United involvement = No World Cups nor Euro Cups imo . It seems the whole English Football establishment want to avoid winning the World Cup with West Ham players . England was crying out for a player like Carroll . But he was West Ham so no thanks .
    Rob Green made one mistake and Capello ruined his career . Do I feel bitter about it ??
    You bet. I can go deeper but reckon that’ll do for now .

    • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

      I agree with you Kevin about Parkes definitely there were times he should have been selected because he was playing better than Clemence and the other custodians of the day but that is the FA selectors for you… In terms of signing him, well if Adrian has a loss of form we only have Randolph and Randolph may be a great character or whatever but he isn’t a great goalkeeper, he makes very few great saves and lets in goals he should save, you may well point to evidence that demonstrate Hart’s fragility in recent times but the key difference is Hart has done it all and proved himself and won his team important games through world class saves, he is also a very high profile which is almost as important to the club going forward, overall he ticks a lot more boxes than Randy now it is a case as Parkesy say he has to refind his best form and produce because like you I don’t think there is that much between him and Adrian and hopefully they will both push each other to be better 🙂

      • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

        Well put 32 🙂

        • Gaz says:

          Randolph is now a champo goalkeeper..That should tell you everything you need to know.He is back from where he came and he will be one of the best in the champo but it is his true level in my opinion.

    • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

      🙂 shovel , beard and rocks is in the post keV 🙂 🙂

  • PopRobson says:

    I’m with you both on this one, don’t quite get it, personally I’d have saved the wages for front men, Adrian would have been my choice for No.1 this season with a solid..ish understudy in Randy. However, as his arrival doesn’t appear to be at the expense of front men then I’ll wait and see..

  • kevin says:

    You’ll probably get some objections , but not so nicely written .

  • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

    Fingers crossed keV 🙂

  • MikePen says:

    Having seen Hart play a few times his greatest challenge it seems to me is his approach – he has too much of a Red brain – and needs to focus on his Blue Brain (look up the All Blacks Red and Blue brains and you will understand). He has fantastic ability, but all too often his Red brain overcomes him and he loses concentration to make the silly mistakes. If he can mature a little and sort out his focus he will truly be a top top signing for us. Seems to me Slav’s challenge is to get him in that frame of mind.

  • Gaz says:

    Im still confused and will probably remain confused for ever more that two keepers who could neither make the shirt their own because of numerous errors should still be considered as the players who should have remained for the forthcoming season.
    Do some of you have goldfish brains,have you forgotten last season?!?!?

    • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

      So Randolph was world class last season perhaps your memory isn’t as good as you thought ? Adrian played well in the last few games of the season much better than he did the season before also at the start of the season when he played so badly which we all remember his wife had just given birth to his first child who knows what kind of affect that had on his training and performances ? Adrian is better than Randolph and so is Hart its a no brainer imho.

      • Gaz says:

        Sorry No32 i dont get your point as im saying that the belief that we should stick with Randy and Adrian as some believe would have been pure madness.We needed a new GK because to go in with them again would have been madness
        Adrian might well have had a few good games as did Randy but overall they were sub standard,my memory is good enough to recall that Lol.
        I dont know where i said anything about Randolph being world class as i think he is championship class and nothing more than that,but ok.

    • essexirons says:

      Agree with you there, Adrian was dropped for making too many mistakes, Randy took over & he was just as bad so Adrian went back on. Not a case of who was better more a who wasn’t quite as bad. Randy wont be missed by many

  • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

    32 made a valid point about Adrian lol his kid probably was the cause of his mistakes , which by the way I can’t count them on one hand ? Maybe my memory needs to be jogged maybe just maybe the team in front of him had a hand in it 🙂 and let’s not forget the dreaded move , we kept a top keeper and got rid of a mediocre one , its up to hart to keep him out now or vice versa depending who gets the nod 🙂 can’t on ,
    COYI 🙂

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