Pay up or get climbing: West Ham fans in uproar

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West Ham fans have set up a petition against season ticket price rises and, more importantly, key changes to concessions for young and old.

Put simply, the changes mean that there will be no new season tickets available for kids and pensioners in the most accessible areas of the stadium. So anyone wishing to get a ticket at a concession rate will be forced to climb to the very top of the stadium, which is no easy task.

Existing season ticket holders have been allowed to retain their concession pricing when renewing in their current band. But anyone looking to relocate to anywhere other than the cheap seats will now have to pay full price without any discount.

The move leaves many of West Ham’s older and most loyal fans with a huge conundrum: either pay a large chunk of their pension for an expensive ticket or climb two very steep flights of stairs to the very back of the London Stadium.

The move seems particularly cruel to many older fans, and I know of two personally who will struggle due to hip and knee problems.

I believe it was Gandhi who said, โ€œThe true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members.โ€ While the club does indeed provide support for the disabled, there is a whole group of people who don’t fall into that category but would be forced to pay up or start climbing.

It’s cruel and needs to be reversed.

Check out the petition here



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  • Alan Lynn says:

    You have lost your way West Ham so typical of greedy shareholders
    You should be concentrating on our youth academy instead of buying grossly inflated players who don’t understand our club
    Senior supporters mean nothing to this club anymore

    • John Farley says:

      Yes Alan well said why pay the full price, if you want to move seats. The board should listen to the fans, and not do things behind the back door. The board should stand down.

  • John simmonds says:

    I’m 68 with a dodgy knee and used to go with my brother in law up in that top tier and you can take it from me it’s a struggle. Coupled with the hike from Stratford Station and back again me knee gave me aggravation for a couple of days after any game. The end result being another long term ” old un ” from 1961 onwards doesn’t/can’t go anymore. Which I suspect is exactly what Sully Brady and the new corporate bosses want.
    Shame really. Once you stop going regularly you lose the bug and end up becoming an armchair fan, which I swore never to be.

    • June overall says:

      I am a 74 year woman with a bad knee replacement and going up to the Bobby Moore uper stand after the long trek from Benfleet on the train and the walk round to the ground up the stairs and down again at half time as sitting in the seat the knee stiffens up so have to move it and at the of the game going back with the stop start can be a long way how will they get new fans to go when the children are not going any more you won’t have the father to son coming to be long trem fans.

  • Deathblow says:

    We’re not the only London club doing this.
    Accept this is what football is all about now, or go and watch a team in the lower leagues.
    Harsh, but that’s what the ‘powers that be’ are telling you. They don’t give a sh*t about loyalty. It’s all about MONEY.
    The Bundesliga have it right and they will never be allowed to go down our road because the fans have power.IF it was taken away they would stop going. We just bend over like we do for everything else in this sh*thole country. A petition. Jesus. Ruin the games by protesting. NOT entering the pitch, no violence. Shower the game with tennis balls, anything that disrupts the game when they’re not expecting it, and several times. And take banners and chant protests, especially when we’re on TV.
    Won’t happen cos a large amount are tourists not fans paying top dollar, and the rest are not willing to go all out.
    It’ll all be forgotten at the first whistle if we expect a petition to work.

    • John simmonds says:

      Youd need arms like popeye to reach the pitch with a tennis ball๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€
      Spinach anyone??

  • Chris Walker says:

    Gandhi for Prime Minister!

  • Linda S heppard says:

    Just what is expected now days money is god and sod any one who tries to change it. Start supporting your local club.Iv been going for the last few seasons as unable to afford West Ham prices,have really enjoyed it great atmosphere chats with manager and players getting to know fellow supporters. Won’t be returning to the soulless London Stadium again.

  • Old Git says:

    West Ham fans expect us to compete with other London teams but a simple Google search will reveal that match day income is less than half of some other clubs. Our tickets are too cheap and that also means that we are too willing to leave them unused for the lower category games. If you want us to compete then expect price rises

  • Paul says:

    Watched the Hammers through thick and thin since 1970
    We are turning into a similar model has United and cockspurs, greed, greed and profit sharing
    Not for me Iโ€™m afraid

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