Payet arrives at 8.30am

pierre-menesFresh reports say Dimitri Payet has boarded a British Airways flight bound for London Gatwick which is due to arrive tomorrow morning at 8.30am.

Flight BA2062 is expected  to touch down at Gatwick North terminal just before 8.30am on Thursday. His flight took off at 11.30pm local time in Mauritius around 8.30pm UK time on his 6050 mile journey to London.

Canal Plus journalist Pierre Menes claims he spoke to Payet before boarding his flight claiming:

“Dimitri called me from the airport of Mauritius. He arrives in London tomorrow morning for the medical visit. Then the denials…”

Menes claims he will sign a four year deal for 15 million Euros.


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27 comments on “Payet arrives at 8.30am

  1. He arrives for the medical..then the denials,lol 😉

  2. Well people have spent weeks saying we are about to sign someone when we dont.Maybe this time we will sign someone & they will deny it has happened.Perhaps young Jack will tweet we havnt signed him when we actually have,lol

  3. Cant believe we are paying 11m for him!!Look at the size of him,fat b*stard!!Needs some serious pre-season training!!

  4. They will sign him. What ever he wants they’ll payet

  5. Until it is on the official web site that he has signed, I wont believe it..
    fed up with.. he has, he hasn’t, he has……
    watch Levy step in at last minute & try to sign him.

  6. What the score with his agent & Payet not wanting to come to us.I saw wetpants having a gloom moment about it.Whats his agent said that has them concerned about him moving to us? Or are they just having one of their joint nervous breakdowns again 😉

    • I wouldnt pay much attention Ty,so far today they have said he is too expensive,too much of a risk,too old & now he will be unhappy because of something his agent said.God knows what else they will think up to worry about 😉

  7. Don’t know about Payet but that geezer in the pic is Pie-Ate lol
    Need a French C&H ambassador to tell us what word is like denials but means something different,maybe dinner,doughnuts,dessert,deep pan pizza,dumplings….dunno why he might mean food lol

  8. Lol,well we have no french ambassador & our Italian one has vanished.Must be busy with a figa 😀

  9. OK so this is the original french “Dimitri m’a appelé de l’aéroport de Maurice. Il arrive à Londres demain matin pour la visite médicale. Alors les démentis …”

    Who has French O’level?

  10. It means what you said in the article Sean!! Denial,refute.My french aint good but im sure what it says in the article is correct!!

  11. Is this the bloke who has eaten Matte ?
    He would give Hippo a run for his money in the weight and looks department,
    Sorry can’t help don’t do French

  12. Hahaha,is that where Matte has gone.I hope our little Italian mate is ok.Seems to have disappeared.Hope conkerpot hasnt tracked him down finally 😉

  13. He does this,I think he meets a young filly and locks himself away for a few days turns his phone off and par takes in figs,
    If we sign someone he will appear out of the blue or Forest

  14. Haha,yeah i was going to say that bubs.He is in some bar in Milan in the summer sun with a little figa across the table from him.Dirty little Italian stallion,lol.Either that or he has lost his password to get on here 😉

  15. Monsieur Creosote has eaten Matte? He looks partial to all cuisines including Italian
    Maybe he’s safe in that pelican pouch under his chin,be like a big skin hammock.
    This bloke knows BFS as la petit Sam lol

  16. Just read an update on the Greek crisis and thought for a moment I was reading one on Payet…”Yes, we have a deal…no we don’t..?Well maybe we do but not unless this happens or that happens. Both situations are sounding like a Max Sennett comedy.

    • Sorry to be pedantic canchaz but weren’t Sennetts films silent or maybe I’m just blowing in the wind lol

      • Maybe they are both looking like a max sennett film.But i guess if they were silent you wouldnt be able to hear the whistling of the wind so Canchaz wouldnt be happy with that.He loves a good whistle of the wind in the films he watches 😉

      • Haha his favourites must be whistle down the wind,gone with the wind and the whistleblower. I hope he’s a bit more trusting away from WH matters lol

  17. Haha,this is turning into a joke,if you believe all the reports.But most is probably rubbish.I will wait for a tweet from Jack,he is the only one i trust 😀

  18. If he is making such a fuss about joining us & making it such a slow difficult process then move on.However we only have media reports to back any of this up.Could all run quite smoothly in reality.None of us know the real ins & outs of this move.Maybe Bradley does i guess.The all seeing,all knowing spy in the camp,lol

    • Haha it is good to have faith in the mystical being known on this planet as Bradley,we must cherish his wise words for he has the gift

      • Lol,he did another of his mystic posts on wetpants earlier,he had his pack of clapping seals screaming for info.He must love it.I might try becoming a Mystic Ty,i will study the press & news links all day then hit the sites as an ITK 😀

      • Haha might beat you to it Ty,my insiders tell me we’re after a young Scottish fella from St.Mirren to play alongside Tony Cottee,can’t say too much now but will update soon lol

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