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Payet arrives in France

payetfranceFrench newspaper L’Equipe confirms that Dimitri Payet had already travelled to Paris ahead of France’s internationals as this picture shows.

They explain he has been troubled by a pain at the top of his thigh but the club and the player didn’t want to take any chances to worsen it. L’Equipe say that since the Chelsea match, Payet has only trained twice, on Friday and Saturday this week.

Another French reports confirms Payet has arrived at Clairefontaine National Centre for the first gathering of the France team since the Euros. The other 21 players summoned by Didier Deschamps are due to arrive by mid-day, to prepare for the friendly match in Italy on Thursday and in Belarus next Tuesday as the French begin their qualifying campaign for the World Cup in Russia.

Yesterday David Gold dispelled rumours of a conspiracy theory around Payet’s absence saying “There is nothing ‘happening’ with Payet, I expect him to be available for the Watford game. dg”

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59 comments on “Payet arrives in France

  1. How can that be?

  2. I dunno, it all seems a bit suspicious, if it is only my paranoia I just hope he doesn’t worsen this injury

  3. Listen if he is carrying a small knock then the French medical team have every right to check him out to confirm our medical staffs belief.It has happened many times with other players.If he ain’t fit he wont play in the first match,if he is he will.Let other fans come up with their conspiracy rubbish & bullsh1t like the fans will fall out of love with him.Drama,drama,drama.If Ginge wasn’t available for us yesterday but went off to Wales & then played no would bat an eyelid.Because it is Payet the gossip queens have to go into overdrive.

  4. If Ginge was in Wales who was that slow bloke at the back,playing for us,

  5. Im afraid that wont cut the mustard Tone.That is all too simplistic.Daphnes Parish Council ain’t interested in stories that have no conspiracy or juice in them.
    He has been fit all the time,refused to play & has now jumped on a plane without the clubs permission to play for France & sign for Madrid.Now that is the type of story they want to get wet about 🙂

  6. A pain at the top of the thigh ay?

    Sounds serious – but I’d be willing to put money on him playing for France – call me cynical if you like but we’ll see!

  7. He’s actually in the states signing for the phillys ?? 🙂

  8. BFS is trying to discuss the squad he has picked ! But he still hasn’t worked out how to build the leggo set I sent him ! Let alone build a team ? He’s gonna build it around Rooney !
    That will help him retire ?? Lol. Then build around the goal to stop dire scoring own goals !

  9. Oh yeah this brave new dawn some fans were predicting.Hippo will clear out the rubbish from the euros they said.He will bring in hungry players without egos they said.Yeah OK,what did we get,The same f*cking useless bunch of tw*ts from the euros lol 🙂

  10. I hope he plays for France and comes back full of confidence, we could realistically win all of our games in the next two months, best to take no chances and if he is with the French National squad then he should be away from the media spotlight until match day with any luck, anything is possible but I don’t think he is being sold, the chairmen have repeatedly said he will not be so I will take them at their word.

  11. Also the FA are going to ask marriner if he saw the elbow question ? Think about it !
    Either answer he gives will still make him look like a prikkk? 🙂

  12. If he plays for France I blame Brady lmao.She gets the blame for everything else off the crusties she might has well take the blame for this as well.

  13. I just read that the Tracksuit he’s wearing cost £1200 – must be some sort of misprint!

    • It was MM , ? £12.00 from decathlon ! Its Hughes auto correct ? 🙂 .

    • It would have been about that Michael.That Philipp Plein stuff is well expensive.Unless he got a knock off down Peckham market off the Trotters lol

      • I’m well impressed, you are definitely ‘down with kids’ – it says it’s a Philipp Pleins ‘Eagle Pride’ top and ‘Secrets’ sweatpants – I reckon he got dressed in the dark or has been going to ‘Little’ Dave S for some fashion tips!

  14. How dare he travel to france! He was due to judge both the largest marrow and fairy cake competition today on stall 6. Daphne and the rest of the parish council are not happy with his blatant disregard to their authority and are incredibly dismayed that no press release was given by the club or by Karen Brady directly 🙂

  15. Yep time for the Octogenarians to step in.Its petition time GW.The lack of hourly reports on Payets whereabouts is reckless in the extreme by the club lol

    • Totally agree Rads and his lack of cross armed salutes on a hourly basis on both twitter and Facebook is a disgrace we must contact Karen Brady at once to show our disgust 🙂

      • Lol yeah total disgrace.There could be absolute uproar if Daphne doesn’t sit them all close enough to the flower arranging competition at the Harvest Festival.Im so fed up of her not answering emails,i only ever get an automated reply lol 🙂

        • Heard a few are going to avoid the Harvest Festival after a number of parish members continually stood up at the summer fayre rads. Daphne has apparently sent emails to all responsible with the threat of banning orders for Cakefest and the annual barn dance which has been changed to a sitting only event already:)

          • Hehe you pee taking buggers.I know where youre coming from though.Some of our fans make EastEnders seem like a bafta winning comedy.

          • Yes but they fuked her ? Lol ? They done the oops up side you’re head floor dance ? Floors gonna be a right mess ?? 🙂

        • Yes and at premium rates to ? Fukin liberty if you ask me lol.:-)

  16. Jenks is banned Rads he eats the flowers,but he gets like that when he has had a drink,
    Pulis is being rushed for a brain scan apparently he is still interested in signing Biggins and Sak,
    No choice but to go for 0-0 draws for the rest of the season,
    Hope the boys like curry

  17. The colors of Payets tracksuit are a clear reference to Atletico Madrid… the hand on his right belongs, without doubt, to Simeone… one plus one equals two, as we say where I’m from… Dimi is signing a five-year contract with Los Colchoneros… It was fun while it lasted, adiòs amigo… lol 😉

    • If that what’s being reported by our chief football correspondent at Gazzetto del a Figa I will believe every word:) Mystic Matte and his figa fun time club is much more reliable than Daphne’s parish council:)

      • Haha… GW, remember that La Gazzetta della Figa (hahaha) is never wrong… And I thank you for the confidence you have placed in me… haha… 😀

  18. Bubs you have got to remember to put that lock on Jenks’ fields gate when he is p*ssed,you know how much he likes Mrs.Bs blooms
    Matte I think you could be right.Can you now send this across the internet on Twitter.Its only fair that all West Ham fans are kept up to date lol

    • Hahaha… yes, Rads, it will be done. I say that to the La Gazzetta della Figa press office, and that’s it… lool 😉

    • Don’t you dare matte ? There will be a deluge epidemic which will reach Milan !
      Floods of a biblical scale ???:-)

      • Matte be careful Daphne and the parishioners will be sailing aboard the good ship Saga bingo cards in one hand and false teeth in the other straight towards the Italian coast to tell you “You’ve been a naughty boy” and make you sit in the corner not stand.

        • Yeah thinking about it Matte you are being very misogynistic again.Behave lol

    • Good work Matte,now we need bubs to get the story printed in El Mundo del Figa in Spain lol 🙂

  19. La Gazzetta della Figa,i bet that has good pictures in it Lol

  20. I see there is another wrist slitting article on whtid.Jesus wept.

  21. Yes wait till you see el Mundo del Figa tone ! It gets the old casstanettes a clapping ??
    Daphne ,s got a lonely wets column in it for ex pats ?
    Jenks keeps escaping and having secret meetings with her in the back of his cart ?
    The scandal will come out one day lol.
    Bubs is oblivious to it ! Ffs don’t tell him hell stop his booze ?? :-).

  22. Whys it a surprise JB.That guy used to be open minded but now he has been indoctrinated by the Partridge Family.He writes what they want to see.Agrees with anything they think.Changes his views so they fall in place with the chosen few.It is a f#cking sham.

    • Said the other day they crave doom.It is almost like there is an agenda with the articles to prove the detractors on there right.Its a pity they dont realise there are thousands of us who actually enjoy the Olympic stadium & won’t be changing our minds because of their constant negativity & tub thumping!

      • My two lads love the OS.I know many other mates kids do.Still that doesn’t make a good negative story does it.

  23. Fun while it lasted lads ?.

  24. Woe is me the stadiums too big, there’s to many people standing, the sun gets in my eyes, those nasty people swear to much, Dimi has gone to france, Zaza has got a bald head, Ant didn’t trap the ball, Tore is Slavs best friend, the tickets are in paper, the tube station is to far, there’s to many toilets and we need the slug back! Saves reading Daphne’s parish magazine for August.

  25. Hahah… Bambi, Daphne, Biggins… Who the fu#k are these new funny characters? Clearly, I missed something… lol

  26. Bambi is AC…Bambi on Ice,Daphne is someone from a comment Rad made yesterday but its too long to explain.You will have to find it yourself lol

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