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Payet in training walk-out allegations

Dimitri Payet has again upset the club and Hammers everywhere with an alleged walk-out from training at Chadwell Heath this afternoon following late arrivals to the Under 23s squad yesterday and today.

And our partners Hammers Chat will be discussing the incident in a live show which goes out at 8.30pm.

Gonzo has been in touch with ClaretandHugh explaining that the Frenchman had arrived late for training at Chadwell Heath  yesterday (Sat)  and again today.

He said: “We have it on good authority that he turned up at Chadwell Heath today half an hour late and then walked off the pitch after about 40 minutes, got into his car and drove off.”

Gonzo and Geo will be discussing the entire Payet affair along with the signing of Jose Fonte and much else in the show which goes out in just under an hour.

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It is essential viewing for every Hammers fan…don’t miss it.



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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

17 comments on “Payet in training walk-out allegations

  1. Despite their earlier comments I fully expect our board to sell Payet on the cheap to Marseille for £26 million, they will take the money and just get rid.
    I don’t have a problem with seeing the back of Payet, but I don’t like us giving in.
    IF we really sell for that kind of money it is a mockery and nowhere near his value.
    It’d also vindicate everything Payet and Marseille have, they would get everything they wanted pretty much served on a plate, all the negotiating behind our backs, all the sulking, refusing to play, dragging the team down being rewarded.
    That’s why I still hope we hold out for more, but I expect the board to cave in.

  2. I would still play hardball with Marseille. Add a 50% sell on fee. Demand a transfer request from Payet. Wait for other clubs like PSG to gatecrash the party and put pressure on Marseille and Payet.
    We don’t need to sell, but Marseille need a marquee signing…don’t blink first West Ham…

  3. Im with Hammy keep playing the tough game.I knows the best thing for the club & fans is to toss the ****bag out but i wants him to have to do it hard & difficult as poss.No handing him his move on a plate bugger that

  4. If this is what he is doing, I would keep him in the U23’s and make sure he doesn’t play until well into next season. Bringing more disgrace onto our club. They should not give him the satisfaction of achieving what he wants.

  5. If he is turning up late for training and leaving early then he is liable for fines, keep fining him by the end of the season he may owe us money because we can fine him two weeks wages for each incident. It’s one way to start getting the loyalty bonus back 🙂

  6. If the owners can afford to do it let him rot for the next 4 years,
    No wages
    We look a better side without him,Lanzini looks world class
    We do not need a replacement in midfield,
    Start stopping his wages week after week,every time he walks off,every time he open his gob and makes a stupid comment,
    Legend I don’t think so
    And reimburse every fan that brought this years shirt and had his name put on it or let them have a line put throught it with a new name put on the bottom

    • He is more more Leggit than Legend hey Bubs 🙂

    • Lanzini looks like he is really enjoying the extra responsibility judging by the big smile he is wearing at the moment.I have read some of our wisest fans say he is too lightweight or lacks end product but he will do for me.

  7. Me to Colin
    Feggolui looks good alongside him Antonio is loving the freedom.
    Obiang is bossing in front of the defence
    Kouyate to come back Fernandez looks a good catch
    Noble looks in better sorts with Obiang doing the defensive stuff,
    Just need Cressie to come back to form and we can push for top 7 spot

  8. Let’s not forget the ‘China Doll’ – not heard too much from the anti Andy brigade over the last couple of weeks.

    • Me meself i loves andy but i never have a problem with fans that dont like him so much.I have been at the end of my tether with his injuries.He will always be a china doll with an injury just around the bend.Dont get to cocky yet Pops.

      • Not cocky, been around too long and been disappointed too many times…but Andy in full flow like the header against Boro is a beautiful thing to behold, that’s what I pay my ST money for. BUT I am realistic and do understand the frustration with his injuries…I was a massive fan of Dean Ashton as well…….. !!!

  9. I think 25mill is a good price under any circumstances! He was 28 when we paid 11mill for him if he is so great why did he only go for 11mill at age 28!! People have touted ridiculous figures for him and then come to believe it..he’s now 30? 25mill is a good deal for West Ham.

  10. The way i judges it is this.If i was a west ham fan & i heard we was going to pay 3O or 40 mill quid on a 30 yr old would i be happy.No i wouldnt.He has been a one season wonder in a career full of middle of the road seasons.Meself i never got carriered away by last year.He aint no genius world class or whatever i have read from fans.

  11. When Bambi goes sick Ayew will be back
    Fletcher,Martinez can fill the gap
    We can play some games with out a main striker using
    Lanzini,Antonio,Feggolui,Ayew as a fast unit like last year
    Time to find more then one way of playing

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