Payet linked with Barcelona and Real Madrid

Payet4Dimitri Payet is at the centre of interest from Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid.

The 29-year-old  has been being involved in 25 Hammers goals so far and has shown beyond a doubt he is the best free kick taker in the world at the moment.

The story says that Real Madrid and Barcelona are prepared to offer £35 million for the Frenchman but don’t worry it is only the Brentwood Gazette which means it will repeated in the Daily Express and Daily Star within the next twenty-four hours.

The in-form midfielder has previously been linked with French giants PSG and a £38m move to China and this is only the start of it before the transfer window opens again in the summer.

Unfortunately, as Dimi’s success on the pitch for West Ham continues, expect him to be linked regularly with some of the biggest clubs in the world. Let’s be honest everyone has a price and we would naive to think loyalty is guaranteed to keep him at West Ham for the rest of his playing career.

If he did ever move, it would take a massive club like Real Madrid or Barcelona on mega wages and a massive transfer to make the move but I am sure the West Ham board would still not give up without a big fight to keep their star asset. I know he is now 29 years old now but if Gareth Bale was worth £90m at 24 years of age to Real Madrid on a basic wage of £170,000 per week then a European super club would need to pay considerably more than £35m to steal our prize player away from the Hammers.


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27 comments on “Payet linked with Barcelona and Real Madrid

  1. Take your hand off the king, he’s not for sale. 😉

  2. Obv there’s always the possibility that his head might be turned, but the consideration should also be two fold:

    1) How often would he be in the starting XI at one of those clubs?
    2) Would he be as adored by fans of Barcelona or Real Madrid as he is by us?

    He’ll be at West Ham for a good while yet.

  3. Guess his performances were always going to produce these types of articles in newspapers as we head into the summer & the full on fantasy transfer rumours begin,lol.

  4. All players unfortunately seem to have a greedy agent lurking in the shadows and i’m sure Payet is no exception to this . It is the way football operates nowadays and i would be surprised if discussions have not already taken place between interested parties .I think though that in that case and at this stage of Dimi’s career any move would only happen if he really wanted it to . Players only have one career and could he really turn down the chance to play alongside Messi & co ? I would love him to stay with us but i’m not holding my breath on it !

  5. That’s all speculation, he’s not going anywhere. Here in London he’s the heart of the project for growth, in Barcelona or Madrid he would be one of many. Money is not everything… 😉

    • I see your nemesis Monkeys Bellend is in the sh#t today on Wetpants Matte,lol.Shall we put in a transfer bid for him,haha.Cracked me up,he gets accused of being a virtual bully as opposed to Iain Dale who prefers to do it live on TV,Lmao 🙂

      • ahahah… he could be the heart of this site Billy, our Payet… lol the king of the jungle, the Charismatic Monkey, wearing a leather jacket, smoking a cigar, leading an army of rabid dogs ready to sacrifice themselves for the greater good… looool 😀

        • Lol,you have a vivid imagination Matte.What are you smoking,I want some,lol.We can speak to his agent,put in a £20 bid with weekly wages of £1,haha.Come on Monkeys Bellend,come sign for us,Hahaha 😀

          • ahahah… I’m just smoking my Jamaican cigarette… lol Yes, all in for the Monkey… ahahah 😀

          • Haha,oh dear what has Deliverance Boy done now,lol,he is always in the sh*t,no change there,haha.He wouldn’t be Banjo if he wasn’t in the sh*t with someone on there,lol 😀 😀

          • Monkeys Bellend always reminds me of Manual off Fawlty Towers on there & Iain Dale is Basil always smacking him across the head,lol

          • One day they might actually workout that the majority of the time it goes tits up on there is whenever the queen returns.They are pretty dense for so called intellectuals,lol

          • Bunch of bloody drama queens some of them,Rabid Hamsters 😀

      • Don’t know why they don’t just ban everyone who isn’t part of the drinks gang & be done with it.West Ham family?? Pah,I don’t think so.

      • , this is a ‘man’ who said he felt sorry for Adam Peadophile Johnson. How the f##k can anyone have these views??? Vile scum. Let me have 5 minutes in a locked room with this evil c##t…..

  6. Most important factor these days – besides agent power – is how the player feels about the Club. At the very least Dimi will want to play in the first season at the Olympic Stadium. By then he’s 30 and if we’re in Europe I reckon he’ll stay.

  7. Payet has just signed a new contract with us which if kept he will prob finish his career with us. £35m is a joke, no chance in hell would he go for that amount. Another Brentwood Gazzete scoop, beat all media outlets to the big story yet again. Lol

  8. Dimi is going nowhere.Why would he.He wants to run out at the OS in front of 60,000 fans & be loved 😉

  9. Could someone please petrol bomb the brentwood gazzette offices! Lol all the nonsense that comes out of it is more suited to a lunatics asylum..bet they just have trained minkeys as typists at all the desks lol

  10. Lol,yeah but the worst thing of all is that national papers then quote them in their stories.How frigged up is that.

  11. Hugh Question ?? — Who is it at the Brentwood Gazette creating all this fantasy ( Sci-Fi almost ) about West Ham ?
    Some of the stories this year are straight out of Marvel Comics ( Ahhhh wait a mo ! maybe its Stan Lee ! – Is he a Hammers Fan ?? :))

  12. My Mums just turned down a job as Assistant Editor at the Brentwood Gazette , she tells me she feels a bit to old to be telling lies at 90 !!!

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