Payet, Maiga & Hendrie added to Europa squad


EuropaWest Ham had until 11th July to register further players for the second qualifying round of the Europa League. Dimitri Payet, Modibo Maiga, Stephen Hendrie and Martin Samuelson have been added to the Hammers Europa League squad.

The club is also allowed to introduce one additional player to the A list up to 24 hours before kick off so any new signing could yet be added including Carl Jenkinson who signed on loan today or Angelo Ogbonna who signed the day before the list was submitted to UEFA.

Andy Carroll, Stewart Downing and Sam Westley have been dropped from the squad listed on the UEFA website    Downing is expected to complete his move to Middlesborough this week, while David Gold revealed Andy Carroll will not be fit until September. 21 year old Sam Westley has also been removed presumably to move way for more senior players in the 25 man A squad.

Sakho and Payet are listed as suspended. Sakho is serving a one match ban from the first round while Payet is serving a ban from his time at Marseille.

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  • Lt. Quickdrawovic 1st Slavalry C&H Regt says:

    Thanks for the update Sean,I’m hoping to get to see them tonight well three of them anyway I’ve seen one of them before lol

  • essexclarets says:

    Is the game on TV…??

  • ExPat_Hammer says:

    Wait, Andy Carroll isn’t even listed! Is he injured or something? Sorry, just woke up…was I dreaming or has he been out for a while. Seems like only yesterday I was thinking “that boy is going to roll is ankle, or something”

  • HamburgHammer says:

    OT: Some interesting facts from the budget meeting of mayor assembly regarding the OS and West Ham via Mark Harrison on Twitter:
    1) UK athletics only use the stadium and don’t pay for it. Vinci, who run Stade de France, will be in charge of creating extra revenue.
    2) Vinci will be in charge of negotiating terms for any concerts or sports that want to be help there outside of West Ham and athletics.
    3) Olympic stadium will create enough revenue to look after its running costs, the taxpayer will be paid back through development of area.
    4) LLDC pay Vinci a fixed overhead to run the stadium. It will be a revenue sharing agreement.
    5) West Ham can’t break the 99 year lease, they’d had to negotiate a settlement, same for the LLDC.
    6) LLDC confirm there is a link in what we have to pay determined on whether we’re in the PL or the Championship.
    7) Ticket sales are West Ham, the catering and hospitality is profit sharing.
    8) Apparently the word groundshare has been mentioned as the main reason why no further details of our deal have been released yet.

    • ExPat_Hammer says:

      So, Andy Carroll is definitely no playing, then?

      • Lt. Quickdrawovic 1st Slavalry C&H Regt says:

        Think AC might’ve tweaked something,shame to break his 100% record lol

    • Lt. Quickdrawovic 1st Slavalry C&H Regt says:

      Hamburg you’re keeping such late nights in Germany you’re confusing which site you’re on luckily you never woke the dogs up lol
      More frequent visits would be nice though

  • GW says:

    From the DNFA insider- don’t go to bed, don’t doze off or even try to go to sleep!! We are making a bid for not one but more than one player so maybe two or could it be three more likely four players within the next 72/144 hours. The DNFA managed to infiltrate Bradders search bar history on his lap top and found that all these said players currently play for other teams and 3 of them even have there own FB pages(judging by Bradders search history)..So don’t sleep, eat or drink these players will be arriving soon(maybe)

    • Lt. Quickdrawovic 1st Slavalry C&H Regt says:

      Only one question GW what’s DNFA stand for? I’m guessing the F is a Spoonie-ism lol

  • bubs says:

    Is it on shut tonight I like the fading picture ?
    Cheers H nice to have you back better send that information to Wetpants but by now Bradders would have read it and posted it as his

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