Payet’s new deal – the fans react

West Ham fans at the ClaretandHugh Facebook group have been responsing to the news that Dimi Payet has signed a new deal to 2021.

Here’s what some of them are saying:


payetarmsoutO We don’t get to reduce players wages when their form dips or if they are injured. I don’t really understand why a contract that is less than a year old should be torn up so quickly.
O Personally I think this is fantastic news for the club. People can comment that the contract was only in its infancy but in the real world of today’s football we all know that if Payet keeps up this form, many clubs would be trying to buy him.
O If he was happy to sign the contract 7 months ago what’s changed I’d like to know what he was getting paid in France

O This isn’t just a WHU situation, this is the global football way. In the 80’s we were all armchair managers. What’s worse is that we are all armchair owners/directors now. I didn’t care what Billy Bonds / Trevor Brooking / Phil Parkes were earning, I just wanted them to play for us and no one else. Payet has extended his contract, we didn’t have to sell any of our best players in the Winter, we are buying more quality in the Summer. We are going to finish top half and win the FA cup. We have the best manager since Lyall and the best owners I can remember. We are moving into a fantastic stadium. I’ll still sit in my lounge and bore my wife with the 4/4/2 or 4/5/1 system every Saturday, I just will not concern myself with how much a player earns. And yes, I do wish I still owed a sheepskin
O For us, maybe Payet is the irreplaceable player, like Suarez was for Liverpool or Bale was for Tottenham. If Liverpool could have convinced Suarez to stay rather than have his head turned by Barcelona I’m sure they’d have paid whatever they could.
O We had a similar situation with Sakho last season didnt we? Smaller numbers but he started like a house on fire and was rewarded with improved terms. My guess is that to strengthen our position down the line for any potential transfer we’ve probably in we’ve probably increased a release clause figure, and we’ve had to agree increased salary with Payet in the short-term. IĀ found the “love affair continues” spiel from the club a bit much, but the business-angle probably doesn’t generate as much emotion and joy.
O First bit of the Bilic puzzle sorted. Well pleased, this will promote other players to join the mighyy Irons

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

15 comments on “Payet’s new deal – the fans react

  1. Quite frankly whatever he earns is no business but his own and is between him and the Club. why do people feel they have a right to now how much footballers are paid ? how many of us have our salary plastered all other the place where you work or in the media ? it does seem to be a media driven frenzy to provoke a reaction from supporters. lets face it the days when the ticket money paid the wages are long gone. we have to trust that the club knows what it can or wont pay any individual and we cant stick to enjoying our football.

  2. Hope the fans react in a positive way or Wetpants will have to write another article on our bad support.Sorry,still really ****ed off with that yesterday.Think this geezer said all that needs to be said about the mugs on that site…

    “The worst part of this story is the reaction from most people on WHTID. Apart from a few honourable exceptions, the rest have been queuing up to say how horrid WH away fans are and should be ashamed of themselves for shouting at those nice Southampton supporters.
    Anyone who has the temerity to suggest that the writer is a bit of a big girls blouse and that his kid should toughen up is howled down by the clique of herberts who infest this w#nky blog….”

    Wetpants..apparently the site Moore,Brooking & other legends would choose to use..delusional & up themselves chimps…

  3. Dales site right?? Yeah its easier to get into the masons without being black balled than become one of the West Ham Elite Supporters Club on there.Its a place for intelligent,articulate debate didnt you know.I love the West Ham fans but some on there are right melts.The site is ****!!!

  4. so the comments are ok as long as this site agrees with them, if not they are all “melts” think you’ve been watching too much Danny Dyer. So we are one of them clubs that pay that kind of wage now, and the fans have a right to question their teams salaries as we basically pay them through our patronage. you have to question what a massive pay rise does to a dressing room, and remember no one knew who he was last year and the reason he left marseille was because his 60k a week was being cut to a mere 40k. don’t get me wrong i love the guy and am happy he’s ours, but i wouldn’t want us to be one of them clubs, cos we ain’t big enough for that type of wage.

    • Wtf are you on about.Aint on about this site are we.On about an article on WHTID yesterday.If your going to get the hump get it about the right thing.

  5. Every since i have used sites they have always considered themselves superior to other Irons supporters.They block anyone who dare say something they dont like.No wonder it has such a sh*t image amongst Irons supporters.

  6. They aren’t worth talking about,they tried all they could last year and would fight again to get HIPPO BACK
    Because they lost which sums them up LOOSERS,
    just stick to sites that talk about football and its facts and not about stats and ****e,
    This site allows you to say almost anything you like about football encourages debate and attracts people all over the world,
    Some times you have to say enough is enough
    No Wetpants for me a like intelligence in my debates

  7. Exile, does that mean you dont even attend, just chuck in a few comments from your armchair. its about opinions and not slagging off fellow supporters which is what most muppets on here do. read the comment again, and take it in before answering.

  8. Wtf is wrong with you.It has nothing to do with this article or anything on here.It was about an article on Wetpants & our away support.If you want to act the smartass know what we are actually talking about!!! As for attending games i was at St.Marys,i know what happened so dont pull that lame ‘dont attend matches’ bullsh#t!!!!

  9. You are talking some crap No.6.I have barely seen Wetpants talked about on here for months.Actually the only time you turn up on here is usually to slag someone.As for rubbishing our support have you read Westhamonline about the article.Then maybe you will understand what slagging fellow supporters is all about.Anyway WHTID deserves it for printing that rubbish.Maybe you are one of the middle class accountant type tossers who uses it i guess.Thats why you have the hump!!

  10. See nothing’s changed since going into exile? Wetpants still the same! Bubs hoping your keeping well mate and Matte if your out there same to you and your Harem! COYI

  11. What do you expect from Wetpants.Think they are a cut above dont they.Well some of them anyway.Some bird on there yesterday saying that if Mooro & Lyall,Greenwood & the othere were still alive today it is the site they would choose to use because they are all intellectual people on there.Talk about rating yourself highly!!!,lmao

  12. Well as I was apparently driven off by one of them I need to be careful with my comments now, don’t want the thought police or the self proclaimed guru’s to scare me away again!!

  13. Remember when you were originally here GW.They crack me up on that site.Some of them really do rate themselves so highly.Preaching on high about everything then whining because other sites dont like their arrogant attitudes.Funny there are plenty of sites think they are w#nkers but to them it is everyone else who is.They are the common denominator though.

  14. Well after Hippo wars and hearing ” Be careful what you wish for” by a select few opinionated ********s for months it was time for this “Rabid dog” to have a sabbatical, but I see nothing much has changed?

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